Forced foot smelling stories

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A few days later, we were heading to our cars after our shift that ended at pm. Brittany opened the back door of the car, then assisted Sam with pulling me in. They managed to push me most of the way into the backseat with me laying on my stomach. I started yelling at them to let go, but Brittany — who was virtually kneeling on top of my back - clamped her hand over my mouth, silencing me quite effectively.

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She then wrapped it around my elbows. Once my ankles and knees were taped together, Brittany finally let go of my mouth. Brittany began pulling a large piece of tape off the roll. She ripped it off and set it on the seat, next to my head. Then I felt her — still on my back — shuffling around.

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Within only a second or two Brittany had used finger to work the sock all the way into my mouth, picked up the strip of tape and slapped it over my mouth. You can enjoy that for awhile. The sock was pretty disgusting. I could tell it Forced foot smelling stories sweaty by the salty taste overwhelming my tongue. I tried to push the sock through the tape, but the tape held strong. I moaned in disgust while the girls laughed. The girls stood right next to the window my head was near and each lit a cigarette.

I fought against the tape, trying desperately to break or at least loosen the wrap around my wrists. But the tape had not only been wrapped several times, but also up and down my wrists, keeping them tightly together and unable to move hardly at all. After a couple minutes, I realized I was stuck and just laid there in defeat, trying to avoid touching the sock with my tongue while the girls enjoyed their smoke.

After about 7 or 8 minutes, the girls had finished and got in the car — Sam was driving, Brittany in the passenger seat. The drive was pretty uneventful.

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I was mostly ignored besides Brittany asking if the sock still tasted good, and letting me know how much her feet sweat. After checking to make sure no neighbors were out, they opened the back door of the car and began pulling me out by my legs.

I shouted muffled protests, but was completely ignored — the girls far more interested in communicating with each other how to best lift me into the house. And, surprisingly, the pair of them were actually able to carry me. They carried me into the house, into the living room and dropped me — fairly unceremoniously — on the carpeted floor, on my back.

They both kicked off their shoes. Sam was wearing unmatched striped socks — one of them pink and black stripes, the other green and black stripes. Brittany had her white and pink sock on one foot, the other was bare — the partner sock still taped in my poor mouth.

Sam went down the hallway, presumably to her room. Brynn grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and walked over to me with her big cheesy grin. Still enjoying my tasty sock? And no, I was not enjoying the sock — it was still pretty salty.

Sammi said I had to ungag you. The strong cheesy scented pierced my nose and made my face twist accordingly. I moved my head around to free my nose from her socked foot, but her foot followed diligently.

After about 15 seconds of that crap, she said she was going to take the tape off with her socked toes. Her foot odor was overwhelming my nose, but everytime I tried to move my head away she yelled at me to stop moving. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally worked a corner up and used her toes to pull the tape off my mouth, then pinched the sock in my mouth between her first two toes and pulled it out. Before I could get a fresh breath, she planted her socked foot over my mouth. She finally took her foot off my face and helped me drink some water. I told you my feet sweat a lot!

I just wanted you to suffer for calling us bitches! About that time, Sam came back into the living room, now changed out of uniform. When are you going to let me go? She barely got them to fit completely… but she got them to fit. Once my mouth was thoroughly stuffed, Sam wrapped the tape around my mouth and head 3 times. Before, I was able to keep my tongue away — for Forced foot smelling stories most part — from the sock, but this time my mouth was so stuffed, there was no avoiding it.

I moaned — half in disgust, half in frustration — and squirmed around on the floor. Sam finally found a channel she liked, leaned back into the couch and kicked her socked feet up onto my face. The stink from her socks quickly made its way into my nose. Sam slowly rubbed her feet back-and-forth across my face. I shook my head, but she just maintained her slow rubbing.

But, there was nothing I could do. I grumbled my last complaints into the dirty socks and just laid still, with my face towards the TV. Sam eventually brought her feet to a rest, her arches on my cheek and her toes just skimming the tip of my nose. Sam wiggled Forced foot smelling stories toes over my nose. She cupped her toes over my nose, bringing the smell to a stronger level. Brittany came back into the living room now wearing yoga pants and a loose-fitting white shirt. She started laughing when she saw Sam resting her feet over my face. Brittany laughed. I laid there for the next hour.

I groaned and mmmphed as loud as I could —which could barely be heard over the TV — but was rewarded only with Sam cupping my nose with her toes again, forcing me to endure her foot odor some more. Sam eventually got up to use the restroom. This did not provide the break I was hoping for, though, as Brittany slid down on the couch and dropped her bare feet on my face.

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Whereas Sam casually rested her feet on my face, Brittany was more about intentionally making me suffer. She quickly pressed one foot down on my forehead and the other on my mouth. With my nose virtually pressed against Forced foot smelling stories foot, I got the full effect of her foot smell — and it was BAD. Brittany just laughed. You have to smell my feeeeeeettt! Stinky feet! Between her putrid feet and her sweaty socks, it was pure hell. Are they still as delicious as you remember? I was praying Sam would return soon — her feet were far more tolerable. After another 2 or 3 minutes of dealing with Brittany cupping her toes over my nose, then asking me if I liked the smell yet and repeat… like 20 timesSam FINALLY came out of the bathroom.

When I saw her, I mmmphed at her, somehow thinking that would convince her to save me. Do they smell like flowers yet? She had my head pinned! And I was moaning in disgust! Scootch over! Sam just laughed, though, and threw her socks to the other end of the room. I groaned again, re-accepting my fate to these disgusting socks. I turned my head away, but her toes quickly found my nose.

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And I stayed like that for the next half hour. After their show was over, they decided they needed another smoke break. Sam wasted no time in wrapping tape around my head and the shoe, holding it in place. The girls just watched and laughed as I tried to push the shoe into the floor to dislodge it from my face.

I took advantage of the time I was left alone and decided I was going to try to get a knife or a pair of scissors from the Forced foot smelling stories. From there I worked my way to standing up, using the couch as a prop. Finally I was standing. I began hopping towards the kitchen. I only made it about 5 hops before Brittany came back in. Brittany kicked the back of my leg behind my knees to make my legs buckle, and from there was able to push me back to the floor pretty quickly.

She tied one around my ankles and one around my wrists. However, I better understood once she took the 3rd scarf to tied my hands to my ankles. I still had a good inches of wiggle room, but this new add-on would definitely keep me from standing up. After how nice we are to you? But this is still too loose. Only the tightest for our little escape artist!

Forced foot smelling stories

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