Gay gone wild stories

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Countless hours wondering whether I should post this, is there anyway I can be discovered, anxiety at the thought but as I sit here…. Great job, own my home, nice cars etc. But Have never really been happy. This brings me to frequent massage parlours, hit on anything that moves and go way to far with other women, yes I know cheating is a terrible thing but so is living life feeling like your missing out on what truely makes you happy…and getting off with randoms truely makes me happy….

I started to browse and post on craigslist, endlessly messaging other guys who liked my post but never getting the nerve to actually meet up. There was a mental block preventing me from just jumping in. Once craigslist got shut down I panicked, my extra curricular entertainment of showing my dick to random men and being coaxed into meeting them suddenly completely gone.

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So I went to the only other avenue I could think of…Grindr. So I Gay gone wild stories it, careful to shut off all app sharing on my iP computer etc…so much planning. Wayyyy different then craigslist. Most guys on there actually creeped me out, coming on way too strong and some just outright rude. He plays it super cool asking different questions about what brought me on the app, have I ever actually gone through with meeting someone, would I send a pic of my dick.

I chatted with him for hours, all of a sudden ignoring all other messages and once again after that night deleted the app and forgot about it. I told him not tonight and kept stringing him along saying another time. Finally after some incredible persistence, I caved and told him I would meet him tomorrow Saturday. She refuses as per normal leaving me hanging with a raging hard on knowing there was a willing participant is close who actually wanted to pay attention to me.

I download the app in the bathroom while taking a shower and message mr. I finish in the shower, get dressed and tell the wife I need to head to the office for a couple hours to get caught up from the week, jump in the truck and head out. I wait about 5 minutes and see him coming down the entrance to the parking lot. I sit there frozen as he walks up beside my truck, I unlock the door with my heart in my throat, was probably shaking as I was so nervous. He jumps in and we start to drive, going through a Starbucks drive-through and grabbing a coffee I drive around town making small talk not really sure where to go.

Finally I get the idea of parking at a lake side park I used to go to in high school. We park, away from the other cars, other people enjoying their Saturday morning by the lake. I turn off the truck and we sit in awkward silence for a bit. I look over at him and say I honestly have no idea what to do Gay gone wild stories. He stares at me probably enjoying seeing me so nervous, and simply reaches over and starts grabbing my cock through my jeans. I reclined the seat, enjoying him rubbing my leg and massaging my cock I give him a nod of encouragement and he starts undoing my belt, unzips and pulls my jeans apart.

I am rock hard at this point, Precum just dripping into my boxers and he keeps playing through the thinner material. As his one hand is playing with my dick his other hand is massaging my leg meanwhile he is staring out the front window of the truck as if nothing at all was happening and this was completely normal…. He gets more confidence as a moan escapes my lips, a deep moan, a moan that all at once relives months of built up stress and anxiety about this exact situation.

He undoes the button of my boxers and pulls my dick out. Now he had seen it before as I had sent pics through the app but gives a nod of approval as it stands tall outside of my boxers dripping with precum and hard as a diamond. Suddenly he leans down and takes my entire dick in his mouth…i almost scream in pleasure…his tounge running along the sensitive head of my cock, his throat tightening as he takes me all the way…. I moan so loud the people in the park must have heard as I release stream and stream of cum down his throat.

After what felt like minutes but was probably only seconds he pulls his mouth off my dick as it starts to soften. He licks up and down cleaning every trace of cum, eventually sitting back up in the seat and showing me the remnants of my load on his tounge before swallowing the remainder and giving me a confident smile. I sit there in complete disbelief.

The pangs of guilt immediately beginning to surface. This dude, cool as a cucumber tells me I have nothing to worry about and tells me how hot it was hearing me moan so loud. I instantly turn back into awkward mode and ask him if I should just take him home.

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He says sure and we again make small talk about how good he was at giving head. After I dropped him off I deleted the app again not thinking I would ever do that again. Cue a month later and here I am, getting hard thinking about the feeling of his lips at the base of my cock….

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Source: reddit. Married and curious. I tried so many times to meet up with another guy but guilt just got over me. Happy to hear it was a success. post. Next post. Next post After a long day of work [MF].

Gay gone wild stories

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