Gay incest short stories

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Welcome to Free Gay Pictures Too! Home Contribute Advanced Search. We have been talking on and off about it all week. Like, I usually go to his house each week anyway, but helping his dad was certainly something new. I had never heard of anything like it, having someone drink my pee!

The thought of doing something like that hadn't even crossed my mind! Mr B is cool and all, but I never in a million years would have thought he would want me to do something like that! At least not before last weekend.

Plus, I didn't even have a girlfriend yet, and I had now had my dick sucked! My own cock had been in someone's mouth! It made me hard just thinking about sticking it in there.

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Mr B wasn't a girl, but he sucked me real good. He sucked my dick and swallowed my jizz! And the best part is, he will likely be doing it again this weekend! Like I said, James and I talked about it a bit at school.

Like we didn't talk about the dick sucking side of it that much. It was kind of weird talking to my friend about how cool it was to have his dad suck me off, ya know? But we still talked about the pee drinking stuff, as that was more serious I guess. James mentioned that he and his dad hadn't been doing it as much, since his mom had been around much of the week, but they still found time to do it a couple of times. Apparently, his mom was going to leave early again on Saturday, so we would get the morning to ourselves.

Man, I can't wait. I had a soccer game beforehand, but as soon as that was over, James and I would head over to his house. I couldn't wait to have Mr B suck my dick again!

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Sometimes I wish James would still play soccer. We used to do a lot of other fun stuff too, but he sort of grew out of some of it. I still have a couple of my old toys in my room which we used to play with. I didn't really play with them now, sort of a bit babyish, but there were a lot of memories from back when we were back in elementary school. James and I just grew up I guess.

Simpler times, before girls, and puberty, and jerking off. I dunno, Pokemon, cartoons, and playing with a ball seem a million miles away now. I noticed when we went swimming; we check each other out when we are changing. I'm way hairier than him, I have a bunch of hair and he only has a little bit. He has a nice one though, not that I could ever tell him that to his face, though.

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I was pretty sure he liked girls, whereas I wasn't really sure about me yet. I was starting to think I liked boys, especially after my time with his dad. The friggin game went to friggin extra time by the time it was over. At Gay incest short stories I could see James waiting for me. My team won though! I'm not the most skilled player on my team, but I'm definitely the fittest. The others in my team always ask me where I get my energy because I never seem to get tired from running around. I tell them honestly; I don't know.

Some of them even go to the gym, but I can still go longer than them. James used to be fit like me, but he sort of grew out of it. I still found it fun to run around, though. When the game was finally over, most of the others changed from their soccer uniforms, but I just showered and put them back on again.

I didn't really get sweaty, or anything and it was a pretty hot day, so my soccer shorts would be nice and comfy. I ran over to James, so we could spend the rest of the day off. He calls me that sometimes. My dad overslept and I wanted to Wanna head over? Let's go! You know, what he would like you to help you with? You know you don't have to do it if you don't want to. He knew I had been keen on helping all week.

I wasn't sure if it was that, or if it was moreso the fast that his dear ol dad wanted me to piss in his mouth. Maybe a bit of both? Maybe some other stuff too, hehe!

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He teased me a few times about the fact that I was still in my uniform. He is so used to wearing long jeans everywhere and here was me in my soccer shorts. I told him it felt better in the heat this way. I think he is just shy about his body, but I don't know why.

He looked pretty normal to me. He reckoned my shorts were too short, since they only came down like 6 inches past my hips, but I told them they were just a standard uniform. He just shook his head and said he could never wear something like that. Before I knew it, we were approaching his house again.

I had butterflies in my tummy. Gay incest short stories hadn't jerked off this morning, so I couldn't wait to get my cock sucked again! I almost burst through the front door. I dunno Gay incest short stories it was nerves, but I blurted out "Hi Mr B! Mr B greeted us. I wish I had a dad as cool as him. James's dad always seemed so kind. He looked so strong and friendly. He had a smile on his face that just made me feel like everything was okay, and I was always welcome.

And he let James and I do whatever we wanted too. I noticed he hadn't taken his eyes off me the moment I walked in and was looking at me up and down as I stood in front of him, James just behind. Why are you staring at me? How was your week? It is good to finally relax. We won our game today! You deserve some kind of award! And now having the weekend off with you and James is all I need. Grab us some pizza for lunch? It was just a game, pretty standard really. Heck yeah, I want pizza! Mr B suggested James grabbed some from the nearby store, which was about 10 minutes away.

James asked whether he should take his time so that Mr B and I could have some time alone. As good a friends as we were, we didn't feel any sort of He was a good friend, but I never thought about him like that. Pee was one thing, but I think for the more fun stuff, we were still a bit uncomfortable about that sort of thing having grown up together. James confirmed he thought the same as me when he said, "I dunno Dad. Me and Patrick are good friends and all, but I think I prefer girls, you know?

Maybe another time? What people? The option is always open, though, if you change your mind. What did he mean? It was just us three, right? Was this one of those fourth wall things our English teacher had told us about? Anyways, I grabbed a seat in one of the recliners as James and his dad talked things over. I just chilled for a moment while they chatted. Like, I don't mind helping you, but dicks aren't really my thing, you know? Patrick and I will take care of you know what while you're away.

Mr B turned around to see I was now sitting down. He wasn't subtle at all about it, I could see him looking at me.

Gay incest short stories

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