Gay highschool sex stories

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My name is John; I'm a sophomore in high school I am secretly gay, but am too scared to tell anyone, as our society today would basically pummel me if I was to come out. So my fantasies stay to myself, and I talk to no one. I'm a very quiet kid, lots of friends, surprisingly mostly girls, but I'm majorly in love with two of my best guy friends. Greg and Matt.

Greg is a junior, pounds, 6' or so. He's got red hair I think it is a major turn on. Matt well has an angel, who is my closest friend; if only he know I was gay, he would probably never speak to me again.

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Matt with black hair 5'6", gorgeous! I don't know much more about matt and Greg until later on in the story. I was never one for gym class, but I always love being in the locker rooms, the must of guy sweat, the smell, and the thought of what would go one with all those hunks showering together after school during sports, how could you not get a friggin boner! Well I'm in the school's marching band, and that is really the only other way I get to be in the locker room, as after performances were in the locker room changing. Well yesterday, we got back real late around 9 or so, school was out for vacation thanksgiving and not many people thought it was needed to change cause they were all just going home.

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Well that's where the fun started. I never was able to shower in the lockeroom because I would either get hard near the guys, or I had to need to. Well today was different I was soaked in sweat and I didn't Gay highschool sex stories anyone would be in there. So, I finally got the courage to go and take a shower at school, this is a big step for meas I would be alone so if I did pop a boner I could jack-off and that would be the end of it. I walked in the locker-room, as it was all quiet with no one in there, I set my change of clothes down, got out my towel, got my locker open, and walked the ten feet o the shower with just my boxers on, I was so happy, as I could finally shower in school, and I didn't have any worries.

Gay highschool sex stories walked, being a rookie tried to figure out how to turn on the friggin shower, which to describe is a big tiled floor, with spickets and knobs all around. I finally figured it out, then I striped and did my thing, washed basically stood for a while. But damn I was think about all those guys that were in there just a few minutes before, wow I was hard in an instant.

So what the hell why don't I just jack-off, who cares. That was my biggest mistake, I took the soap bottle got my dick nice and slippery, I was caressing it, making my odd moans, even saying names of guys id like to fuck. A minute later as I'm stroking away, I hear "John!

He was looking at me with my boner, staring at it. I'm just thinking to myself in the dead silence, he heard me moaning his name while jacking off, I miswell tell him I'm gay, it can't hurt anything else. So I told him, he just stared at my boner. Then walked away. I was now going soft, so I started to finish up showering, all upset as I am thinking I just lost my best friend, but a minute later, something reached around me and grabbed my dick, I quick look, it was matt, completely naked, hard, and horny as hell. So I go along with it, why not I'm in love with this kid its like a dream come true.

We started, with the hot water streaming down on us, we kissed for seemed like forever, although it was drolly only a minute or two. Then our hands were wandering, I got the idea to go down on him, and suck my first cock, I did and it tasted so good, he was in complete ecstasy. But I suddenly stopped, I said "there'll be more later.

I flipped him over, and started rimming out hiss tight little clean, asshole. I'm thinking what has come over me, I've never done this before. Well I got him so lose you could drive a truck on in there, then he got up and started sucking my dick, it felt so good, I was about to blow my load right then and there. He got down, and said it was my turn, so he got doggy style and I started to fuck him right up his nice lose asshole.

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It felt so good to be fucking him. We apparently were making a lot of noise, because all of the sudden I heard Greg says "guys what are you doing? He walked around the corner and looked, both of us with boners, he just looked and walked away. I was so scared. Matt told me not to worry, figure it out later. So we got back down and were fucking doggy style all over again, me sticking in and out of matt, it was so Gay highschool sex stories, I could have stayed doing that forever. In the mean time of me fucking mat like crazy, I felt something in my ass, it was a tongue, then a finger.

I looked it was Greg, 6 inches hard with his peachtree hair covered dick. He ate my hold while I fucked matt, all in unison. Then he got up, and had me suck that beautiful dick. I was fucking mat and feeling his dick, while I was sucking Greg off, how else could it was been so perfect.

