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Need help finding a story about an immobile cat person in the future reminiscing about her days doing things like 'exploring the ship' and whatnot before falling in love with another immobile catperson she saw. Also this is a thread for people who just need storys found. Does anyone have an archive of the user wakkkwakkka from DA? In particular their Pizza Club series? Does anyone have the rest of this old Jessica Jones story? I have part 1 but the rest are missing. Besides my quest for Steven Universe stories featuring pearls, lapis lazulis and Peridot, I am also looking for any work by the DA writer CaptainPencil.

I'd appreciate help with either quest. Been trying to find it, but no luck. Does anyone recall this science fiction themed story? I don't recall the context well but its about men and women going off into cryogenic sleep onboard a spacecraft that has to take off.

I do not recall if they are part of the military or only colonizers. There is a haughty woman, voluptous, who flaunts herself and taunts a fatter woman. After they arrive at their destination, they come out of cryogenic sleep.

The haughty woman's sleep chamber malfunctioned, causing her to gain weight. I believe I read this story on DeviantArt. I would appreciate any sources for this story. I'm looking for a story about two girls that are dating. One reveals that she's into fat girls, and the other girl wants to break up. The first girl bets the other girl that if she lets her control her diet for 1 week or month, that she will never want to give up gaining.

The second girl agrees to this. The first girl spends the next few days easing her onto a fatty diet, starting her with smaller meals before breaking her in with huge ones. The girl gains a ton of weight over that first period but agrees to continue the experiment a little longer.

I don't remember the rest. Does this sound familiar to anyone? The feeder is initially into that initial gain and pound range. The feedee loses much of the weight she gained and is reunited with the feeder, after finding that the feeder has now been fattened up by a former feedee of the feeder's.

Everything I remember about the story is as follows. Everything I know about the story Male weight gain On deviantart Involves a genie granting 4 friends their sexual fantasies as a group wish. Gets put in pink onesie pajamas and fed deserts by disembodied hands. Ends up ssbhm levels and jerked off by the hands while his friends watch. Turns out 4th friend was the one controlling the hands. Then there was this story about AOC becoming corrupt and getting fat And then a Taylor Swift story about an alternate universe where she'd always been fat. Does anyone have hunger of the pink lanterns?

It involves DC superheroes and rings that encourage gluttony. I think the DA got nuked but the story i was looking for involved a girl giving a drug to a bully and the bully becomes a slob in prom night That's the story i want the most but if anybody recognizes the creator and has more please share.

Looking for a couple of Legend of Korra fics. Weight gain and some slob. Don't remember if this was on DA or elsewhere. Asking Iroh for help he explains that there's a pool that lets you see your or your partner's? In at least one vision they have a. Technically it's a branching story like writing. Don't remember if it was a substory of a larger narrative. Looking for story about himiko toga from my hero academiashe enters a house to kill a boy, but they become friends and the boy ends feeding Girl gets fattened up story until she becomes inmobileIt was on devianart but i dunno if was deleted.

I remember the name being something like "bloodstarved". Sorry for the broken english :p. Real shot in the dark here, but I'm looking for any stories from BloatMachine. His deviantart from that handle has long since vanished though he has a new one, which escapes me at the moment. I was able to save a few of his stories somewhere, specifically "The Cleaner", but he had posted a story shortly before closing his called "Raven's Claw" or something like that. Does anyone have it? This is going back like a decade, so I'm not holding my breath, but I've always kicked myself for not saving a copy of it.

I've been looking for more of his stories for years, I'm happy to trade what I have? I doubt this'll get anybut fuck it. There was this old DeviantArt user named "fattylovluv" who posted only a handful of WG stories before mysteriously deactivating.

One was about a robot along with a bunch of other scientists in hazmat suits I think becoming giant blobs due to some kind of radiation, and the others were part of one multi-parter that involved a girl being held hostage and in the process of becoming a spoiled, gluttonous slob by her captor who also ends up getting fat due to their plan backfiringwhose details are described as wearing a mask and having a black-and-white striped body.

