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I grew up in a large city near the state university. My parents' home is just two blocks from the edge of the campus with a student body population of 25, I attended a K public school. Upon graduation from high school, I entered the state university as a freshman while still living at home. My father is the CEO of a large corporation and my mother is a professor at the state university. I'm an only child that has wanted for nothing and I'm somewhat spoiled but yet a very polite and friendly guy with lots of male and female friends.

During my four years in high school, I was a member of the varsity swim team and presently I'm the top swimmer on the university swim squad in my second year at the university. I work out five days a week plus my daily swim practices and or swim competitions. My close Frat boy sex stories and athletic buddies have described me as a blond heartthrob who could make a great career in Hollywood. I have rusty type blond curly hair; deep blue eyes; a hairless tanned smooth chest, stomach, hard thighs and legs; a trim swimmer's body weighing pounds; stand five feet and inches; and am gifted with a thick 8-inch long cock when totally erect.

Of course my teammates have only seen my soft 5-inch dick in the shower. At about years-of-age, I realized that I was different from other guys who were my friends as I was not interested in girls. Upon reaching puberty, I begin to masturbate while looking at magazines featuring hot male athletes. I never discussed my sexual desires with anyone until my senior year in high school. On my 18th birthday, may parents held a big birthday bash for me inviting my close friends, the swim team and several of their close friends at our home. It was a big deal. One couple that was great friends with my parents attended the party with their hot son who was a sophomore at the university and the starting quarterback on the university football team.

Although I'd never met this hot stud before, I noticed he kept starring at me prior to the set down dinner. When we came to the table for dinner, he managed to take a seat next to me. I introduced myself to him as I felt my cock began to stiffen. He said: "Hi Cody, my name is Eddie and thanks for letting me attend your birthday party with my parents. I responded: "You're so welcome. I'm very happy you ed your parents for my party. I've seen several of your games with some of my high school buddies. You're a great quarterback. But I was sure he wasn't interested in a high school senior plus he probably wasn't gay although he sure had kept his eyes glued to me ever since they had arrived at my party.

He was such a handsome dude with a beautiful face my favorite part of a guy to get turned onslim hot tanned body, dark black hair, black sexy eyes and an impressive bulge in those Frat boy sex stories dress pants. Although I lusted after his body, I kept control of my horny condition until half way through dinner when I felt his leg rub hard up against one of my legs.

At first I thought it was simply an accident touch so I pulled my leg away to test him. Soon Eddie moved his legs back hard against my leg and placed his shoe and foot on top of my shoe. Fuck then I knew he was coming on to me. Fuck yea, as I did not move my leg or foot, Eddie carefully moved one of his hands under the table and he began to rub my inner thigh.

Although I was still a virgin, I knew at that moment I wanted him to fuck me so bad or at least suck my cock. I reached under the table and put my hand on top of his hand. That was all the encouragement he needed.

Fuck yea, the next thing I knew I felt his hand come across my crotch as he located and felt my stone hard big cock in my pants. He then knew I was horny as he was.

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I almost lost it at that point as my cock began to leak precum in my briefs. Wow, this was dangerous as we could get caught as that precum ring might soak into through my pants. I had to know about his dick. I reached over and ran my hand over his crotch and yea he was Frat boy sex stories hard and that dick felt huge. We both moved our hands at that point and gave each other huge grins.

We were too close to getting caught and yea shooting our lo. How about going with me to a movie? There is a new movie at one of the local theaters that has been nominated for a possible academy award. Lets go see it. I'd later learn that was what he too wanted. We went to the 9 PM movie showing. Eddie seemed to have had ever thing well planned. He had us go up into the balcony and take a seat in the back row. The whole section was empty. As the lights went down and the movie began, Eddie lost no time about why we were there. He reached over and wow he unzipped my pants, located my stiff cock, pulled that throbbing cock out and lowered his smooth wet lips and mouth on my pulsating dick and began to give me my first blowjob.

I began to moan with pure joy and pleasure. Nothing had ever felt this great before and certainly much better than my masturbating. Soon I whispered to Eddie: "Fuck yea, suck my cock. Man this feels so good. This is my first blowjob. I'm a virgin but man I love the feel of my cock in that sexy mouth. Don't stop baby. My comments set Eddie into fast motion sucking my cock as if my cock was a juicy drink on a hot day.

