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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. By rachelkirwanMarch 28, in Omorashi general. So I have a few of these but am currently travelling and wanted to know if anyone had any stories to share! Well, besides the first time me buying a pack of Goodnites, I was a nervouse reck.

But after buying my second pack later down in life I realized "They don't know it's for me, they just know that it's another person they have to ring out". I quickly calm down and go about my business. When I was little I really wanted goodnites but my mom kept me in baby diapers and pull ups mostly pullups thank god were talking like So anyhow I went to Safeways and picked them up after making like three or four circuits of the isle they must have thought I was a shop lifterand well grabbed them and nothing else and hurried to the 10 items or Goodnites stories embarrassing cash.

There was on person ahead of me and I held the pack in my hands off the belt thing until they were done and then plopped them on. The cashier was like a middle aged well probably like 35 but I was young lady and well I gave them to her, and gave her cash and I was shaking and my heart was racing, I was like totally atuned and buzzing. So yeah she takes them, Goodnites stories embarrassing them in a bag and hands me the receipt.

Now silly me I didn't have big enough back pack or anything other than my little purse I don't know what I was thinking it was an after school panic thing and there wasn't enough room in my book bag for books and goodnites, so yeah I picked up the bag and was about to leave but you know how thin those bags are right? You can see the diapers through them and the Safeway was about 3 blocks from my house on the way home from the train. So I had already stepped away from the cash and I realized I needed a second bag. So I ran back to the cash and shyly asked if the lady had another bag.

She was just starting to serve another customer but turned over to me and said, and like I said I was so in the zone I remember every bit of this: "Well we don't usually give out extra bags, whats it for" as if she didn't know, I held open the bag a little and was blushing like mad. She say something along the lines of Ah It was an amazing, paranoid rush and I think while I didn't realize it at the time, but I must have had some feelings or arousal along with the feelings of emberassment and shame and horror etc.

After that my mom found my goodnites and after an awckward conversation started bying me those instead. I travel a lot for a couple of years and sometimes it can be tricky to get diapers. The worst is when you go to a pharmacist and that you have to ask for diapers when there are so many people in the pharmacy. I'm blushing than and after when I bought my stuff I'm almost running out of the store.

One time I fell and of course the pack of diaper fell out the bag on the floor and everyone was watching I've never worn a diaper before and I probably never will unless I sleep in bed Goodnites stories embarrassing a woman that has a diaper fetish - and I do it to make her happybut I had a very similar fear to LedinWind when I first went to a shop to buy panties.

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I loved that story and also Jane 's story. Out of interest, what is the advantage either from a pratical point of view - or from a kinky point of view of goodnites over other diapers? They all seem to do pretty much the same thing to my untrained eye. No there is no difference really to goodnites and diapers or pull ups in many ways well the do up diapers yes but pullups not really buit to a young girl wearing diapers is horrible when they could be goodnites I went to a new store to buy my diapers once and a hot girl worked behind the counter.

I pretended the diapers were for my uncle. Well the diapers were so cheap that I bought a case. When I finally tried them out, I realized they were horrible quality and had to be returned. I went back a couple of days after and the same girl was there. I just gave in and said that they didn't stay on me because the tapes weren't very good and I leaked when wearing them.

She had a surprised look on here face with a bit of a smile. I think she knew they were for meall along. It definitely freaked me out and turned me Goodnites stories embarrassing at the same time. So I had to wear pull-ups when I was like 3 and it went to when I was 12 or 13 and I am 17 now. And then I stopped but then time when I was getting over it I was not sure if it was gone so I went over to my sis's house to help her out moving things around.

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Any way I found some pull-ups, but they were girly pull-ups princess ones Goodnites stories embarrassing I wanted them but I did not. Then she tried too give them back to me I told her I did not want them any more so I walked away sad. And can not tell you how embarrassing it was, but I did not walk away empty handed I had some pull-ups still left.

Also when I went on trips to different places in hotel and places I had to wear pull-ups but my mom ran out. And that was pretty embarrassing, and that is all I can remember for now if I remember anything else I well tell you if you want. I've not had any really embarrassing experiences. But then some people might have gotten embarrassedd when aclerk asked me whether I had spina bifida like his nephew.

Same neural pathway. But a much milder condition. Much the same thing happened when a clerk told me some of his friends and he held an experimental gathering party really to pour measured amounts of water into various adult diaper brands to see which could hold the most.

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Her insecurity and nervousness was obvious; she was in the age range for needing adult diapers, so--I assume--she feared people at the store might think they were hers. That's just an amusing 'awkward diaper moment' that I witnessed happen to someone else. By the way lady, did you not realize that, if they WERE your diapers, you wouldn't be giving them to a thrift store? That you'd be, you know, wearing them?

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So of course they aren't yours! Anyway, I tell you this story mainly because I have no awkward diaper moments myself. Every store clerk I've ever slid a package passed has not looked, snickered, flinched, or emitted the slightest of even noticing or caring the faintest, remotest bit.

I assume they just like to get their job over with; they probably see someone buy adult diapers several times a day. Unless the stores I've ever bought diapers at are unique or at least not the universal casethere is absolutely no reason to be nervous about buying diapers, at all. Take thrill in the fact that our fetish is still extremely underground and unknown. You can post now and register later.

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Posted March 28, Link to post. LedinWind Posted March 29, Posted March 29, Dart Upvote Loading Posted March 31, Jane 3 Posted March 31, That was one of my most embarrassing moments in my life!

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Big Birdwatching Bob 22 Posted March 31, Posted March 31, edited. Posted April 1, DLRob 0 Posted April 26, Posted April 26, Posted May 13, TurntechGodh3ad 0 Posted May 13, Stanley79 Posted June 22, Posted June 22, All, I've not had any really embarrassing experiences.

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Goodnites stories embarrassing

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