Forced to orgasm stories

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The concept had always seemed bizarre yet fascinating to me. Where was the motivation there? As a self-professed feminist and independent woman who worked her ass off to support herself through college and then grad school, I often struggled with the seemingly contradictory nature of submissive fantasies. My curiosity about the meaning behind these types of sexual desires eventually led me to my area of study. The plan was to earn my psychology degree so that I could eventually practice as a d sex therapist.

And the more I learned about sexuality, the more I wondered: Can a woman who got off on relinquishing control of herself to a man call herself a feminist? That would be the main focus of my essay. They cited that the added feeling of helplessness, of being deprived the ability to control the onset, intensity, and of climaxes, intensified their pleasure intensely. As I write, I text Ethan bits and pieces of my findings. I sure as hell knew how to write about it, though. My lips curl up in a grin. I know exactly who it is, and I welcome the distraction.

His fingertips dig into my hips while his lips find my neck, kissing the spot just below my ear. I step back and let him in, shutting the door behind us. An hour later, I find myself sprawled on top of the kitchen table, my wrists and ankles bound to each table leg with the majority of my scarf collection.

They are lace, with a tiny silver heart charm sewn into the center of the thin waistband. My arms are stretched above my head, the nipples of my full breasts pointing toward the ceiling and my back slightly arched. You are incredibly sexy. My favorite thing to do is to ride his cock, spreading my legs wide and controlling the speed and depth of Forced to orgasm stories thrusting, grinding my clit against his pelvis until I come to a shuddering orgasm.

He walks to the fridge, takes out the opened bottle of white wine, and brings it to the table. I smile broadly, my grin devious. But in this case, your overconfidence will be your downfall. He chuckles as I roll my eyes. He then sets it on the kitchen counter and taps the screen to start it. The first thing he goes for surprises me. He dribbles a small amount between my breasts and I suck in a short breath at the freezing sensation.

He quickly warms my skin, however, his tongue trailing along my skin from my rib cage to my neck as he licks it up. Next, he takes a sip from the wine glass and hovers over me, his lips half an inch above my left nipple. He cups my other breast in his hand, takes another drink, and does the same maneuver, dribbling the crisp wine over my pink, taut tip. This time though, he squeezes my breast and flicks my nipple over and over again with his tongue.

I pull against the restraints on my wrist as my pelvis tilts ever so slightly, shifting upward of its own accord. His lips smile around my nipple, still in his mouth. He takes it in his teeth and bites gently before pulling away. He places a finger over my mouth. A small moan escapes my lips, and I look away, doing my best to ignore the pleasure of his fingers buried deep in my cunt. He wastes no time pumping his fingers in and out of me several times, then removes them.

Lubricated with my juices, he slides them up my slit, then begins slowly massaging Forced to orgasm stories clitoris. My breath catches, and he leans down to kiss me. Again, my hips lift involuntarily, craving more pressure, more friction. I moan in frustration, and he chuckles deep in his throat as he continues kissing me. He rubs me harder inside my panties, turning up the speed. Not only that — he also starts playing with my nipples with his free hand, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. I moan again and try to clamp my legs closed, try to stop the pleasure slowly building, but of course, the binds keep me from doing that.

As much as it goes against every basic instinct, I force my hips to still, will the muscles in my vagina to unclench. I usually bring myself over the edge by tensing and tightening pretty much every muscle in my body — especially the ones between my legs. When I force myself to completely relax, the sensations are still there, but their effect seems slightly muffled. I can do thisI think, cheering myself on.

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I know I can last. Suddenly, he stops rubbing my clitoris.

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Stops kissing me and Forced to orgasm stories my breasts. He takes the delicate lace of my underwear in both his hands and rips the material right off my body. I yelp, surprised by the unexpected aggression. Surprised, but not at all turned off. Quite the opposite, to my annoyance. He responds by taking the bottle of wine and pouring the chilled liquid directly onto my clit. He allows a generous amount to trickle on my exposed mound and I wriggle my hips reflexively.

