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The lovely Pegasus Rider Sumia skipped about camp without a single care in the world. Today was a special day! She had a date with her boyfriend and she was looking forward to it very much. As Sumia made their way down to the ground, she closed her eyes, her head feeling fuzzier and fuzzier. A wave of disorientation came over her, scrambling her train of thought, before quickly dissipating. With a feeling of dizziness and a small amount of pain in her legs, Sumia rubbed her temple gently. Opening her eyes to gauge the damage, Sumia was rapidly met with a strange sight. Instead of being rounded and soft it was chiseled and hard, like that of a guy.

Even her arms and legs were different, no longer as smooth and hairless as they once were. It was as if Then, she saw the most haunting sight of all. Her own body was sitting down just a few feet in front of her. It looked exactly like her, down to the facial expression, as if she was staring at herself in the mirror.

This was the tipping point that sent Sumia over the edge. She stood up quickly in a fit of panic. Wh-why do you look like me!? Is that you? Hearing those words come from her body was an otherworldly experience. But that just left Sumia with more questions than answers. What Genital swap stories How did-? Why is-? Sumia looked down to inspect herself once more. That made sense. The dark robes, the ski-tight nylon, the surprisingly toned body… They all belonged to none other than the Plegian Dark Mage Henry. Henry made a thoughtful expression.

Let me go ask my wife, Tharja. She gave a sigh. That was too easy! This new hex worked like a charm. Tharja sat over her table inside her Genital swap stories candlelit tent, toiling over one of her many dark magical tomes. She concentrated on learning the spells intently.

As a practitioner of the hidden arts, it was the sort of thing she enjoyed. But before the Dark Mage could finish her reading, a loud noise boomed from outside. Tharja rolled her eyes at the comment. The two were barely acquaintances, let alone friends. There was no way the usually demure and shy Sumia would randomly grope her breasts. And that laugh… Why did it sound so familiar?! The stupid jokes, the cheery attitude and the feeling of trickery.

There were no two ways about it, this definitely had to be…. Tharja frowned, stomping towards this oddly behaving Sumia. A pertinent stench caught her nose, causing her to sniff the air around the Pegasus rider.

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Glad you think so! The world began spinning around her, her vision dimmed while she felt her consciousness ascend into the aether.

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Then, once her senses returned, she found herself in a different spot of her tent, staring at her body right in the face. She looked down at herself. No longer was she wearing her skin-tight dark robes, instead she was donning a set of pink girly Pegasus knight armor. She let out a sigh. She grasped her throat as she heard her voice. My back feels so light right now. Swiping her arm quickly, Tharja quickly swatted his hands away. Henry smiled mischievously. Would you like to help me out with that? Henry strutted towards Tharja in his sexy body.

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He stopped before her to place a kiss on her lips, one which Tharja gladly reciprocated. Saliva flowed freely from one mouth to others as their tongues danced together. As their tongues finally separated from each other, strands of saliva dripped down both of their faces. Without needing to say a word, they moved their business onto the bed, Tharja softly laying down atop of Henry.

She licked her lips, feeling her vagina already damp at the thought of having sex with her body. Though the idea had never crossed her mind before, she was really excited by it, that she could hear her own moans without her having to make them, that she could make her own body writhe in pleasure without her controlling it.

All this swap stuff was very good at making her feel hot and bothered. Yes, she was more than ready to do this. The sensation of female pleasure, a feeling many men could only ever dream of, was finally within his grasp. His womanhood quelched in excitement, his panties already overflowing with womanly juices. These were her clothes on her old body after all, so she knew exactly how to get them off.

She smiled at the glistening pussy before her. The powerful stench of unadulterated lust that filtered into her nose from it was truly intoxicating. It was so… so… Divine! Tharja gave a cute giggle. Henry blushed profusely. His brain was focusing entirely on the Genital swap stories coming from his female sex, yearning for more of that same delicious stimulation to come over him.

