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I really thought I must have been impressing Rodney, but Barry always seemed to show up and challenge what I thought was impressive. Summary: Continues the journeys of two brothers months after the events of Part One. Darren and Randy both find themselves beginning a new chapter of their lives with new and old friends. I took Ricky much further than I intended on my first training session. I couldn't put him down and he seemed to relish the test and the adventure.

After 45 minutes he was on his knees cock sucking me - and doing so with some enthusiasm.

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It was hard to call a halt to today's session. Brett and I wrestled in an amateur league that met a couple of times a week. I was always a bit hesitant around him, since for whatever reason nothing seemed to move forward other than when Tony had him fuck me at the pool, when Tony invited him to the mountains with James, and a few other occasions.

The professor, aka: asswipe, meets Ralph, the wrestler, the big, big guy who helps him improve his ass licking. The Bard has returned to his prison chamber. He is scheduled for more torture.

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Is the Warlord, who has developed feelings for Brynnan, trying to make a point to himself? Geraint brings the claw-collar, and a terrible discovery is made. Brynnan services Geraint. He is given an enema. He meets those who will cause him suffering. One of them is his rapist. Brynnan must look to his own survival. Finally, I saw the flashing lights behind the car and I pulled over. Officer Newcomb stepped out of the car and began walking towards me. My body trembled with so much sexual energy I could barely think.

Hanging out with two ex-cons at the No Tell Motel turned into one of the hottest scenes I've ever been a part of. The ringing of my doorbell, broke my concentration. Grumbling, I made my way to the door. I was a little surprised to see Alan. With a big duffle bag. Short, neat, professional Gay master and slave stories rents a room from hairy, muscular, sweaty East European Lev. When Sam watches Lev take a piss, Sam gets properly punished for the first time; then he has to spend most of the next day at the big guy's feet. Kinky sex fun until Bubba gets blackmailed by the principals wife David now accepts the new direction for his life.

Can David no turning back now? David finds out how much he is worth to his Father. David meets more of Master Mike's family and finds out how Mike's family and his are linked! What will David's new life be like now? Out of nowhere, I'm suddenly obeying the orders from another man. Not my usual thing. But this guy has my. Sometimes it felt increasingly unclear who exactly was being cuckolded here. Clearly my birth father had to be humiliated, with Tony controlling my mom entirely, as well as his own son, both fucking her regularly as well as getting plenty of others to fuck her.

He's a naive boy. Life was hard on him even before his grandfather gave him up to a criminal gang as payment for a debt. Now he has to carve a new life for himself as a high end sex slave for hire. Taken is a tale of secrets, of twists of fate, and of incredible sex. Nothing is as it seems.

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The opening chapter of the first novel of six novels of the Dahran series. Set in modern times, it deals with all aspects of the business of slavery and the unrecognised slavery of life. Two sets of brothers, the younger siblings trying to watch a movie, the older siblings. Find out for yourself. THIS is what the hell just happened. I should have known something was up when he could only meet me at night, in the forest behind his parent's house.

After he had me thoroughly lost, this timid teen let his dom side show. We were kink chatting the whole day.

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God I hate Grindr, but this one was fun to chat with. He was telling me his kinks, I was telling him mine, so the question did not surprise me. How the Men at my office figured out that i am a slave, and started to use me for Their enjoyment. The true description of the day when my Master brandied HIS mark on my body. Detailed and not deed as an erotic story, but a factual retelling of an incredible, life changing experience. A twenty year old boy is kidnapped by an old guy from work and becomes his naked captive for 5 days.

The homies jumped him, not knowing he was under the Master's protection. It turned out that Stockman was a tough nut to crack. The Master had taught the punk well. And used his newfound sexual skills to dominate the black alley cat in a gay leather club. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Looking for more awesome master and slave porn after reading our selection of gay stories on the topic? We have other means to provide you with pleasurable ways to explore this kink. Our gay porn videos are focused on showing how a sex slave is treated by a hands-on dom, and you can explore them to your heart's content.

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Gay master and slave stories

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