Granny cuckold stories

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This is my second story which is also true. This took place about six years ago. The lady involved was sixty-five years old and I was fifty years old. She showed a picture of her tits and of her pubic area. She had bigs boobs and was quite hairy. The fact that I was going to be watched made me get excited! I ended up contacting her by text and later by phone and we set up a meeting. Finally, the day came to meet her and possibly get some action.

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She told me that her husband would definitely be watching but would not in. She also told me when I came to their house, to meet them at the little camp trailer parked beside their house. She said she did all of her playing in the trailer. I thought this was kind of odd but yet at the same time excited me a bit. I arrived at their house and stood over by the trailer and then gave them a text and told them I had arrived. A short time later, they came around the corner and walked toward me. She was an average looking BBW.

She had on a low cut shirt on that showed her cleavage and had slacks on with a pair of high heels. Not a bad looking lady at all. We all three stepped inside the little trailer. Me and the Mrs sat on the bed next to each other. Her husband stood up next to the counter. After a bit of chatting, she reached over and gave me a kiss Granny cuckold stories handed me a thing of lubricant and told me I might need it because of her tight pussy.

My dick was very hard! We both stood up and started to get undressed. I no time flat, I was naked. She took off her shirt and Granny cuckold stories her bra and let it fall to the floor. She had like 44DD breasts. Then she unzipped her pants and pulled them down over her high heels.

She then revealed her pubic region by doing the same. She had a very nice pussy! She left her black high heels on. We lay back on the bed and I immediately spread her legs open and started to eat her pussy. She slightly put her legs up in the air and started moaning. Her husband just stood there and watched and was rubbing his crotch. She tasted so good.

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I probably ate her out for a good five minutes. I then lay back on my back and she put her hand on my cock and then leaned over and put it in her mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down vigorously. I had to stop her because I was almost ready to cum. She then lay back on her back and spread her legs. I grabbed the lube and put a little bit on her vagina and on my hard throbbing cock. I then mounted her.

Her pussy was very tight at the entrance but after I was in about two inches, it started to relax and accept my strokes. I started pumping her very hard and the trailer was really rocking!! We both made all kinds of noise with our grunts.

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At one point, I looked over at her husband and he had his cock out and was masturbating. I gave her another few humps and then exploded inside her! We both let out a huge sigh. He then left the trailer. A short time later, I started to get another erection. We ended up in the doggy position. I entered her and started to pump her hard.

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I looked over my back and her husband was peeping through the window. He was really enjoying us go at it. I then again dumped another load into her. We both were exhausted and decided to call it a day! I continued to be with her for another two or three meetings. One time after a night of drinking, I went over to their house and knocked on the door. He answered. I asked if I could take his wife out to the trailer for a quickie.

He said that would be ok. She then came out and we went and did the nasty. for Free! Score 4. Published 3 years ago. Cuckold true cuckold mature voyeur.

Granny cuckold stories

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