Then Greg stopped, and I kept fucking matt. All of the sudden I felt something on my ass, it was his dick, back and forth, but not in me. It felt so good, then I felt it go in me, it just slipped in, wow it felt so good, I was moaning, my dick being serviced as well as my ass! I loved every second of it. We fucked, yelled, moaned, it was great. Finally after fucking in unison for hours, we creamed all over each other, I was sucking the cum out of matt, while Greg was sucking it out of me, and matt out of Greg.

It was great! Thought he was fucking some girl, but boy was I mistaken! I am 24 years old and live in a pretty small city in the northwest US. I have blond hair, blue eyes. I am 6'0 and about lbs. Oh, did I mention I have a decent cock? Now I know most people exaggerate, but I do not. I am good solid 7. Anyway here Gay highschool sex stories a true story. It was November 26, Let me explain something really quick about porn. When I started my collection in high school a few years ago the predominate color was white and the material rough cotton, now there is such a variety of colors and materials.

Variety has become the spice of life and I for one love it. I am currently a freshmen at State college. It was an honor to talk to you. The picture you sent me was amazing. You are incredibly handsome and very masculine. Your muscled body and huge hard cock have me very excited. I hope the zip file of pictures I have attached is satisfactory. I included one of my dick, one of me bent over spreading my cheeks with my hole exposed. I was staying at the usual place when ever I travel there.

As always at night, I was watching one of the porn channels on pay-per-view, and to my surprise they had a gay channel. I've always been curious and fantasized about gay porn, but never did anything about it. About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. I really wanted to have sex with a black guy, but I never had the opportunity. I hang with black guys, but they are all straight.

I love cock. I met Leon through these same friends of mine at a barbecue. He was somehow related to one the guys I hang out with. He was six foot two and weighed about lbs. He was very built and had dre in his hair which was a major turn on. I was lucky they added the class to the schedule.

It filled up the gap in my schedule. I cut class on the day I added it. I was not ready for it or what was in store for me. My first day in MATH went by smoothly. We had a Graduate Assistant for a teacher. He had blonde hair and a nice ass. One was a slim smooth Asian man and the other was a hunky redhead. I was really most interested in the redhead and kept my attention on him. Was studying in the library when Mark decided to sit down next to me.

We end up studying together for hours and then Gay highschool sex stories suggest we head over to his place. Some problem with the heating causes his place to be scorching hot. He immediately strips down to just his Champion shorts, popping off his sweatshirt, tee, shoes, and socks. I look at his body. The health club that I go to has the best locker room set up that I could ever imagine. The club itself is enormous, covering several football fields. The second floor of the building, where the men's locker room is, has been added to and altered many times over making it a maze of shower rooms, saunas, steam rooms and whirlpools.

By now, Dan and Slava have seen my erection a million times over. He knew these were not moans of pain. Oh how my life had changed in that month. The exercise clears my head, and usually hanging out in the sauna afterwards makes me sleepy. I usually go to the gym at my college.

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The gym is a little old, but I like it that way. This particular thursday, I had a great workout, and was relaxing in the sauna. Towards the end of the day, the gym tends to be a lot less crowded, which I like. A few minutes later, I needed a drink, and headed out. He had just come home from soccer practice and undressed in his room. The full-length mirror showed all of him. Guess I am not too bad, he thought. His chest was smooth and looked pretty strong. His pecs were starting to firm up. His nipples were not very big yet--like Carl--but he figured they would grow some more.

He looked further down. More precum. I was nearly in the fetal position at the foot of an unfamiliar bed, the skin of my forehead stiff with dried cum. I couldn't recall exactly how many men had filled my ass with their seed the night before, but I was unable to forget the only one who sprayed himself all over my face. Gay highschool sex stories caught my eye right before he unloaded, totally silent as he came and never breaking eye contact. All my straight friends were out on a date and here I sat in the dorm alone. I'd had the computer on. Chatting on two different gay sites and getting the usual how big are you, or asl age sex location.

Gay highschool sex stories

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