Hairbrush spanking stories

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Frustratingly stuck one afternoon in the company of his female cousins, sisters and with the oldest one in charge, fourteen-year-old Danny lets loose with a tirade of gender honed vulgarity. Upon the return of his mum and aunts, young Daniel ends up standing naked in front of nine women and girls about to experience a […].

This story is frightfully close to the real-life household of Sean and Miss J. Sean will no doubt be giving thanks that this is a work of fiction — for the time being. Discover how Miss J. Caught red handed creating works of lewd art, two boys are soundly spanked by one strict mother while an older sister watches with delight.

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No one escapes the public nudity enforced from the waist down that extends well beyond corner time. Knowing what this young man sorely needs, she sets out to teach him a lesson that he would not soon forget.

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Unfortunately for Michael, his bare bottom is now at future risk. I want you to grab the wooden hairbrush off of my nightstand and you had better be quick […].

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Caught by a female campus police officer, the bottom of this self-spanking male college student catches much more than he had planned. If you want to test my seriousness, then you should come back up here at this evening when I get off.

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Sean did not foresee the consequences of being caught when he feigned sickness while his sweet and supportive wife cared for him: she completed his farm chores, made dinner for all including a houseguest and cleaned up afterwards. With alcohol-fueled confidence, he bragged privately to his friend John about this domestic coup made possible by […]. Amidst the agony, she discovers and unexpected ecstasy.

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Leanne as she shares her journey.

Hairbrush spanking stories

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Hairbrush Stories