Forced into panties stories

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I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it! User Name. Remember Me. Gallery's Feed. Dear Diary's Feed. Story's Feed. Well, I've been forcibly feminized, cuckholded, and, now my status was going from bad to worse. That way you can understand what I'm talking about It all started about 3 years ago, about six months after Connie and I got married. I was working as a mid-level mechanical engineer for a large engineering company, and Connie was working as a customer service rep for a national insurance company.

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Neither one of us made piles of money, but together, we made enough to afford everything we needed, and to slowly acquire the things we wanted. We rented a small apartment, and were devoted to each other. Our devotion and financial situation, though, changed drastically, although I'm still not sure which changed first. Connie and I are about the same height. I'm 5'7", and she is an inch shorter. Now I was about to say that I didn't mind it when she wore heels, and was taller than me, because I'm secure in my manhood.

That too seems to have drastically changed. Now Connie is a slender, small breasted lady who is perfectly put together, from her long, lustrous black hair, to her small, perfect, and perfectly pedicured feet. Me, I'm slender, with a mop of blonde hair, with hazel eyes to her gray- green set. So, that's us. Now on to what happened. We were married about 8 months or so, when the whole thing really got going. She had stepped into the bedroom in a pair of white silk panties with black lace that I had bought her at Victoria's Secret.

You see, I'm a sucker for lingerie. I always figured that it was a present that she could unwrap first, and then I get to unwrap it later! With a matching bed jacket and a pair of white high-heeled sandals, she was so beautiful and sexy, it took my breath away.

She casually began to rub her shaved pussy through the thin silk, smiling at me in a most enticing manner. Just as casually, she slid the delicate undergarment down her long, beautiful legs, and with a flip of her foot, launched them at me on the bed. I caught them, and held them to me nose without even thinking, my hard on bobbing in front of me, informing Connie just how much I was enjoying the delicious scent. Then I get to Forced into panties stories them off you! If it meant sex with my beautiful wife, I would have done darn near anything!

I quickly pulled the soft panties up my legs, and settled them in place, my hard on making a white silk tent. Our sex that evening was some of the wildest ever. I ate her to several orgasms, and after we made love, ate her to another, oblivious to the fact that I as swallowing my own cum. After that night, nothing of the sort happened for a week, and sex went back to good, but sort of plain Forced into panties stories. That next Friday, though, she repeated the episode, with a pair of peach satin panties, and the sex jumped from plain vanilla, to a banana split with whipped cream and two cherries!

Now I was hooked. If she tossed me a pair of panties, they went on like a shot. After several months of this, she looked at me sitting on the bed, once again wearing the white silk panties with that sexy black lace trim. When I protested, weakly, she replied, "Well, you like me shaved down there, why can't you repay the favor? Why do you think I don't like to give you a blow job?

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A minute or two later found me naked in the bathroom, with depilatory cream spread on both legs, my crotch, ass, and underarms. As my wife snapped off the disposable rubber gloves that she had used to spread the cream, she told me to stand there for twelve minutes, and then get a shower, using her loofah to get all that nasty hair gone. Then I was supposed to pull those cute little cock-hardening panties back on, and get my ass back into bed!

Needless to say, I planned to follow directions! When I stepped out of the shower, I saw that she had laid out one of her pink bath sheets, and that not only were the panties on the little table, but the bed jacket as well. Drying myself off, I was amazed at how different it felt with no hair, and almost came on the spot when I pulled that silk up over my smooth legs, and how it flowed around my shoulders and back.

When I got into bed, she was all over me like a lioness on a wounded zebra! Fast forward now, about Forced into panties stories months. I was keeping my body hairless, and now, when I wanted to initiate sex, I would go into her drawer, or into the hamper, and put on a pair of panties, and sometimes at her urging, at first one of her sexy little chemises, or baby doll nightie. Sex with my wife had never been better, and I was learning to equate the feeling of lingerie hugging my body with the best orgasms of my life. Yeah, you bet, I had fallen into the trap, and wasn't even looking for a way Forced into panties stories One Monday morning, as I was getting ready for work, I opened my dresser drawer, and instead of my underwear, it was full of pastel colored, nylon panties.

Nothing radical, just sort of everyday panties, well, everyday for a woman! When I asked Connie what was going on, she just smiled, and sort of purred, "Well. You like wearing panties for me, and I love seeing you in them, so, please baby, wear them for me! Now for the next two weeks, all I wore under my clothes were panties, and I had to admit, the feeling of my hairless balls and ass in the nylon was pretty great! Along came another Monday, I opened up the drawer, and once again, was confused. All the plain panties were gone, and in their place was an array of frilly, fancy, and sort of sissy-styled panties.

I pulled out a pair of full cut, baby blue, satin panties with lace around the leg openings, and four rows of lace across the ass, a pair of pale lilac nylon bikini panties decorated with lace, seed pearls, and white satin bows, a white satin thong that had a sort of sheer skirt or veil hanging from the rear, and a pair of ivory satin panties with what looked like laces up the back in pink! I just stared at these, and dozens more of the girliest, sexiest, panties I had ever seen! In the back of mind, though, I did notice one thing. There was not one pair of black or red panties in the bunch.

