Giant growth stories

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I think about this reality with more than a little apprehension. Having growing boys means many things to a parent.

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Clothes fit for shorter durations, food disappears in larger quantities and more frequently, etc. My biggest concern with Kingsley is that his steady growth changes his appearance…drastically.

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He is he above his friends and practically everyone in his class. I experienced something similar as a. When I went through puberty, I grew into my body last out of all my friends.

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But when I did develop, boy did I develop! I looked much older than my age, and so did my body.

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I even had to have a breast reduction at an early age. My son is nowhere near that, but his physical frame is definitely growing at a faster rate than his age-appropriate maturity. I find myself constantly apologizing for him.

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At the same time, I tend to be hard on and assertive with him in public. I feel as if I had to be, and I know other parents of growing boys understand that. Raising growing boys is never easy. I fear things may only get more difficult from here.

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I want to hold on to his childhood and protect him with the fierceness of a mama bear for the rest of his day. Yet, I realize my biggest help to him will be to instill in him the understanding that he is beautiful just the way he is. I will continue to teach him respect and self-awareness.

He will always know that I love him no matter what his body looks like, or whatever choices he makes. About TV Press.

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De Blog Contact. The World from This Point Raising growing boys is never easy. More Posts Like This Protecting Kids from the Realities of Divorce. Single Mom Empowerment from a Kid's Perspective.

Giant growth stories

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Growing Boys – The Story of my Jolly Green Giant