Do these descriptions ring any bells? Does anyone somehow have any of these stories saved, by any chance? I have no idea if anyone will be able to help Girl gets fattened up story this, but I sure hope someone can. There were these stories on DeviantArt from several years ago about this girl named Candy, and she was basically treated like a god by her parents and everyone in their family basically lives to serve her. There was tons of super fucked up stuff that I loved.

Anyways, the guy that wrote those stories I can't for the life of me remember his username deleted his and all the stories were gone. Like a year ago I was able to salvage a couple chapters from archive. Basically, I'm hoping someone out there somehow has downloaded those stories and can share them here, because as far as I know, they don't exist anywhere else on the internet. Once again, I really don't expect anyone to be able to help with this, but I might as well try.

I don't know if their stuff is archived anywhere, though. I'm looking for a story that was on DA where it was a woman's birthday party, and it keep repeating, with her getting progressively fatter. I would really love the Jordana silver stories by jrs I saw that multiple people have requested it already but to no avail. Does anyone have them? They are among my favourites but I couldn't save them before he closed his . I remember a fairly recent story, on fantasy feeder I believe, about a woman who becomes obsessed with a husband and wife cooking show.

The husband is the cook and the wife is the taste tester. Each chapter is a year and it ends with the wife immobile. Can't seem to find it. So there was this dude who did story requests on this Girl gets fattened up story named 'blobs4thepeople', but they mysteriously deactivated their as soon as they ed.

Luckily, I archived both of their stories. There were 10 chapters to it, I think. It was by a user called "WildBigGirl" but they deleted their a year ago. Has anyone saved novafatshack's stories? I've been looking for them ever since thet deleted their. I'm looking for a story about ryuko matoi from kill la kill. She is getting fattened up immensely by mako's mother. I remember the title being something like 'hanging by a thread' but I can't seem to find it.

I hope someone has it! One of the younger small ones in this she starts out rather fat and I remember it starting on a ship. She then meets the main character and gets fed to immobile sizes. Hope someone cAn help. There's a WG story related to this image. It was called A Higurashi Christmas or something like that. It was made by a user called moebr0.

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Unfortunately, I can't find this story. Looking for a Coraline story where she's an adult, there's another Bedlam, and that Bedlam is fattening kids up. Specifically remembering that there's a scene in it where the Bedlam has a taffy tongue. Or if there is any way to contact them?

The link expired. They just deactivated their DeviantArt as quickly as they ed with no explanation. I'm looking for a recent story Maybe a couple months ago at most. It was the first chapter of a multi part Persona 5 story.

In the prologue Futaba hacked Joker's internet search history and discovered he likes big girls. Unfortunately she sent out her findings to all the other girls. From there on, they all sounded like they were going to gain weight to appeal to him. Anyone know what this is? Once upon a time there was a story on deviantart in 3 parts about some girls getting kidnapped by aliens and fattened literally into balls, that could explode from any careless movement.

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Then this girls was taken to the arena, where aliens either sucked them dry or explode them. Is there possibility someone remembers where i can access them? I remember a Persona 5 story on Deviantart where an obese Joker was being fed chocolates from a harem of also obese P5 girls on Valentines.

It ended with Lavenza coming in and all of them having a fuckfest. There was a pastebin story on the old board about an artist girl who lived with her mom might have been a vivian james story? This is a long shot, but yeeeeears ago Sickstar used to host a website with some weight gain and expansion stories he and some guests wrote.

One of the stories was Miracle Cure written by "anonymous benefactor". Story was from the perspective of a girl with anorexia, who gets sent to a clinic by her mother. There, she strapped into a chair and force fed until she gains a massive amount of weight. Decent imagery of her out growing the chair and slowly getting weighed down by her expanding bulk. Story ends with her "cured" and her dumbfounded mother is led into the back for treatment as well. Another one from an old deactivated deviantart about Zatanna fattening up cat woman by taking her all over the city and at one point brainwashing super girl into helping them fatten her up.

Both parts are in here. Here's a story made by a dude named Gurgle-Glorp on DeviantArt.

Girl gets fattened up story

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