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I few days back i was licking my bf's ass and he ripped a fart right on my tongue. I pretended to be angry and disgusted but i was so turned on. I hope he does it again.

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I have a fart fetish and it is almost and obsession. I can not get enough. A few of my friends that are girls have farted around me Girls farting stories I nearly came in my pants when it happened however I could not tell them out of embarassment As a teen girl 14this has to be the most embarrassing fart story ever. This happened during school. This day was hot, so the air conditioner was on.

I still don't know what exactly, but throughout the whole day, i had the worst stomach pain from holding in gas. I also knew that it was going to smell really bad from the searing pain. During the last period, i was the only one sitting in the back row, directly under the air-con. Towards the end of class, the pain became too much and i lent over to my left and let the fart out. Luckily for me, it was silent.

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However, the smell was so bad it nearly made my eyes water, and made me gag. What i didn't realise is that the air-con was sucking my fart up and spreading it around the whole class. After around 2 minutes, I had managed to clear out the class and we had a early finish for that day :D.

One of the hottest things I have ever done is ask a prostitute to fart directly into my mouth. It got me Girls farting stories incredibly hard that all I needed to do to cum was jerk my cock a few times. I asked her if it was ok to blow my load on her asshole and she agreed. The whole situation was obscene.

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Confession Stories Confessions Current: fart. Views Recent Upvoted Comments. Report Please to report. I would fart on anyone face. Then find me here my Nick Grace - verrywet. Fetish Fart rimming fart fetish. Hell you tongue fuck his butt again. Fetish Fart fetish eproctophilia. I like sex.

After around 2 minutes, I had managed to clear out the class and we had a early finish for that day :D Embarrassment farts deadly. Fetish Prostitute fart wank. 1 You're on 2 3 4 5 .

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9. The Gassy Girl by Paul B.