Forced bi husband stories

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The initiation: Hi, my name is Jenny. What I am going to describe to you is one of the best experiences of my life that changed my life and my husband forever. I am a year-old brunette who has been married for the last 10 years to Steve. We live in St. Louis and have always been faithful to each other. I am a stunner to look at. I am about 5'8" tall, with short black hair and an almost perfect body.

I have a 38C figure. I am an aerobics trainer. Steve is about 6'2" tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He runs the administrative section of the health club that we run and keeps himself quite fit. We have two sons aged 9 and 7. Two years ago something happened that was quite traumatic for both Steve and me.

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Although Steve has been using condoms whenever we have sex, I got pregnant. Although we were not ready for another child we decided to keep the baby. Unfortunately I miscarried. A few Forced bi husband stories later, the gynecologist advised me to go in for sterilization, since I had decided not to have any more children.

After the operation our sex lives improved a lot. Now, let me admit that as much as a condom prevents pregnancy, it also takes away the fun of being fulfilled with a man's hot ejaculation! It had been years since I had felt the feeling of a hot cock come inside me and the feeling was just wonderful. Plus there was absolutely no chance of getting pregnant! Soon I found myself waiting for Steve to come home so that we could fuck and our sex life was just great. One day I decided to surprise Steve by renting a porn video. That evening I put on some real sexy lingerie and lit aromatic candles in the bedroom.

Needless to say when Steve came home we were fucking even before I had turned on the video. After our session we decided to watch the video. We had to keep the volume really low in order to avoid waking the children. There was a scene in that video where two men were having sex with a woman. I found myself getting quite turned on by that scene and began to move my hand towards Steve's cock.

To my surprise it was quite erect. I asked Steve whether the sight of two men having sex with one woman turned him on? Steve said he was not sure, but the sight in itself was erotic. Then I said something to my husband that shocked him; what if that woman was I and one of those two men was him? Steve looked at me and asked me if I was joking or I was serious? I continued my line of thought and said what if I was serious, adding that I found it sexy, plus I could never get pregnant.

Steve saw the mischievous smile on my face and said if that is what I really wanted we should try it out! We made out again that night. Steve really enjoys fucking me anally and I remember that is what we that that fateful night. But my mind was clear I wanted a threesome with another guy. While Steve had his cock deep in my arse I could almost feel another guy below me with his cock in my cunt.

A few weeks later both my sons were off Forced bi husband stories summer camp. Our talk had ended without much progress. We knew too many conservative people to talk to someone. Plus Steve was travelling more that usual. He had not come home for two weeks now. The evening he was to come I was really excited. I think women really get a lot hornier in their 30's and all I could think about was sex. We were closing up when I noticed a new man in the gym on my way out. I gave one look at him and my jaw dropped.

He must've been no more that 22 years old. About 5'8" tall with curly blonde hair.

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He had a medium frame, but what a cute face and butt. He was trying to put the weights back onto the frames when I intervened and offered to help. Jim was a student at Wash U and was from Amsterdam. Horny as I was I stuck around eyeing this young man.

Soon I found myself imagining Jim 'doing' me. I asked him what his plans were for that evening, he said that he was free so I asked him if he wanted a drink? Jim agreed and soon we were in a bar exchanging jokes. After a couple of drinks I sat closer to Jim. He could easily guess my intentions. Soon we were kissing passionately in the bar. Forced bi husband stories hand was moving all along his trousers till I could feel his large bulge. I asked him if he wanted to come to my place. He knew that I was married to Steve and asked what if he saw us.

I looked at him in the eye and said good for him Stevebecause he wants to us. At that time Jim's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. For all the money in that world I would have never guessed what caused him to get so excited. I guess I was so excited myself that I could not see anything else. The surprise came later. Forced bi husband stories was already home when we arrived.

I had already called him and told him that I was bringing someone over. The setting was perfect. I guess that we were both horny after his two-week trip. Upon arriving home I introduced Jim to Steve. They were both a little uncomfortable so I suggested some Champagne. Steve volunteered to get some from the basement. I turned the lights low and put some soft jazz on.

The place was right for seduction. As it is, I was already wet from the kissing session I had at the bar. I excused myself and followed Steve to the basement and asked him what he thought of Jim. Steve said that he looked really 'cute'. I was surprised at his choice of words, then he looked at me and gave me a 'thumbs up'. I went to the bedroom and put on a real sexy lingerie. It was a sheer black teddy with black stockings and garter belts. The underside was crotchless.

I then did my lips to a shocking red. I then put on my high-heeled shoes. I looked really sexy. Even while I stared at myself in the mirror I was getting more wet. By the time I returned to the living room I saw that the boys had already consumed the entire bottle of bubbly and were laughing like old friends, sitting side by side on the couch.

The music was also louder, but then, the kids were away. I walked into the room and got a catcall from Steve. I then walked up to Steve and planted a long passionate kiss on his lips. My tongue ravishing his mouth Steve began to unbutton his shirt, while licking my nipples through my lingerie. Soon his hands found themselves between my legs.

I spread them apart slowly. Steve laughed and said that he had never seen me so wet in years. Jim was smiling, not making any moves. Steve asked Jim if I looked sexy. Jim said very sexy. Steve asked Jim why was he not ing us! I was quite surprised at Steve's sexually aggressive behavior. He was after all, my husband for the last 10 years and a father to our two children, ha, ha, ha. I sat down on the couch between them and turned my face towards Jim, who had lost all his bashfulness and began to caress my breasts.

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Soon he was deep kissing me. I would turn my head from side to side and enjoy the kiss of a different man and their taste. Jim was much quicker than Steve in undressing and soon had his pants off. His cock was a nice 7" long, not very thick. Actually it looked almost like Steve's cock in size, but an inch longer. Steve still had his pants on, when I decided to go down on Jim.

It tasted just great. He cock's tip was full of semen and it was flowing out in copious amounts. I went on my knees on the floor and began to expertly suck his cock.

Forced bi husband stories

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Forced Bi Husband Stories