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As he sits in the restroom stall, invisible tentacles from the alien in the next stall slither under the stall over to him.

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He can't see them but suddenly feel his ankles tightly bound by an invisible force. As he gets up still with his pants around his ankles to flee, several more tentacles make their way to his body. Two quickly grabbing his wrists, and one firmly wrapping around his neck. When the boy went to tell the tentacle around his neck quickly inserted itself into the boys mouth. The alien held him down onto the seat, while slowly sliding in and Gay tentacle sex stories of his mouth, the tentacles made of a rubbery texture that can't be bitten through.

As the boys eyes watered, another tentacle made it's way to the boys cock, opened up and engulfed the boys cock into it, sucking and tugging it. The boy frantic but unable to move couldn't stop his cock from getting hard. Harder and harder it become as the tentacle sucked on it. As this happened another tentacle made it's way under the boys butt, and slowly began teasing his tight furry ass. The boy let out a moan of pleasure and couldn't believe what was happening to him. The tentacle then entered the boys furry bottom slowly using just the tip. As the other tentacle began forcefully fucking his throat, and the tentacle on his dick began sloppily sucking on the boys cock, giving him an aggressive wet blow job.

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The tentacle underneath him slid into him inch by inch, shooting massive amounts of precum into him. The boy was losing his mind in exstacy. The tentacle on his dick driving him mad, deep throating the boys now 8 inch thick and wide cock.

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