Gay docking stories

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Bill's thick mushroom cock-head throbbed against mine, a steady drool of pre-cum emerging from his long slit to lubricate our tips as they touched inside my long enveloping foreskin. Bill was docking with me, gently pushing his engorged cock-head rhythmically against mine, something he'd anticipated eagerly since Fred had asked him to come with him during his visit to me.

They'd arrived yesterday, and we'd immediately gotten down to pleasure. Fred and I were in our thirties, and both uncut. Within minutes, we'd stripped down and were examining each others' cocks. Gay docking stories cock Gay docking stories about the same size as ours, between six and seven inches, but his newborn circumcision had left a thick brown scar two inches behind the head, which was shorter than mine. Its big blunt nose came back to a thick unflared rim giving it the "mushroom" shape.

Fred's cock-head was also shaped differently from mine, and fully covered by foreskin when limp. We'd then systematically worked each other to big, blasting orgasms, relieving our tensions. They were going to stay with me a week, so there was no hurry to do it all in one day. We'd had a good night's sleep in my king-size bed after dinner, and now were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a hearty breakfast and shower.

Today was docking day. I now studied Bill's hard cock carefully, noting the slender shaft that curved slightly upward, and the large mushroom-shaped glans parted by a long slit in front. By contrast, Fred's erect shaft was straight, with the foreskin just covering the rim of his cock-head, not long enough to dock anyone. Fred's cock was smaller than mine when limp, although about the same size erect, and when it swelled the foreskin mostly pulled back from the glans, which was strawberry-shaped; narrow nose gradually expanding to a wide, round ridge.

My fully erect shaft was also straight, and I saw the bulky helmet-shaped glans bulging through the thick foreskin that completely covered it. Our tips were different colors, too. Bill's cock-head was purplish-gray, mine was deep purple, and Fred's was reddish. While Bill was fascinated by foreskins, I enjoy studying cock-he, covered or bare.

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I think that the cock-head is the core of a male's sexuality, and I find the variety of shapes and sizes interesting. I like the way the glans expands even more when it's Gay docking stories to shoot, the way the rim stands out, and the color often deepens. The pee-hole pouts as the jets erupt, and the cock-head throbs in your hand, mouth, or wherever. We had dined together periodicly, but they had always kept their sex life a private matter they never discussed with me. It was clear that they were gay and I knew they had been living together for at least six years.

To be honest, I had never had sex with two others simultaneously. Because we work there we are allowed to work out after hours. Mike has no idea what I would give to wrap my lips around his hot cock and suck it until he came all over my face. Everytime I see him at the gym I can not take my eyes of off him. He is always in shorts and a tank top. I see the hair on his arms and I get an erection imagaing him jacking me off.

We start with the bench press. Mike looked so good in his starched white shirt and tie that Jim was having a hard time keeping his cock from getting hard. He hadn't slept well the night before, knowing that Mike would spend the next two nights in his bed. I especially enjoy docking because it lets me feel the other guy's cock-head throbbing against mine as he comes, and I know he's feeling my throbs too.

Whatever size the cock-head is, you can always get a guy off by stimulating it.

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My preference, though, is for big he like mine that really fill the hand. Some guys have small, acorn-shaped he that are smaller than the shaft, but they seem to give them as much pleasure as the big ones. I've noticed most of the small acorns I've seen are on cut guys, and I think that removing the head's protective covering by circumcision makes the head dry out and shrivel up in some guys. Not many cocks have big helmet he like yours, either," he added as he pulled back on my skin, and we watched my foreskin nipple stretch, uncovering the blunt dome of my purple glans.

My Gay docking stories would stretch out so that Bill's wide mushroom would slip into the end, and I knew that Fred's narrower glans would be able to slide in right alongside mine. Now we had to decide who would dock first. I'd placed a thick towel under me to catch the juice we'd inevitably shoot. His thighs slipped over mine, and our cocks were now tip to tip. His long slit oozed clear lubricant as he pressed his cock against mine. We both leaned back on our arms as Fred shifted his grip, and grasped my foreskin by the rim, stretching it out and pulling it beyond the end of my cock-head.

He tugged a bit more, making my hood completely envelope Bill's glans, giving him a new and exciting sensation. Fred let my sleeve snap down into the groove behind Bill's thick mushroom, and clamped it there with his fist. Bill rotated his hips slightly, and I felt his hot mushroom tip begin to move inside my foreskin, stretching the nerve endings and pressing against the nose of my cock-head.

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I pushed my prick forward slightly, knowing I had to be careful not to move too hard and break the contact. Bill's glans was seeping a steady stream of pre-cum, and our tips slid over each other as we moved. He was staring down, fascinated by the unusual sensations, and I knew that a lot of his arousal was psychological because he was inside my foreskin.

