High school spanking stories

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I am not sure why it is that school girls are always getting spanked. They do seem to be the common fodder of spanking fantasy. Those poor school girls must have a hard time sitting down. They get spanked when they're bad, they get spanked when they're good. They get spanked at every opportunity. Here is yet another school girl spanking story. This is an old story that I originally wrote inonly a year or so after I met my wife. Perhaps inspired by this story she went to the thrift store and bought a short plaid skirt, a white blouse and a tie. The result was a spanking much like the one Daphne got in this story.

I have made a few minor edits, but otherwise the story is the same as it was when I wrote it. It is interesting to note that my spankings have gotten harder over the years. If I had written this story now the naughty school girl in this story would probably have gotten twenty strokes with the cane, instead of the traditional twelve. Daphne was sitting on a black leather sofa. The leather of the couch made a peeling sound against her bare thighs as she shifted and brushed her blond bangs out of her eyes. She was wearing a dark green and black plaid jumper with a short pleated skirt, a white long sleeved blouse and a black necktie.

Her long legs were demurely crossed over a pair of saddle shoes and white calf high socks. Except for the shortness of her skirt and the fullness of her breasts beneath the blouse, she presented the classic picture of a school girl as watched Ms. Moore tidy up her desk as she got ready to leave for the day.

Daphne had been watching Ms. Moore silently for the High school spanking stories fifteen minutes as she went through her end of the day routine. Despite her nervousness, Daphne was starting to get bored. Moore know why she was waiting? Moore opened the bottom desk drawer and removed her purse. She reached over to the intercom on the desk and pressed a button. A male voice answered from the intercom "Could you send Daphne in now please. And have a good evening. Daphne's heart started beating faster.

She got up from the sofa and walked toward the door behind the desk. Facing the door when Daphne entered was a man in a gray suit, sitting behind a desk of dark polished wood. He was tall and broad shouldered, with blond hair. Daphne shut the door and approached the desk.

The dark wood was bare except for a file, which he was reading. To her left was another black leather sofa. Daphne stood before the desk with her hands clasped in front of her and waited for the man to look up from the file. After what seemed like an eternity he said "Daphne, we both know that this is not the first time you have been in this office". Stone, tells me of some particularly irresponsible behavior. Daphne cleared her throat, which seemed High school spanking stories have suddenly gone dry and answered a little louder this time, "Yes, Sir".

Sol paused for a moment, starring at the file, as if thinking. Daphne shifted nervously from one foot to the other.

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Finally he said "We expect much better behavior from our young ladies, especially in the senior form. On the last two occasions you have gotten off with no more than a stern lecture. I am afraid that this time will be different. Normally I would suspend you for a week, but I know that if I did that, you would have a difficult time with your exams and it is close to graduation. So, I will give you a choice, a week suspension or a spanking, although we usually don't spank girls who are past their second year.

Sol stood up and took a fifteen inch oak ruler out of the top drawer of the desk and walked over to the black leather couch. Sol sat down on the couch and ordered Daphne to lie across his lap. She did as she was told, her body forming a vee with her bottom at its apex. Sol put the ruler down on the couch within easy reach and raised the skirt of Daphne's jumper. A pair of low cut white cotton bikini panties covered the round swell of her bottom.

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He brought his open palm down smartly, first on her right cheek, then on the left. The thin cotton panties provided little protection and each slap evoked a small cry from Daphne. She was on the edge of tears before the spanking started and now she started to cry. Sol continued to spank her, the only sound in the room being Daphne's crying and the slap of his hand on her bottom, only slightly muffled by her panties. After giving Daphne twenty slaps on each cheek, Sol stopped. She felt his hand slide beneath the waistband of her panties and she shifted her weight on his lap so he could pull them down to the middle of her thighs.

Her bared cheeks were blushed pink. She felt the cool caress of smooth wood as the ruler moved over the bare skin of her buttocks and thighs.

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The caress disappeared for a moment and the ruler landed hard on her right cheek, startling her with its sharp sting and loud smack. Sol held her firmly across his lap as he spanked her with the ruler, alternating cheeks. Daphne started crying again, responding with a High school spanking stories "ow" each time the ruler came down on a bare cheek. Daphne squirmed as she was spanked, moving her thighs apart, revealing honey blond hair and the lips of her vulva.

Each stroke of the ruler stung and left a red mark in its wake. The spanking seemed to go on forever. Finally when she had received thirty strokes on each cheek, it was over. Sol told Daphne to stand up and take off her jumper and her blouse. Still crying, Daphne mutely complied. As she undressed, Sol crossed the room to a closet. From the top shelf he took down a polished rattan cane, about two and High school spanking stories half feet long.

When he returned to Daphne's side she was wearing only a white lace bra and her panties, bunched around her thighs. Sol ordered Daphne to lie face down over the arm of the sofa. Daphne's buttocks were blushed crimson and she felt like her bottom was on fire. She flinched when Sol lightly tapped her across the cheeks with the cane. Now get that bottom up, young lady", Sol ordered. Obediently Daphne raised her bottom, spreading her cheeks slightly and making her vulva visible between her thighs. Sol raised the cane and brought it whistling down on her buttocks.

The cane left a red line across the already crimson checks. It stung even more than the ruler and Daphne cried out, her cheeks contracting together, but she obediently kept her bottom up to receive the next stroke. After the first few strokes, she started to slip into the rhythm: the swish of the cane as it cut the air, followed by its stinging bite, then a pause as she waited, with her bottom raised, for the next stroke.

Sol seemed to time the strokes just right, so that she got the next stroke as the sting from the last was starting to fade. When Daphne's punishment was almost over she had burrowed into the couch and did not offer bottom for the last stroke. Sol brought the cane down across her cheeks, which were clenched together. Daphne raised her bottom. The last stroke came whistling down, hard across her buttocks, bringing one final cry.

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Daphne lay across the arm of the couch unmoving except for the slight shudder in her shoulders as she cried. She felt a hand caress her sore buttocks and then move over her upper thighs, then between them, to the lips of her vulva, which felt almost as swollen and hot as her bottom. A finger moved between the slick lips, circling between High school spanking stories clitoris and entering her pussy. She raised her bottom, as she had for the cane, but instead of presenting her cheeks for punishment, she was opening herself to the caressing fingers.

After a while, the fingers moved away and she heard the sound of pants being unzipped and the rustle of fabric. She inhaled sharply as Sol entered her. She stretched out her arms on the couch so she could push upward against his stokes. Although she was gasping with pleasure as he took her, each thrust also had a slight edge of pain as he moved against her sore bottom.

She came twice before she felt Sol's orgasm inside her. Ever since Daphne's first thoughts about sex started to emerge when she was twelve, she had found spanking wildly exciting. Her parents had not spanked since she was three, and even then it had been no more than a few swats on the bottom, so she did not know where this strange desire originated.

At first it was just a vague fantasy when she lay in bed at night touching herself, bringing herself to orgasm. But that changed one summer day after Daphne went to her friend Ann's house. Ann was Daphne's best friend in Junior High School. That summer, Ann was playing on a girl's softball team.

High school spanking stories

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School Spanking Stories