Harry potter hermione sex stories

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They, in turn, forces with Hermione to make certain that his "Molly Summer" is far more enjoyable and productive than it might have otherwise been. Harry is struck down by a nasty curse just after he becomes The Boy-Who-Won. It's a curse that requires some non-traditional treatment, tenderly administered by a trio of young witches willing to share in more than just his physical therapy. A fluffy smutty travelogue story set in South India. Harry and Hermione are forced to have sex in order to save Ron's life.

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A very raunchy and very long bit of cracky fluff that earns its "Adult-Only" rating. Hermione Granger decides to test the effectiveness of the defenses on Privet Drive by attempting an overnight visit.

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Harry and Hermione are forced to face some naked truths when they are asked to pose for a magical portrait. After a rough Remedial Potions lesson, Hermione decides that what she really needs most is a place where Harry and she can relax and act like a couple of normal teenagers. The Room of Requirement exceeds their expectations. Harry learns a lot about Hermione when he's asked to make a selection from her collection of videotapes and DVDs.

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Harry and Hermione get more than they initially bargained for when they employ flirtation as grief therapy in the Summer after Sixth Year. Harry needs to do some soaking to figure out the Second Task's clue, but the Map always shows it busy, with couples forming overlapping dots.

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Dobby helps out, and Harry and Hermione end up doing some overlapping of their own. So of course she's Leia Harry's true feelings for Hermione are revealed when he tries to replace the pair of knickers that he accidentally-on purpose vanished. Hermione then returns the favor. Fluffy one shot with a disturbing reference to Petunia Dursley's laundry.

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The samurai wrote poems as part of their training. Harry, Ron and Hermione train with a samurai. While Ron works on his bawdy limericks, Harry takes a risk by penning something a bit more angsty. Status: In progress on 28th Jan Also available as: Epub pdf mobi lit txt. A Boon for Bill.

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Status: In progress on 4th Apr Also available as: Epub lit mobi pdf txt. Alternative Medicine.

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Status: Completed on 22nd Apr The Sweat of a Gladiator. Testing Defenses. Status: Completed on 8th Feb Portrait of a Wizard as a Young Man. Status: Completed on 25th Feb Reviews: Gamp's Finest Blend of Pretend. Status: Completed on 24th Feb Movie Night at the Granger's. Reviews: 4. Turning Words Into Action. Reviews: 3. Overlapping Dots. Some Industrial Light and Magic. Reviews: 1. Vanished Barriers. Potter the Poet.

Harry potter hermione sex stories

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