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Jayden and Lindsay are in a domestic discipline relationship. This story between them two will consist of mul This story between them two will consist of multiple spanking scenes. Note that some pa Jayden went downstairs but Lindsay was not there. The kitchen light was on and there was a sandwich sitting on the table. Where did she go Jayden was confused but also found it hilarious.

He sat down and took a huge bite. He hasn't eaten anything since five, and it was already eleven. He was starving. I'm still hungry Jayden looked at her, trying hard to hold back his laugh. Want me to make you another one?

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Just made a sandwich, which you ate without my permission I think you have a lot to learn tonight. Let me make you a big one cuz you'll get hungry again soon. Lindsay knew exactly what he meant by that, so she went behind him and gave him a big hug. I'm so tired You don't think you deserve it? Or do you feel embarrassed about the fact that Kris might hear your scream? I don't need to work tomorrow and my parents will be back around 1. I'll deal with you once they pick Kris up. She kissed him all over and started devouring the sandwich.

Jayden and Lindsay watched them drive away and went back to their place. Why are you standing so far from me? Well you're about to punish me, of course I want to stay away from you. Lindsay thought to herself but slowly walked towards him. I hate the talk. She ed. Jayden ed and shook his head, "What should I do with you? Lindsay quietly followed after him. He grabbed a Girlfriend spanking stories and placed it in the center of the room.

I'll be right back.

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Not long after, he came back with two switches that he just cut from the backyard. Lindsay's face went pale and jumped on the table with both hands covering her front. What are you standing there for? No warmup and I want you to count every stroke.

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Loud and clear. I can't take it Is that what you want? She positioned herself with her legs parallel to the legs of the chair. He picked up one of the switches on the floor and placed it across both of her cheeks. She grabbed on the chair even tighter as he gave her another five strokes right at the center of her bottom. The switch is just long enough to cover both cheeks. Seven more strokes, her legs started shaking slightly and her eyes were slowly filled with tears.

OUCH can we take a break? He set the switch aside and caressed her, petting her hair and caressing her bottom. He gently brushed her hair away from her face and wiped the tears off her face. She was sobbing as he gave her another eight stokes.

He gave her two strokes at the same spot. She got out of her position completely and started jumping around with both her hands grabbing on to her bottom. Do you need me to tie you up? It hurts too much! He hugged her tightly while caressing her crimson bottom for a moment. She nodded obediently and placed herself back to the same position she was in. I think". If you get out of your position or miscount during the nine strokes, we're going to restart, and I'll tie your ankles to the chair legs. Did I make myself clear? Wait wait! Can you go lighter please?

He didn't respond, instead, he gave her a hard stroke across her thighs. He finished the last five quick and hard, leaving her crying and clenching uncontrollably. She was still laying over the chair limply even though her punishment was over. Her tears and runny nose soaked the floor. Shhh you're good. She turned to him and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. Let's put some cream on for you.

Jayden and his girl spanking By mariacxjl Throw back to the first time. Report Card. Being rude to her dad. Cheating and lying 1. Cheating and lying 2. Cheating and lying 3. Double lessons 1. Double lessons 2. Sneaking out 1. Sneaking out 2. Throwing tantrum. Sushi led to a sore bottom. You are reading Jayden and his girl spanking stories one shots Fantasy Jayden and Lindsay are in a domestic discipline relationship. I love you! SLAP "Spread your legs.

I don't remember I think" "We're on 26, but we can make it 24 if you want. SWISH "27 sir! Continue Reading. Revenge, Hate, and Desire, all of them are a Girlfriend spanking stories combinations. But this is what is running Sweet Addiction By J. Wedding hookups never amount to anything. Those who partake in this wicked little Girlfriend spanking stories know the rules. Get in. Get lai I'm sure your fandom of desperate girls wo Start Reading with Browser.

Girlfriend spanking stories

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