He makes his tongue pointy and gives my bud a round of repeated hard flicks. Then he alters the pressure as he flattens his tongue completely and slides it back and forth at a frenzied pace. As he licks, sucks, and swirls the mixture of my juices and the wine over my clitoris, he presses his fingers inside me up against my vaginal wall. His tone is victorious. I can feel it. He puts his mouth to my clit and milks the last remaining bit of resistance from my body.

My inner muscles suddenly tense for a beat, without any effort from me. I close my eyes and want to scream, but I gasp in a silent O as the orgasm courses through me. My inner walls pulse around his fingers, squeezing them. Just as the spasms slow to a stop, the timer goes off. I hear a buzzing sound and open my eyes. Apparently, when I let him search my closet for scarves to bind me, he picked up a little something extra. His smile is that of a mad scientist, but these are the terms of the bet we agreed to.

If he gets me to come before the five-minute mark, he gets to keep going…. He lowers the rounded silver tip into the wine glass sitting by my hips. I watch, transfixed as the liquid ripples and splashes up the sides. The toy is small yet powerful. Ethan presses the dripping wet vibe directly to my overly sensitive clit. His pressure is firm, and I moan at the discomfort, bucking my hips. He re my body language and lets up on my clit, circling the bullet above Forced to orgasm stories gently massaging my clitoral hood.

He then traces it down the lips of my vulva and presses it inside my vagina. I tug at the restraints binding my legs and my hands, not sure I can take another second. Just before I decide to scream turquoisethe sensation somehow slowly crosses from discomfort into pleasure. Ethan removes the vibrator from my entrance, and I see it shining with my come and the wine.

He slides it upward, pressing again directly on my clitoris. While doing this, he wets the fingertips of his other hand with the wine and gently pinches my nipple. He squeezes then releases the pressure repeatedly, keeping time with the pulsating vibration pattern. This time, I let my ego take a back seat and run toward my growing climax with open arms. Forced to orgasm stories takes the cue and presses down harder. Not two minutes after my first orgasm, I crash into my second with even more ferocity. I shut my eyes tight and scream as bliss hits my body, sending wave after shuddering wave of pleasure from my cunt outward, through my shaking hips and legs.

Somewhere in the background of my mind, I hear the sound of a belt unbuckling. Then a zipper. His enters me in one swift, hard motion, and I cry out in sheer ecstasy as his thickness fills me, stretching out the length of my orgasm even more. He fucks me hard, pounding me again and again and again — and I shout with each thrust. He suddenly reaches out and clamps a hand over my mouth, muffling my cries, but I continue moaning uncontrollably into his hand. When I feel the vibrator on my clit again as he continues penetrating me hard and deep, my moans turn to muffled protests.

My words soon turn to mush, melting into one long, low wail of pleasure. I push my ass up, meeting each one of his thrusts. I shake my head in protest, barely able to move with his hand crushing my mouth. For the briefest moment, I deliberately try to resist orgasming, just to see if I can. But the harder I struggle against the urge, the more pleasurable the friction becomes — the more my muscles tighten like a wound-up coil about to spring.

A third orgasm crashes violently through me, and I let out a muffled scream into his hand. The feel of his hot liquid filling me makes the muscles between my wet thighs twitch. He pulls his hand away from my mouth, and I find that my lips are curled up in a smile. Ethan smiles back, then lowers his forehead to my stomach as he catches his breath.

After his breathing slows, he kisses my belly button and looks up at me. I giggle, nearly delirious as I slowly come back down from the high. He bursts out laughing, and I in. Still inside me, the movements of our laughter spark another delicious ache of desire in my core. Ethan raises an eyebrow, then grins and nods his approval. Curious creature, pursuer of passion, unbeliever in limiting or lengthy bios. me at hollybrhaw. Refined erotic fiction igniting your deepest desires. Edited by Rose MyErotica: rose metart. in. A Study in Forced Orgasms. A grad student gets some unexpected help with her paper.

Holly Brhaw Follow. If he gets me to come before the five-minute mark, he gets to keep going… He lowers the rounded silver tip into the wine glass sitting by my hips. Written by Holly Brhaw Follow. More From Medium.

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Forced to orgasm stories

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Forced Orgasm Stories