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Total 0 votes. I had been going to the local YMCA after work for about a week now, I was trying to bulk up a little bit to impress my girlfriend.

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I'm a pretty slim guy at 6 feet, and lbs. I certainly wasn't in bad shape at all, I just wanted to get a little bigger and tone up a bit. I had always known I was an attractive guy, and many people had also said as much, but despite that I had very little luck with women. Category: Gay Male.

It all started when I accepted an invitation to go over to my friend Dave's house.

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Dave was a wealthy guy who lived in a large, almost like a mansion, type of house. I had grown up with Dave but I didn't consider him one of my closest friends or anything.

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He could be kind of spoiled and arrogant but because he was wealthy, he always had the best toys, parties, etc. Everything started when I met this guy who went by the name of Special-S. We both posted on the same bodybuilding message board. I myself was not huge into body building. I have more of a slender runner's type of body.

I did occasionally lift weights though and I liked to check this board to read about supplements and also post in the general off topic discussions. Although in daily life I normally have quite a dominant character, from the moment of our first fuck she acquainted me with the magnetizing pleasures of submissive sex.

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And today I just love to be coerced into serving her lusts any way she wants. She's like a spider, bringing me under her control and then greedily consuming my sexual energies with a plundering animal hunger. I was in Dallas on a business trip, it wasn't in the best of neighborhoods, but not the worst by any stretch it was actually more of an industrial district, mostly factories and warehouses, but an occasional hotel or burger t. I was staying in one of those hotels, not a bad one either.

They had clean rooms and a well lit parking lot. One of my employees Jim and I were staying in one room and another employee Mike was staying in another due to his excessive snoring.

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