Girl diaper punishment stories

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Posted 14 February - PM. I liked it, I liked the colors you mention, baby blue pink and purple, I like that you describe the feeling of the situation, it leaves a comforting space to read the story, blue onesie, talc, it's fun to see such creativity. Would enjoy reading more. Posted 15 February - AM. I love this!

Like I couldn't put my phone down to take a break. I would love to stories by you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have a couple more already written that I will eventually cross-post to here, and I hope to write some fresh ones in the future though usually, I can only write when I've been on holiday for a while, as writing things is too close to my day-job! Posted 01 March - PM. This was a very good cute story. I would have enjoyed it except for one thing. This is completely my personal preference, but I really don't like 2nd person perspective.

It makes even the best story hard to read. For me, 3rd person, past tense please. Other than that, it was really cute, though it sounds like this baby girl could use some extra cuddle time. Posted 12 March - AM. I enjoyed your story soooo much. I'd behave slightly differently, but your writing left plenty of room for me as the reader to imagine subtly different versions of the story.

I'm curious about the whole diaper thing so other people's experiences interest me. Posted 20 July - PM. Posted 23 August - AM. Posted 27 August - AM. Posted 21 March - PM. Posted 24 May - PM. Omg I almost cried from embarrassment just reading this story. This level of embarrassment would make me lose some trust in Daddy actually. The story is engaging and well written. I would like to read further.

Back to top 16 chateautal chateautal Daddy. Posted 02 June - AM. Yeah, absolutely! When I write stories like this, I'm really exploring fantasy "limit" plays. In the context of a real relationship, something this extreme would absolutely need to be discussed with the little in advance or at the very least, the general gist of it laid out - and certainly this is not something that should be sprung onto a partner totally out of the blue! One would also always have the vetoing power of a safe word.

For me, the story is as much about pride as it is "humiliation" - in that, although the little would feel very embarrassed by the scenario, it's also a semi-public display of how proud the Daddy is to have their little in the first place, and showing them Girl diaper punishment stories as such. Community Forum Software by IP.

Board 3. In Create. Please log in to reply. It's a scenario that's been bouncing around my mind for quite a while, and I thought it would be interesting to really think through how it might play out. I hope here is an appropriate venue to share it. If you enjoy reading it, please let me know! However, today has been so miserably cold and wet that you and I decided to stay indoors, playing board games together. Or perhaps your ability was in fact better — and you only let me catch you at inconsequential times, in order to lower my guard for the really egregious cheating was about to occur.

Automatically, you head over to the closet, to find some Girl diaper punishment stories your more socially acceptable clothing. I hush you with a finger to your lip. I walk to the nearby dresser, and open the top drawer.

Your face turns first white with shock, and then red with embarrassment as you see what I take out. It is a pale pink onesie, accompanied by a shock-fuchsia tutu. I may indeed call for discretion outside — but tonight we are at home. But the thought of dressing like that in front of people is overwhelming. This tutu is just right for a little girl like you! In fact, my friends will be more prepared for this evening than you are.

Little did you know that I had conspired with them when I first invited them: I had asked them to interact with you not as if you were an adult, but rather as if you were my little. Maybe my arguments about pride convince you. Perhaps you also realise that your choice will be either to wear what I say, or to wear nothing at all. In front of your friends! If necessary, it would transpire exactly as I said — but such punishment might colour the mood of the evening. With the outfit selected, it was time to get you dressed. I pop open the stoppers of your light-blue onesie and pull it up over your head.

I brush your ruffled hair out of your eyes, and kiss you on the forehead. Carefully, I slide down your now-revealed purple pull-ups. You step out of them, and I pick them up from the floor to throw into the rubbish. Girl diaper punishment stories you had thought since my friends were coming over, you would wait until you were out of diapers and take the opportunity to use the toilet then?