His balls were tight against his body, and his tip became rock-hard with arousal as he continued to press it against mine inside the fleshy sleeve. He was close to release, while I yet had a way to go. I was catching up fast, though. I was eager for Bill to erupt inside my foreskin, because then I'd be able to take care of Fred, who was patiently waiting his turn, caressing Bill's inner thighs and tickling his ball-hairs to heighten his excitement. Bill's face was flushed, and his breathing fast as he approached the point of no return. His arousal was contagious, though, and I hoped that I would not be totally caught up in it and carried away into orgasm when Bill erupted.

I saw that my fleshy hood was beginning to swell with the pre-cum juice trapped inside, although a few drops leaked past Fred's tightly encircling fingers that clamped the end of it around Bill's shaft. Bill was gasping now, and I felt his hot hard glans push against mine as he cried out. A heavy throb passed from his swollen tip into mine, and I felt a heavy gush of hot juice against the front of my cock-head. A loud "uhhhh" escaped his lips as he shot. Bill's eyes were closed, his back arched, and he moaned loudly as the ecstasy wracked his body and his cock shot another load into my enveloping flesh.

Bill's cock throbbed again as another rush of sperm washed over my hot helmet, and I saw my hood bulging with the liquid. White ooze was leaking from the end, forced out by the pressure. I saw my foreskin pulse as Bill's big tip erupted with another heavy gush, adding to my excitement. I knew that I was seeping a lot of pre-come, and I now felt my rim engorge in its final swelling, hoping that I wouldn't come until Bill had finished. I had the same sensations I'd felt when I was "edging," working my way to near orgasm during masturbation, then stopping to allow my excitement to subside, a technique I and many other guys used to prolong our pleasure.

My prick was rock-hard, ready to pop, and I consciously relaxed my muscles to avoid going over the edge. Bill's prick throbbed again, and suddenly slipped out of my hood into Fred's waiting fist. Fred's experienced fingers clasped the big, pulsing glans with a rotating stroke to make it spit again, the hot jet landing on my stomach.

Unlike yesterday, when Bill had dribbled his load, this time he was so super-excited he was shooting jets. Bill's bulging tip was covered with thick white liquid, which lubed Fred's fist as he rotated it around the throbbing glans to heighten Bill's biological storm. However, Fred had a surprise for Bill. He pressed the buzzing end of a vibrator against the front of Bill's mushroom, making him yelp with the sudden sensation.

The sensations made Bill lift his hips off the bed, instinctively thrusting his hot, spurting glans against the source of the heavenly sensations. The mix of our pre-cum and Bill's jizm oozed from the end of my long hood onto the towel, as I watched Bill finish his climax. His cock squirted again, the juice seeping from between his glans and the vibrator, then he relaxed as he took a deep breath and whispered "WOW" before slipping into the post-orgasmic afterglow.

A steady slow dribble of juice seeped from his slit as he lay back, torpid. Fred had begun stroking his Gay docking stories swollen prick with his other hand as Bill came, and I saw him using the first two fingers of his left hand to delicately pull his foreskin up over his ridge and back. A drop of clear fluid filled the slit at the end of his reddish strawberry glans, and began running down the groove under the head, spreading under the moving hood to lubricate it. Now that Bill was finished, and lying dazed on a corner of the bed, Fred slipped the foreskin back from my Gay docking stories purple tip.

Thick white fluid ran down onto the towel as Fred's clasping fingers pulled my thick hood back behind the flaring ridge of my German helmet. I rubbed my index finger in the drop of liquid seeping from his slit and ran it in little circles around his hole. Fred and I then laid down, bare prick-tips close and oozing pre-cum in anticipation of our explosions. As our tips touched, Fred slipped my foreskin forward, pulling it over my glans until it formed a thick pucker in front of it. He threaded the slender nose of his strawberry shaped cock-head into my slack flesh, and I felt the hot, hard tip press into the underside of my glans.

Because my foreskin had stretched to cover Bill's wide mushroom, we both knew it would reach fully around Fred's thick ridge. Fred Gay docking stories gently, and pulled on the end of my foreskin until it completely covered his rim. It was very slippery inside, because of lubrication from the residue of Bill's juice, and pre-come flowing from both our tips. We both looked down at our pricks. The thick flange of my cock-head bulged through the top of my foreskin more than usual because Fred's tip was pushing it up from underneath as it probed the depths of my foreskin sac. The nose of his cock-head slid sensually over the sensitive nerve endings of my gee-string, Gay docking stories me even more.

I saw Fred place the thumb of his free hand on the outline of my ridge and begin flicking it back and forth, rubbing the foreskin over my engorged flesh.

Gay docking stories

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