Forced public nudity stories

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Post by Hooked6 » Tue Mar 23, pm. Post by dublinjohn » Tue Mar 23, pm. Post by dublinjohn » Wed Mar 24, pm. Post by dublinjohn » Thu Mar 25, am. SDS Archived stories Stories from days past, you can find masterposts for series here about older stories, you can also post your favorite older stories here as well, be sure to credit the author.

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Post Reply. Contact SDS. Send private message. Still actively writing this nearly ten years after I started it! A prefect with a secret is caught by a couple of younger girl in a public pool. They get revenge for a snitching incident by stripping and blackmailing poor Jess into an increasingly embarrasing situations.

In later chapters she is forced to dress like and Forced public nudity stories like a little girl in public much to the younger teen's enjoyment. What follows includes being tied up, spanked and stripped naked in front of a couple of boys before before being forced to walk naked while blindfolded through the park! The first main saga of the story can be found below: viewtopic. Awesome work, very similar as to how I planned to finish off the series! Things quickly get out of hand for the poor girl as the boy and his friends force her into increasingly embarrassing situations using force and blackmail.

This story was a gender switch of a story where younger girls stripped an older boy. The poor teen then suffers a morning of Forced public nudity stories as the older girls torment and expose her tiny naked body. She soon realises that it is all too good to be true and finds herself in a surreal and embarrassing situation as she is stripped and paraded in front of a groups of teens.

Her initial confidence is quickly stripped away along with her clothes as the game goes horribly wrong. As the dink flows and the dares get more extreame they soon get bored and decide to fully humiliate shy girl. However the embarrassment the poor creature suffers will be nothing compared to the wrath of retribution from the fairies and sprites when she escapes.

The problem is the girls have other plans for the poor shy teen! They use this great opporunity to strip and embarrasss her in front of the boys. This story is about a group of friends playing a video game together with forfits for the losers. The boys have a plan however to try and see the girls in their underwear. The girls enf up suitabily embarassed but the story as a whole feels more fun and light hearted. The story is tongue in cheek wrote by Trisha hence the different style and perspective. Things get worse for the poor girl as the drunk bullies strip her and make her relive the childish dance in front of them.

There is a fun twist at the end that I wont spoi here. Things quickly go wrong when her partners family surprises them with a visit. I felt a lot of pressure about finishing past stories and wanted a clean break. I initally created this for that purpose and to experiment with some new stories and style. This story is about a young women who discoveres her sexual awakening when spending time undressed around her boy cousins not clearly defined in the story if they are related or fake cousins She tried to catch teh boys in a compromising situations but instead ends up tied to a chair in just her bra and panties.

I rolled dice for the players to move across the board and also for the dares so even I didn't know how it was going to turn out. Origionally posted to another site not as myself!

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They strip her naked, tie up up good and torture her with a carrot. Contact Hooked6. Thank you for creating this archive. Also I might use this opportunity to claim a few stories that I wrote under different names in the past so might even even find somtging you haven't read before. Contact dublinjohn.

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Forced public nudity stories

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