He wanted nothing more than pure pleasure right now. Happy to have successfully teased him, Tharja moved onto the next part of her plan. She breathed lightly on the organ, a wide smile on her face from seeing him writhe in pleasure at every single movement, every single touch.

Then, placing her head as close to his cunt as possible, she opened her mouth and began lick his snatch all over. She lashed her tongue up and down with severity, his brain setting ablaze from the overbearing levels of pleasure while his face contorted to form any of expressive faces from extreme joy to intense pleasure. And then came the sucking, oh god the sucking. They urged her to keep going, harder, faster, stronger than before.

Even her own vagina trembled in pleasure from a single wail. She wanted, no, she needed to hear more. Meanwhile, Henry was too busy gasping for air and writhing in pleasure to care for the sounds coming from his mouth. Henry felt his perception of time warp as seconds and minutes felt like hours upon hours.

Before long, his body was reaching its apex of pleasure, its tipping point of sexual stimulation. His vagina squelched in anticipation, his whole body shaking in preparation for the coming explosion of lustful orgasm. His orgasm was so intense even Tharja felt her cunt get rocked, her womanhood now leaking like a waterfall as her level of arousal grew higher than she thought would ever be possible.

As she removed her short dress, her arousal was clearly visible in the sopping wet panties she wore. They were completely soaked, with even more natural lubricant rolling down her legs. Tharja quickly removed these too, revealing her own naked womanhood to Henry. Only after she sat down in front of him did Henry snap out of his trance.

He looked at Tharja, who was now sitting down in front of him with her legs wide open, her hungering cunt ready to receive stimulation. She pushed herself towards him, her legs intertwining with his as their vaginas came ever closer. Until it finally happened, the two girls let out emphatic yelps as their throbbing organs met.

With their legs fully interlocked together, warmth and slickness perspired from one body to the other, sending shockwaves of pleasure through their bodies just from a mere touch. They shivered in conjunction, their levels of arousal and lust steadily growing along with a need to push themselves further. Moreover, this new body swapping concept was really turning her on. The curve of the entrance, the amount of lubrication, and which spots felt the most sensitive to touch, they were all different from one snatch to the other, which is what made it special.

To feel pleasure through the body of another person, to use their organs to experience sensations of bliss, it was a very exciting prospect for Tharja. On his end, Henry was doing his best to hold on against the tremendous sensations that were assaulting his mind at the moment.

He could feel her organ pulsating against his, her liquids dripping onto his body while his liquids dripped onto hers. The way her labia caressed against his own was like warm little fingers massaging the entrance to his tunnel. It was a magnificent feeling, Tharja fervently pushing her body against his own with ever increasing force only made it better. Every touch set his heart ablaze, every movement sent lightning bolts of pleasure through his body. All these sensations overwrote any other thought that went in his head, filling his mind up to the brim with nothing but Genital swap stories.

This small soft female body he carried right now, he absolutely loved it. As their pussy mashing continued on and Genital swap stories, the two lovers devolved into a mess of moaning and drooling, their minds Genital swap stories them to do nothing more but chase the coming gratification of sexual release. And, with their bodies shaking and their pussies pulsating, it was clear this release was about to come soon. The pleasure that had built up over what seemed like hours of rubbing was finally starting to reach its peak. Their vaginas trembled in anticipation, a tingling sensation shooting down their spines.

With one final pump of their hips, their organs meshed together, shivering delightfully as orgasm overcame them both. Tharja arched back, her eyes rolling into her head as she tried to not succumb to the overbearing sensations of climax. Henry meanwhile simply let it all happen, letting go of his inhibitions and basking in all of its glory. The orgasm rocked their bodies for what seemed like ages, though once the brunt of it calmed down, the two promptly passed out on the bed.

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Henry laid down on top of Tharja, their two naked bodies pressing close to each other. He rested his head in the middle of her chest, feeling her warmth as he heard her heartbeat, while Tharja gently caressed his hair. How long does the hex last? While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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