Giantess teacher story

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Dec 08, 1 T Dec 08, 2 T Dec 08, 3 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. My teacher becomes my giantess. Fiction obviously.

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Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 3 posts. My name is John and I am 18 years old. I am a senior at Rapid City high school in South Dakota. I have been taking advanced English courses since I was a freshmen. Ford teaches all advanced English classes at my school. Her and I have always got along. We have great chemistry.

Some times it is playful touching and sly winking. Sometimes we just catch each other looking at each other. The point is there has always been a little bit of sexual tension between us. Anyways, I always find ways to talk to her after class or after school, wether it is help with essays or just to catch up as friends. I really do this to get a chance to look at Giantess teacher story feet. They are gorgeous. She often catches me watching her feet or looking at her tennis shoes and socks stuffed in them under her desk she often works out at the school gym since it was redone.

I suppose I should describe her. Very fit at the age of Pretty green eyes with glasses and a pretty big nose. She kinda looks like a witch sometimes but a very pretty witch. She always dresses casual. Joggers with a sweatshirt or a flannel with tight jeans.

Once again she is a very pretty lady.

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Today it is mid November and still pretty mild outside. It is the end of the school day. I just got done with band and I really wanted to see Ms. I walked into her room and she was helping another student so I just waited in the back of the room.

We made eye contact and she smiled and put her finger up to tell me to wait a sec. Ford walked to the door and closed it while also locking it. She often makes sure we visit in private.

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She was wearing her little converse look alike. I swear she had worn the shoes since my freshmen year. The looked just as old. Very worn and looked very smelly. Then I saw some Uggs under her desk with some fuzzy socks sticking out of them. She must have thought it was too cold to come to school in shoes this morning.

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I wonder what those Uggs smelled like. My socks were soaked wet through. I pulled a seat up to her desk Giantess teacher story she turned to me with her legs crossed. I started staring at her feet again. Do I intimidate you? We are both adults. Maybe she will respect it. Your feet just distract me sometimes. They are very pretty. I take really good care of these babies.

Her feet were petite and smooth. Red nail polish and no blemishes. She held them in front of me so I could get a good look. Would you mind rubbing them for a little bit? I get to finally not only see her feet up close but touch them. She set her feet on my lap. Right on my evergrowing dick actually. I picked up the right one and started rubbing it.

It was sweaty and warm I my hands. I went from her heel to each individual toe and repeated on her other foot. I placed her left foot back down on my lap and intentionally placed it on my dick again. She grinned a little and winked at me. You are an insanely cool teacher. Thats not negotiable. It had me buzzed in seconds. I mean even more than buzzed. More like drowsy. Like suuper drowsy. Ford smiled at me and put a bunch of pressure on my dick.

I moaned as I fell into her lap. End of part 1. I woke up with a major head ache. Actually my whole body ached. It was like one big hangover. My bison was blurry and I could barely make out anything. I looked up and saw the white board Giantess teacher story something was wrong. It was huge. Like insanely gigantic. Was I dreaming? I must be. Then I stood up and turned aground. I was looking straight into Ms. Fords cratch area of her jeans. But she was huge too. Her legs were on either side of me and I was standing in the center of the chair. Like the height of a iPhone X. Fords voice. I looked up to see her beautiful face.

Even gigantic she was irresistible.

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She was smiling at Giantess teacher story and reaching for me with her hand. She picked me up gently in the palm of her hand and brought me face to face with her. Such a small little boy now. I have so many things I want to do with you and Ford what happened to me? Are you gonna hurt me? I just put a little spell on you. I can reverse it whenever I want. The magic was in the whiskey. Now that your so small, that little bit of whisky is a lot for your body. But this spell is made for pleasure, and I cannot hurt you and you cannot hurt me.

It makes you quite unbreakable, you have my word. The only thing you will feel is immense pleasure. She said. She turned her hand and I slipped right off of it and fell to the ground. It was an insane rush as I fell.

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I had doubts about why she said but I also believe her. Ford reached down and put me on the chair her feet rested on. Lick up all the sweat and fuzz in between my toes. I ran face first into her soles. I just wanted to emerge myself in her aroma and filth.

I licked her heels and then her soles. Then I hugged her right foot and stuck my head in between her toes. I ate up all her toe jam and licked under her toenails. I smelled in between her toes and almost passed out from the vinigary smell. She moved me with her left foot to the edge of the chair and pushed me off.

I fell the the ground on my back and watched as she stood up. Ford put her foot just above me. She at her foot on me and put and immense amount of pressure down. It felt amazing. It felt like I was a baby swaddled up in a tight blanket. But it felt even more amazing on my dick. And the smell was just as good as before.

Giantess teacher story started to feel drowsy again and as she lifted her foot I smiled up at her as I drifted off in ecstasy. I woke up in a darker area. Above I saw a bunch of wood.

Giantess teacher story

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The Evil Demonic Giantess Teacher Short Story