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We are the home of 1, authors from among our 9, members. There have beencomments written about our 5, stories consisting of 47, chapters and , words.

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By Ciain Fiction. Plants and animals were my thing. The intricacies of nature intrigued me and yet there was an elegant simplicity that I loved. Heavy gravity planet.

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Human-compatible atmosphere. By Kong Wen Huiin Fiction. Wanted criminal Hong Shen finally meets his end after being stabbed in the back by a comrade. As he makes his final resting place under a dead plum tree, he submits to death. To take the second chance means he must complete a trial in the past in order to return to the present. But what he doesn't know is that the trial isn't only difficult for him, but even more difficult for the person he must be to fulfill it.

By Flamboyant Chatoyantin Fiction. The last thing a supervillain wants is to find out that his boyfriend is a superhero. Worse, his boyfriend now wants to protect him from his villain persona. To protect his goal, Gayauthors org stories seems that a breakup is in order - or it would if he could let go of his feelings. Updates Mondays. By Altimexisin Fiction. Young Adam, aka Simon, aka J. The one thing he had going for himself was his intelligence, which allowed him to master advanced college-level material online.

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On his 13th birthday, however, his father left him no choice but to fight back the only way he could. Forced to run away, he began an amazing journey that would lead him to the highest corporate echelons, and more importantly, to love. By Jdonley75in Fiction. As life moves on we remember times both good and bad. For Kyle, Jacob and the others, memories from the past are a bounty of the defining moments in their lives. The following is a series of moments, past and present that help guide their steps towards the future. Hendersonin Fiction. Navigating high school as a vampire isn't easy.

Dani is a Special—a vampire created in a laboratory with the purpose of harnessing a unique power. But things get complicated when he meets a mysterious boy named Vincent and is put in a difficult predicament of having to choose between his future mission and the desires of his non-beating heart. When these two meet they recognize the mating bond that calls to them but both men have their own insecurities. Bastian's past comes crushing down on him. Mason is forced to re-evaluate his own beliefs. By Drew Paynein Fiction. It is Sunday morning. Liam sits alone in his room, at the top of the building, and hides himself away.

The world outside has suddenly become a dangerous place and he Gayauthors org stories stay away from it, and he must also remember that his name is now Leo. This story follows Liam through one fateful Sunday and, through flashbacks, tells the story of how he came to be there.

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By AC Benusin Fiction. By Ronyxin Fiction. Matt Stevens is a normal sixteen-year-old. He goes to school and makes good grades. Even though he is being raised in an extremely religious home, he manages to do well. Then, unexpectedly, his life takes an abrupt turn late one night when his best friend, Ricky, kisses him while wrestling on the bed. Matt starts to question his own sexuality, and he begins to realize he is gay. His life starts to spiral out of control, leading to many unexpected twists and turns. Are you enjoying a great story and want to get an alert or when Gayauthors org stories new chapter is posted?

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