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In less than two minutes, I felt the most powerful stirring in my groin as I felt my cock head swell. Being a young horny guy and feeling the awesome pleasure of my first blowjob by a guy, I could not last.

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Soon I felt my eruption as I shot a volcanic load Frat boy sex stories my seed deep in Eddie's mouth. He swallowed all my cum with no problem. I knew that was not his first cock to drain of all that hot cum. I put away my softening cock as we watched the movie. After that night we became fuck buddies for the remainder of my senior year in high school and my first two years at the university. I learned to take his huge cock up my ass, he let me fuck him many times and we each devoured our buddies cock with blowjobs and lots of creamy seed deep in our throats.

One night near the end of my sophomore year as Eddie fucked the hell out of my ass harder than he had ever done before, I realized either he was hornier than ever before or something was up. After he dumped his huge load deep in my ass and he wildly sucked my dick until I exploded one of my biggest lo ever in his mouth, he gave me a huge grin and kissed me wildly.

Finally, he said: "Hey Babe, sex with you is so awesome. I have an invitation for you and I hope you do not get upset. You know it is my senior year at the university and I'll be going next year to New York for a graduate program. Several of my frat brothers know about your and my wild sex life together and how much we love fucking each other. They want to meet you by inviting you to my going away party. How about it bud? Your big man pussy is mine for now.

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I felt so horny from what Eddie was telling me. I had no idea what was about to happen at that going away party. A month later with only one week left in the academic year my fuck buddy Eddie picked me up at my home for the Saturday night going away party at his fraternity. When we arrived, the party was well under way with lots of booze flowing, loud music blaring as the 35 frat brothers were drinking, playing games and rough guy play. As this was my first frat party, I was almost in a trance from looking at all those hot studs of all shapes and colors.

They were all sprouting big bulges in those tight running shorts or Speedos wearing no shirts or shoes. I had a great view of those sexy bodies. My first thought was that a big cock was a requirement for getting into this fraternity. Man I was in heaven and not yet had a drink. As Eddie lined up all the guys and began to Frat boy sex stories me to them one by one, the guys took turns giving me strong hugs as they used their crotches to rub hard into my crotch revealing my hard on.

The feel of their warm crotches and hard cocks along with their strong beer breaths caused my cock to throb trying to escape my shorts. I became like some wild beast after its prey. Wow, could Eddie keep me under control? I was ready to become the bitch for the evening. I'd never wanted such hot guys other then Eddie before that moment. The guys handed me a beer and then several beers later I was the horniest I'd ever been.

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Although I'd only had sex with Eddie since my 18th birthday, I was desperate to take on as many cocks as they wanted me to have. I had no idea about what plan they had in mind for me. About an hour after Eddie and I had arrived at the party, Eddie staggered over to me feeling no pain and said: "Buddy, come with me upstairs. We entered this large bedroom with several bunk beds when I noticed five of Eddie's Frat boy sex stories buddies were present butt naked sprouting huge thick cocks leaking precum. Was this entire fraternity a bunch of hot gay guys? Oh my god, they were hot as hell with gorgeous bodies, seductive smiles and cocks to die for.

As I'd met them when we arrived, I recognized Max, the gorgeous blond headed and blue eyed frat council president; Clay, the hot red headed and haze eyed council VP; Chase and Van, the brown headed and brown eyed cute twins and members of the council; and Mario, the handsome black haired and black eyed Hispanic council member.

Max came up close to me and began to rip off my clothes as Eddie began to strip naked. I was so turned on that I said: "Oh fuck yea guys, use me. Fuck the hell out of my pussy with those awesome cocks. Feed me all that cum juice.

Man, I'm horny as hell for my first orgy. Eddie, do you want your frat brothers to fuck me? Max said: "Hey Cody, you're going to be our fucking bitch for the evening. Eddie tells us that you love to have a big cock up that fucking man pussy ever night. How about six cocks in one evening?

Eddie says you've taking Frat boy sex stories big 9-incher many times. Shit you should have no trouble taking all our cocks this evening. He tells us that you also love eating cum. We have lots of sticky cum for you tonight. Are you ready for the big orgy now? We want you to be our slut and whore tonight. You want to be our bitch, don't you?

The six guys moved into what could be described as a police lineup and began to stroke their slick cocks dripping with precum. Max broke the line, stepped in front of me and ordered me to drop to my knees and take his sexy 7-inch hard dick into my mouth.

Frat boy sex stories

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