Forced circumcision stories

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Men's Circumcision Stories. Many people and organizations perceive circumcision as a harmless procedure. The AAP and other organizations take advantage of this perception of "no harm done" to add credibility to mythical benefits of circumcision prevents STD, penile cancer etc. But the reality for many men is very different, who view their circumcision as permanently life-altering surgery with difficult emotional and physical complications. Maybe one of them is your son, husband, father or brother. By reading and viewing Men's Stories, you can gain an understanding of the human toll of unnecessary circumcision and open your mind to a new reality.

If you have a story to share, please submit it here. Men's Circumcision Stories Many people and organizations perceive circumcision as a harmless procedure. The AAP and other organizations take advantage of this perception of "no harm done" to add credibility to mythical benefits of circumcision prevents STD, penile cancer etc But the reality for many men is very different, who Forced circumcision stories their circumcision as permanently life-altering surgery with difficult emotional and physical complications. Is Circumcision a Fraud Blog.

Not Uncommon. I was "circumcised" preputially amputated as a neonate in a US Forced circumcision stories hospital. I had troubles with erections and missed out on sexual functionality throughout my life. I did not realize that they were abnormal issues. It was only after I turned 35 and became a father of a boy that I learned better. These are not uncommon stories, as I have come to find out.

I simply did not know since I was practically born without my prepuce. People's genitals are not readily visible compared to other external body parts that an amputee may be missing. For instance, if someone is missing a hand, it's obvious that the person is missing out on functionality that the hand would provide.

People rarely speak about the functions of the male prepuce. After speaking with fellow parents, it came very clear that it is not uncommon for medical professionals to not share such information before asking for consent to preputially amputate a boy. After looking at medical textbooks, medical diagrams and listening to medical professionals, it has become clear to me that many are left to believe that there is little to no value in the male prepuce. Due to these things, my wife, our two intact teen sons and I are compelled to educate others because, in part, we know that medical professionals and universities are not.

Personally, finding ways to spread the information and to convince others to do the same, has become an all-consuming passion driven by my conscience.

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Unfortunately, the time and energy I spend doing so is not compensated. I have neglected my life-long career in corporate information technology, which has impacted my family's finances. Per historical documentation, it is a fact that the practice is born out of ritual and aimed to negatively affect the sexual activity of the individual. I do not understand how it was allowed for the story to change where much of the public is led to believe otherwise.

The only possible explanation is greed and the desire to control. I died innot now. The had been timed to arrive on 25 November12 hours after he killed himself. Less than an hour before the arrived, Lesley had opened her front door to find a police officer standing there, explaining her son was dead. Alex was an intelligent and popular year-old Forced circumcision stories no history of mental illness. Lesley could not understand why he would have wanted Forced circumcision stories take his own life.

His explained how the foreskin of his penis had been surgically removed two years before. This is commonly known as circumcision, but Alex had come to believe it should be regarded as "male genital mutilation".

He never mentioned this to his family or friends when he was alive. Lesley did not even know her son had been circumcised. In the following months, she tried to find out more about circumcision. Why had it affected Alex so badly, and why did he feel killing himself was his only option?

Ups and Downs. My life has had its ups and downs. I can't say the same for my genital well-being. I have since been diagnosed by one of California's most experienced urologists as having suffered almost every major physical trauma from the cut. As a kid growing up, my parents would often force me to wear underwear that was too loose, with the fly hole in the front, which often got caught on my genitals.

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Some days I was scared of even walking around like an average person. I sometimes urinated blood due to stenotic scarring. Likewise, I suffered skin tagging and miscellaneous abrasions all along my genitalia due to my sensitive skin issues. In adulthood, I was almost pronounced a eunuch in all but name. And the perpetrators got away scot-free. Nobody should be forced to go through the personal hell that I did.

Why a Florida mother took her son into hiding to avoid circumcision. Heather Hironimus, sitting with her attorney Thomas Hunker, breaks down as she s consent for her 4-year-old son to be circumcised, during a May 22 hearing in Delray Beach, Fla. Hear My Voice. For as long as I could remember I always had painful erections, and a penis that didn't look normal.

Up until my early Forced circumcision stories I didn't think about it to much. Other than the fact that I didn't like my penis. In my early teens I overhead a conversation that my circumcision was botched. That there were complications, they didn't do it right. They doctor even apologized to my parents. When confronting my parents about it they had nothing to say. No remorse or real reason.

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Just said I had it done cause its just the thing to do. From then on I carried the fact that my penis was abnormal, unpleasant, a mistake. I never embraced my sexuality.

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How could I ever please a woman? Is it even functional? Will it actually feel good? The older I got the more insecure. At the age of 18 I began to research circumcision. I accidentally stumbled into a foreskin restoration site. It seemed like a money grab so I ignored it. Later out of curiosity I went back to it. I read it thoroughly. I seen the pictures and I was convinced. I started restoration Forced circumcision stories a DTR and a retainer. Before long my painful erections were no more.

Slowly, little by little, the damage had been repaired. Now fully healed I'm determined that my voice be heard. And a mother can reform from letting her son suffer the same fate. Blade Raped. William S. Warning: Some may find this story disturbing. This is as much as I can recollect about being raped as.

It was a day that stood out of my entire life. I was not at all sick. I was walking around fine. They drove me Forced circumcision stories a place that was not my regular doctor. A different building. It was likely the hospital I was born and the fact they were bringing me back there joking about returning me if I misbehaved was disturbing in itself.

I was truly feeling fine, why did they bring me here to the medical place?? I had already got my shots at the pediatrician. It was many years ago. But I remember this all far too vividly, walking into the building with apprehension. Despite my perpetual asking what this was, they still would not tell me what it was for. I was taken into a room, my late, now deceased parents were both there with me. At least my mom was there throughout it.

A bit of some drama, in the beginning a somewhat lady like man had trouble getting me into a restraint board device. I was already too big for it. My mom partially held my arms from behind me. It was a Circumstraint,4 quarters body restraint board. I was an immensely huge boy growing up. Give or take.

I really do not know if it was way before, or somewhat after. I do not have kids of my own. I knew only that I could walk, talk and had started to bathe on my own. Later on, By the start of kindergarten I was as big as a 2nd grader and read on a high school level. I was literate above all child standards. When this trauma happened my dad had stopped carrying me most of the time. He was older, 50s and I was that huge child. After I was lifted up onto a cold table with something strange on it… The restraining was then done. All I remember was my mom telling me to calm down.

I was in a total panic. Asking why?? After being held down for no idea how long, I had no clothing throughout this. I was cold, but I was sweating. I did not feel right, or safe, the first time I did not feel safe next to mom. I looked at her and she looked elsewhere. My heart started to pound out of my chest. My ears started ringing. I was dizzy for some reason. Maybe I had started a tantrum?

This person is NOT my Doctor! I loved my regular pediatrician until I was 19 years old. As I yelled and questioned mom.

Forced circumcision stories

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