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Pete, a writer, is abducted by a strange alien race, but his friend Mike sees what is happening and jumps at the chance it offers.

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When they wake up in Pete's home, several things have changed permanently Mark was abducted by aliens. He was one of several gay men who were being used as temporary sex slaves and alien baby incubator. They were fucked by master aliens who were breeders. Mark and Co would give birth a few days later.

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More adventures during captivity. The kinkiest yet with more to cum later. This has a bit more story line in the beginning. I wanted to give hints for future stories as well. But what will it cost him? A man is sent on a mission to monitor a place: Specifically mine! How I met my catch Note: There's no sex in this one but it'll set up the setting and who the narrator is.

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Aliens hard core sex and lost loves are the topic of this tale. It is action packed and more than your average read and wank. It is the first story I ever wrote and I hope you enjoy it. Many chapters to come! Hope to hear from you soon! Daniel, an earth gay man, was abducted by the aliens. The aliens looked exactly like humans, the handsome ones. Their plan was to study human male's ejaculation system. And they injected foreign fluid into his prostate and testes which could make him ejaculate his seeds again and again.

Reptilian Alien life forms have landed on the Earth, their objective is conquest of planet Earth. A Cadet wakes up to the surprise of an alien tentacle monster and suffers through painful, yet pleasurable sex.

Major Bator and the Jackonauts crew are celebrating Shirtless Saturday - when three warring aliens interrupt.

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Can Major Bator undo their stratified culture and get back to winning the Best Torso contest? Two aliens disguised as a soccer player and business man get pulled over by two police bikers. As he sits in the restroom stall, invisible tentacles from the alien in the next stall slither under the stall over to him. Aliens pursue a selfconscious young man wearing a human skin suit because he's sick of being ugly.

He makes friends with an android while running away from evil aliens! The Doom Marine finds himself on a planet populated by aliens and sex zombies, whose sole purpose is to fuck and suck. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

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