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The old bus spluttered to a halt on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Amblemere and we were the only two passengers that descended into the drizzly rain. I was carrying the heavier of the two rucksacks which contained the sodden tent.

Lisa flicked her long blonde hair out of her eyes and scowled. She hoisted her backpack onto her back and marched off towards the centre of the village muttering darkly. I rushed to catch up and tried to placate her. Lisa froze and then turned on her heel to confront me. I tried to put a consoling arm around her but she pushed me away and continued towards the village centre. I shook my head slowly and hurried after her. It was true that this week of walking in the countryside had been my idea, but I could hardly be held responsible for the weather. Although, in retrospect, I perhaps should have not trusted the old tent to still be waterproof.

And maybe it was a bit optimistic to expect my city dwelling girlfriend to suddenly take to the joys of outdoor living. Lisa was more at home sipping cocktails by the pool of Girlfriend haircut story luxury hotel with easy access to a nightclub — and a hairdryer.

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I reflected on how the row had started the day. She was struggling to light the small camping stove in order to boil some water while I ograppled with erecting the tent in the wet and windy field. Suddenly, the gas flared and the flame briefly caught the end of her long blonde hair causing it to singe slightly on one side. It led to a huge row with Lisa declaring that she was not spending any more time with a loser like me and storming off. I had to promise that we would find a hotel the next day in order to calm her down so here we were, in Amblemere beneath a brooding sky and still hardly on speaking terms.

We trudged through the puddles into the centre of the village passing an array of shops in which bored tourists had taken refuge from the weather. Eventually, we arrived at the village pub which promised food, drink and, hopefully, rooms. I prayed that they were not full as I asked if we could book a room for the night. The landlady replied that we were lucky because they had just had a cancellation for one double room due to the weather.

I glanced nervously at Lisa hoping that she would not Girlfriend haircut story that we slept separately. However, she gave a small nod of assent and the room was eagerly accepted. We dropped our backpacks in the room and changed into dry clothes. Lisa plaited her hair into two pigtails and we headed for the bar.

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She was still far from happy but I felt that there was a slight thawing of the ice wall that had been erected between us. Over lunch, a few initial pleasantries were exchanged and I began to comment on our fellow drinkers. After a few drinks, Lisa finally cracked at one of my inane jokes and the Cold War was over. Well almost. You look like a tramp. Lisa preferred a shorter, well-groomed look, while I was happy to let nature take its course.

However, being anxious to avoid another argument, I conceded. You can go there now and get it cut properly. The conversation was over and I went to the bar to consider my options. She returned disappointed having been told that the only place in the village was closed for holidays. Reluctantly, I did as I was told and headed out into the misty rain back towards the bus stop. I soon saw what I was looking for and my heart sank. The in the door confirmed that it was open, so my first hope of redemption quickly faded.

I entered hesitantly and heard a bell ring somewhere in a back room. I looked around the empty shop. The walls were wood-paneled and stained with a faded brown varnish. In a word, they were short. On one side of the room was a long wooden bench on which were scattered some well thumbed magazines and newspapers. The black and white chequered floor was well worn linoleum. It still had the remnants of recent haircuts scattered over it, especially around the single porcelain and Chris ome barber chair that occupied most of the centre of the room.

The chair was positioned in front of a large cracked sink that supported dripping brass taps and a rubber hose. The chair faced a wall mirror that was surrounded by wooden shelves on which were arrayed various oily looking potions and creams in large glass bottles. A jug of shaving soap sat alongside the sink next to a clutter of shaving brushes, razors, combs, scissors and hairbrushes. Hanging prominently next to the mirror were two brown bakelite electric clippers, one large and one small, with frayed cables leading to the wall socket.

I shuddered. I had not been in such a place since I was a small boy and taken for haircuts by my Mother. I almost turned to leave and was thinking of returning to Lisa with the story that it was half day closing, but I was too late. From the back door came a middle-aged man dressed in an immaculate white shirt and tie over which he wore a brown barber jacket.

He sported a finely trimmed and waxed moustache and very short hair that had been sharply oiled and parted surgically to one side. You do need a haircut and you have come to the right place. Now take a seat and I will attend to you straight away. He looked at me suspiciously and then said. The only problem is that today is my day to play golf. When I got back to the pub, the effects of the alcohol had considerably mellowed Lisa and she was genuinely happy when I told her that I had arranged for her Girlfriend haircut story to be trimmed. I tried to explain that the place was a bit primitive and that it might be better to be wait.

Lisa was having none of it and waved my objections away before indicating that she wanted another drink. Lisa finished her drink and stood up, a little unsteadily. We left the bar and headed slowly back towards the barber shop. Lisa took my arm and leaned heavily on me keeping up a constant giggling banter, mostly at my expense.

We eventually reached the shop and I pushed Girlfriend haircut story door open causing the bell to ring again. This time however the shop was not empty. An old man was standing by the barber chair cutting the hair of a small boy. He acknowledged us with a nod and indicated that we should take a seat on the bench where another boy sat with his Mother. She looked askance as Lisa hiccuped and giggled. The boy was uncaped and hair tumbled to the floor. He rubbed the back of his head and seemed surprised at how high he needed to go to find any stubbly hair. The Girlfriend haircut story was quickly caped an the barber began combing clumps if hair sideways and upwards before chopping them off with his scissors.

His hair fell rapidly to the cape. Lisa sat mesmerized watching the carnage and searched in her bag for her phone so I that she could take a photo. We looked around frantically for the missing phone and decided that she must have left it in the bar.

He picked up the large set of clippers and popped them on with a click. I told the panicking Lisa that I would go back to the bar to look for her phone and set off at a jog. I found the phone quickly and headed back to the barber shop at a slow walking pace.

As I entered my nostrils were again assaulted by the smells of shaving my soap, hair cream and tobacco smoke. The noise of the clippers filled the room. I searched the waiting bench but there was no-one there. The old barber smiled at me and continued to buzz away at the inclined head of the person in the chair. I sat down on the bench and immediately saw a long plaited blonde pigtail on the floor. I stared at it hard and then at the mirror. The person in the chair was Lisa and the barber was rapidly stripping the hair off the back and sides of her head.

On the floor on the other side of the chair was the second braid and clumps of blonde hair were raining down onto the cape. I stared again at the mirror and realised, to my horror, that Lisa had fallen asleep. Just at that moment the door to the shop opened and the first barber appeared. Lisa looked in horror at her reflection in the mirror and her hands moved up to confirm what her eyes had seen. The old barber started back and looked surprised at the commotion around him. The old man still looked confused but the mistake was obvious.

Lisa had sat in the chair first because I had left to find her phone. I tried to explain that it was an honest mistake, but she began to sob. I turned to the younger of the two barbers for help. Lisa sobbed more.

I put my hand Girlfriend haircut story her shoulder and she suddenly stopped. You set me up with this butcher. He tidied up the sides with clippers, removed the cape and stepped back as if admiring a masterpiece. Lisa rose and moved towards the mirror to make a few adjustments with her hand.

Wrong move. Just how much of a cretin are you? The barber shuffled nervously and held out the cape beckoning me to the waiting chair.

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I looked at Lisa and she pointed angrily to the chair. I shuffled across and sat down to be caped. Do not spare the clippers. The barber set about his work with relish and soon my hair was dispatched to the floor leaving a layer of stubble on my head. The was soon reduced to bare skin on the back and sides as the razor was dragged across the stubble. I exchanged glances with the barber who removed the cape and allowed me to rise. I felt my head which was strangely light. You must be logged in to post a comment. I will go and fetch my girlfriend and come back in thirty minutes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Girlfriend haircut story

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