Gay haircut story

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This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. He was a junior. He was 16, 5'11,beautiful blue eyes, light sandy brown hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. I was 14, 5'8,blue eyes and brown hair. Our friendship hit it off. One day on our walk home from school, he admitted that he was gay and had strong feelings for me.

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I told him that since I had met him, he was all I thought about. We would spent countless hours together day and night. One afternoon, as school was letting out for the summer, Greg told me that he was getting his haircut and wanted me to be there while it was getting cut. He told me to meet him at the barber shop for When I arrived, I greeted him with a hug and kiss on the cheek. He was surprised. This was the first time I had kissed him in public.

He responded by doing the same. It felt wonderful to feel his goatee rub against my face. Greg told me that he was getting his Gay haircut story buzzed really short for the summer. He wanted me to take a picture before he did it. I took out my phone and snapped a picture of us together with his long hair. We entered the barbershop. The smell inside was a familiar one I had not smelled in years. We both took a seat.

The shop was busy with a few guys ahead of him.

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Finally, it was Greg's turn. He got in the chair and told the barber to take him down to the skin. The barber asked are you sure.

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Greg said yess with a smile as he looked at me. The barber grabbed a pair of clippers and started to work on Greg's beautiful sandy brown hair. After a few minutes, the barber took shave cream and cleaned around Greg's neck and sideburns. Greg then told the barber to shave the goatee as well. The barber took a pair of clippers and trimmed his goatee down. The barber then lathered Greg's face and shaved him smooth. The barber then rub a greatly smelling lotion on his head and face. Greg got out of the chair. I couldn't believe how much different he looked. He looked even hotter now than before.

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The barber said next. I smiled at Greg and Gay haircut story to the chair. I told the barber I wanted the same as Greg, including the shave. The barber asked if has started shaving yet. I told him yes, but he would be the first to shave me. The barber got the same clippers and a few moments later, my hair was gone and the same length as Greg. The barber then shaved me. We gave him a great tip for doing a great job. While we walked home, Greg asked me why I got my haircut. I told him that I loved him and said it was for him. Greg and Gay haircut story are still together after 15 years and we are now sporting shaved he year round.

I didn't know what the words "gay" or "homosexual" meant at that age, but I knew what I wanted to do physically with other boys and fantasized about cutting their hair. I also fantasized about fully grown men There was one sixth grade teacher who kept his hair slicked neatly into a tapered pompadour cut during the school year, but when he would return from summer vacation he would have a very short "flattop crewcut" rounded in flattop with the back and sides clippered down right to the scalp.

When I got old enough to masturbate, I would think of him going into a barbershop after school was out and telling the barber to give him a "very short crewcut' I would wonder what his barber looked like and whether either of them became sexually excited during the haircut. I usually read stories about forced haircuts or two gay men getting together for a private session in a barber shop, but tonight I searched for stories about "romantic" gay haircuts So not all love starts exactly the way that society expects it to I read the story which was weird enough about children as young as 14 who know their gay already?

Reading the comments who said the F Word and I think Anon has a split personality disorder - and So can some one please expain??? Hi James, what makes you think all heterosexuals are intolerant? It was a sweet story. Great story, romance isn't just for the intolerant heterosexuals! Not so much a haircut story as a gay love story, not what I come here to read, but whatever.

Gay haircut story

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