Frum sex stories

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Unless, of course, your sexy fantasies involve Orthodox Jews. All actions must fall under halacha, or Jewish law. Pearl, who has been writing under the pseudonym sinceis but one such author in a growing community. For every thought about adultery or masturbation, there is a trip to the mikveh, or Jewish ritual bath, and moans to HaShem. We caught up with Pearl by to ask her what inspired her to start writing, her upcoming bookand her favorite erotica re.

Orthodox erotica is a term that emerged following the Daily Beast article.

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The label refers to erotic fiction that is set in an Orthodox Jewish context, with Orthodox characters and Orthodox cultural and linguistic elements. Until now, I have tended to use the term frum erotica, but I think Orthodox erotica is in fact better. Nothing that happens in my stories conflicts with mainstream halacha on sexual relations and activities.

I decided to set these boundaries for my stories because I wanted anyone, no matter how religious, to be able to read them and feel safe about the fact they were getting turned on.

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The fact that people were openly reading erotic fiction on trains and buses was intriguing. Then a combination of things occurred:. Then, one day the idea came to me to write Jewish erotic fiction - and not just any Jewish erotica, but Orthodox erotica. I wrote a story or two; soon after the Jewrotica website was launched — it has subsequently published a of my stories and essays — and I realized that I was onto something. Like many new generation writers, particularly within erotic fiction, I have chosen to self-publish.

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It is a creative and commercial decision which also gives me a lot more control over my work. As such, I simply published my work through the channels Amazon and other online book retailers provide to independent authors like myself, without having to pitch to anyone. I have a growing group of readers who are keen and engaged, which is great — especially as they keep asking when my next book is coming out! Who is your personal background? Did you grow up Orthodox?

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If so, do you still identify as an Orthodox Jew? Labels are not always useful, but for practical purposes I would certainly call myself an Orthodox Jew. How do you ensure that everything portrayed in the stories is halachically correct? My knowledge of the halacha of sexual relationships is reasonable and there are plenty of ways to research this information if I have a question. The bigger issue for me has been if I want my characters to come from a more ultra-Orthodox setting then I have to check with friends about some of the traditions and particularities humras that determine how people live inside these communities.

Researching this has been both fascinating and confronting. Do you ever worry this kind of erotica might be fetishizing the Orthodox community? No, I think it humanizes it. Orthodox Jews are like everyone else.

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The fact that I choose to set my stories inside an Orthodox context is a creative decision. It is a rich mine for story ideas. Besides, there are plenty of people who like to read stories about people who look, live and behave like them — and there are plenty of people who are interested in knowing about people who, on a superficial level at least, are not like them.

But really, we are all the same. I admire Anais Nin for the beauty of her prose. But now that I am writing them I see how sexy they can be. This can easily happen inside a marriage, because we all grow and change as people and it is fascinating to observe. I think sometimes we confuse stories about sex with erotic stories - neither is better than the other, but they can be different.

He writes two types of Orthodox erotica — forbidden erotica and biblical erotica — and his stories are excellent. Both of these authors have voices that ring true within an Orthodox setting, with writing that demonstrates not just a familiarity with Orthodox life but an essential respect and connection with it. It makes a big difference for readers, I think. Home Share 9 Search. Facebook Twitter. Give Frum sex stories Subscribe.

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Frum sex stories

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