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Perhaps it had something to do with the almost sci-fi, devious aura about it. A device, so simple, yet so cruel. One that would strip a man of all of his pride systematically while I watched. A sure-fire way to make him squirm; and even as a young girl I loved the images in my mind of a man struggling helplessly against tight bond. It used to be just a fantasy. Until I was about 19 years old, suffering from insomnia during finals.

By then, I had many evil devices, but not the machine. I had been watching late night television, my eyes burning, trying to take a break before returning to my textbooks. There it was. In front of my eyes. A machine, milking a man, making him squirt his cum through a tube and into a tube. This was before I had a VCR. I could not rewind. At first, I thought I was dreaming. The man, he was struggling. He was whimpering. But his mouth was duct taped shut and his wrists were strapped down. He shut his eyes extra tight just before they showed the cum dripping through the tube.

They were showing this on television! Indeed, it was a man strapped down and milked with a machine; only his cum was being saved to fertilize women. Just as I had been telling myself in my poor-starving-college-student days - "some day, I will have such a machine. But it Forced male milking stories be even more evil. Just as I told myself I would have a strap on.

And a straitjacket. And one day, own a man, on a collar, and leash him. All of these things, I said to myself, would come in time. And he - whoever I chose, would suffer in the most delightful way for me. By being milked while I watched. And forced to drink his own cum. While his eyes pleaded me for mercy.

That night, like many others, I masturbated myself to sleep. That's what I had to do during finals, because I got so keyed up from studying. I was a great student; my grades were excellent. And always, like clockwork, after finals I would explode into a femdom rage of lust, need, desire, passion. My college best friend at the time was name Anna. Anna was also a bit on the femdom side, but not so much as me. She used to go along for the ride, and knew that after finals was my prime time for seducing unsuspecting college boys.

That day, as we walked the campus after selling our books back and sighing in relief at the end of Forced male milking stories semester, I told her of my fantasy. Anna laughed. She was blonde, thin and built like a gymnast whereas I was built like a porn star. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail - wispy bangs - I can still picture them.

A pump on his dick, one he can't get away from. And it sucks him off, first slow, then faster and harder. And there's nothing he can do about it. It just pumps him on and on, and you could control it completely. We were nearing an area where some college boys were having lunch. They were checking us out. We were both wearing short skirts and my top was quite tight, showing off my breasts.

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Anna seemed to like that idea. She stopped walking and turned to me, now, beaming. No, glowing. In fact, I could see her nipples get hard through her blouse. Apparently the nearby college boys could as well, the three of them were Forced male milking stories, and chuckling. I shook my head. I want it fed right into his mouth. A whistle caught our attention.

Young, arrogant, cocky college boys. Probably seniors. They were flirting with us. This was one of many adventures Anna and I had together. We picked one of them and invited him up to her college flat that her rich dad rented. He was so turned on, thinking he was going to have a threesome, his erection was nearly popping out of his jeans.

His name was Brad. He was a jock - about 6'2 and broad shouldered. He thought he was all the shit. I admit, he was handsome. But all I wanted to do was use him and humiliate him; get all that passion out of my system and sleep off finals, and finally feel content. It took very little seduction to get Brad stripped down to his briefs and handcuffed to Anna's bed on his back.

His briefs had a tent in them, with a nice round wet spot where pre-cum was already soaking in. He was moaning and licking his lips and lifting his hips and saying all the disgusting, predictable things college guys say. Show me your tits. Show me something. Come on, don't be shy. Don't be shy. I crouched down to his crotch and investigated the wet spot on his briefs, then used a red fingernail to draw circles around it.

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He laughed as Anna got up to get something. Take 'em off. Come on baby, you make me so hot! That was code for duct tape. It was also code for "This guy is such a prick he needs to shut up. Anna returned with a roll of duct tape and a pair of pink frilly panties. I peeled down Brad's briefs and he was so enthralled with that, struggling to lift his hips to get as close as he could to my mouth, probably to even just catch a bit of my hot breath. In fact, he didn't even see the duct tape as Anna placed it over his mouth. But he let out a muffled protest and rattled the handcuffs. Anna shushed him by placing a finger over his lips, then straddled his chest facing him, her back to me.

Brad couldn't see, but I was pulling off his briefs and replacing them with the pink panties. Anna was unbuttoning her blouse and playing with her breasts in front of him, showing him an occasional nipple.

Forced male milking stories

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