Laying you on the bed, I quickly clean you with a baby wipe. Quickly, I pull the front of your diaper up, and carefully affix its tapes onto the landing zone. The unicorns — which looked cute in the pack — look absolutely adorable as worn by my little girl!

With you wrapped to my satisfaction, I pat you lovingly on your diaper, and then pull you upright into a hug. I help you stand up, off the bed, and lift your arms into the air. I guide the onesie-tutu combination down over you, and roll it carefully over your torso before tugging it down to just cover your diaper.

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It takes a few moments to fiddle with the poppers to secure it at the crotch, and then after a quick adjustment to even out the tulle skirt. When my friends arrive, they are immediately delighted by how cute you look. Alice had kindly brought a colouring-in book with her as a present for you!

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Seeing that you are on the verge of non-verbality, I fetch your crayon set down from the shelf, and set you up with them in a corner on the floor of the living room. I help you pick which picture in the book to colour first a bear, making porridge! Since every movement risks a blush-inducing crinkle, you sit quietly, colouring in as you suck on your pacifier. After Girl diaper punishment stories my guests something peaty from the Isle of Islay, I fill a sippy cup with Ribena for you, which you take thirstily with a kiss on the cheek. This is not so much a reaction to the topic at hand — but rather the Ribena.

An extra burden added onto an already nearly-full bladder. Alice continues to talk about the rope show — but at this point your squirming has progressed to outright fidgeting, and the accompanying crinkles are bordering on distracting to us. The net effect is that you shuffle a bit on your knees, but eventually make your way to my chair, and kneel down beside me.

You turn crimson. The very thought of having to undress and squat over it in a room filled with other people is beyond terrifying. You flush at the very prospect. You begin to reply, but the look I give you is more than enough to close that line of inquiry. I was prepared for either eventuality, but this was to be the particular humiliation you had chosen.

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Matt restarts the adult conversation, by prompting Alice about the last thing she had said. After a couple of minutes, your fidgeting stops and we all know why. You know we all know why too, and a blush of shame warms your face nearly as much as your pee has warmed your diaper. The second mistake for the sake of your dignity was to assume that using your diaper was be the least embarrassing of the two choices presented. You see, the potty may have been mortifying while you were using it — but then at least that would have been the end of it.

So, the evening goes on. Your sippy cup of juice had also been topped up. The adult topic had turned to discussing quirky local places to go drinking, when I start to notice you fussing again in the corner. Once more, I excuse myself to my guests, and beckon you over. With no concern for your modesty, I reach my hand under your tutu, and pop open the crotch of the onesie. Losing this support, your diaper immediately sags down slightly between your legs. The next step is utterly redundant — but I relish the opportunity to perform it any anyway: I stick my hand down the front of the diaper to check its state.

Your skin is hot, and the diaper is every bit as wet as it looks. Alice and Matt have the good grace to converse among themselves as this is going on — but I can tell it is not easy to ignore. Maybe if we were in private, you might have got stroppy at this point. Thrown a tantrum, or denied it — if feeling particularly bratty. But you honestly have no idea how far I would go in front of guests, and are really not keen to find out. You say nothing, but neither do I. Eventually, you give up on your prayers for the Earth to swallow you whole, and decide to answer — the only way to break the deadlock.

As you make this admission, your face turns a never-before-seen shade of red, and tears are start to well up from the edge of your eyes. Daddy will sort you out. Embarrassed, you shuffle past Alice and Matt into the bedroom, your wet nappy now quite clearly on display under the tutu.

Meanwhile, I take a packet of baby wipes and a bottle of powder from the bathroom closet, and bring back them to the puzzle mat in the living room. Once again, I seem to have exceeded the limits of your imagination for humiliation. To be changed in such a public way — in front of our guests, no less! I lead you back to the mat, popping your pacifier back into your mouth. Ashamed, you Girl diaper punishment stories your face with the teddy bear once you are in position on the mat. I untape your Girl diaper punishment stories diaper.

Girl diaper punishment stories

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