A pair of pink panties with black trim was the closest. Again I demurred, Connie purred, and an hour later I was on my way to work in baby blue, satin sissy panties! Again this went on for a few weeks, until it felt sorta normal.

Again it was another Monday. I didn't know if I was looking forward to these days, or dreading them, but I knew that the sex was hot, and if wearing different underwear that no one ever saw but Connie and me, well then, the hell with it! I was a'wearin' panties, pardner! This day, I saw a pile of nylon, satin and lace next to the panties, and picked the top one up to reveal a pale pink camisole with white lace trim. Under my tee-shirt and heavy oxford dress shirt, there was not a hint as to Forced into panties stories I was wearing, and you guessed it, from then on, it was panties and a matching cami every day.

This continued for about 3 or 4 months, with me in panties and a cami every day, keeping my body smooth, and occasionally wearing a nightie to bed. That, though, changed to every night after a while. Thanks to my dear wife, I had a nice collection of satin nighties, a pair of pink silk pajamas with lashings of lace all over, and several peignoirs, including one suitable for a bride's wedding night! So, when I tell you that I was secure in my manhood, I'm not too sure if I really had any manhood! Still, I was enjoying the whole thing, and my regular underwear was just in another drawer, if I should change my mind.

You see, I still thought that I had some control over the situation. What a fool I was! The next change wasn't a Monday, but a Thursday night. I came home to find Connie already there, with a letter and a rueful smile. After we both calmed down, we talked about what to do, and Connie once again took charge, and reminded me about the house out in the country that we had seen and fallen in love with the week before while "aimlessly" driving around on a Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, 3 weeks later we moved from a small in-town apartment, into our own dream home.

Of course Connie quit her job, as we didn't need the small income that she brought in. While I was tied up at work on a major project for the government, we decided, or maybe I should say, Connie decided that she would handle the move and the new furniture and decorations for the house.

I planned on "retiring" in about 4 months, following the completion of this project, so that was really okay by me. Once again, I thought that I was on top of things, and had no idea that I was nothing but a pawn in a chess game being played by a very sexy master of the game.

Now I have to admit that this project was near and dear to my heart, as it stemmed from one of my proposals.

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I gave my final task for the company my undivided attention, which meant 12 to 16 hours at work every day, and often on Saturday. Well, I was getting out after this, so I wanted to go out on top of a success. Sex was cut way back as I was exhausted in the evenings, and we sort of dropped back into vanilla sex on Sundays. After a couple months, though, Connie was back at it with the lingerie, and even though I was tired, she managed to get me into satin and frillies at least two nights a week, and I was still wearing panties to work every day, although since it was now summer, and I was wearing open collared shirts, the camis were out for a while.

Fast forward again to October. This was a 3 week trip, and when I got home, I knew I would be home for good. Or, not-so-good as things turned out! I called Connie every night, and she gave me the news that she had been doing a bit of remodeling and decorating. I asked what she had done, and she told me that I would just have to wait and see what she had done, but she was sure my libido would like it. Boy did this peak my curiosity!!!

I got home on a Monday night, and there was my beautiful, sexy, and devious wife waiting at the door in a silvery-blue silk teddy that clung to her curves like it was painted on. There were ruffles around the leg openings, and this led my eyes down her magnificent legs, which were now covered in sheer white stockings, to her feet which were encased in a pair of silver sandals complete with little ankle straps, and at least 5 inch heels. She was a knockout, and now towered over me with those heels.

She wrapped me in an intense embrace, and kissed me so hard I almost lost my breath! She pulled me inside, and slammed the door, ignoring my protests that my luggage was still in the car. She then practically pulled my clothes off, and drug me onto the couch, pulled down my panties I painted my toenails pastel pink, and bought the frilly panties in an upscale DC lingerie store, and Forced into panties stories wore them home because she mentioned on the phone how much she looked forward to getting me into panties, and then into bed. About an hour later as we lay there sweating, she told me to come upstairs with her, so I could shower, and she could show me some new things she bought, and some work that she had done.

Again the docile little man followed the big strong woman, straight to my doom. Now the second floor of the house is basically an open Forced into panties stories, with a two huge walk-in closets to the left, and a little corridor between them that goes into the bathroom. To the right, is a small room or alcove that is separated by a partial wall and arched opening, which the real estate lady was proud to point out could be a sitting room, a little office, or even a nursery when the time came to have a baby.

I allowed Connie to lead me into the bathroom, where she told me to soak in the tub for a few minutes, and then take a shower and wash my hair. After I was done, she said, we could have some more fun. Twenty minutes later I stepped out of the shower, and saw that there was another of her fluffy pink bath sheets waiting for me, and a note pinned to the sheet.

After that, open the big box on the floor, and get dressed. I know some of it may be a little new, and sort of silly, but indulge me.

Forced into panties stories

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