High school wedgie stories

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Sarah is sitting at her desk in her dorm when her roommate comes in. She recognizes her roommates look, feeling a bit of dread in her stomach. What's next? Bedwetter Punishment Wedgie!

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Public Humiliation What's next? Public Humiliation I don't know about you, but I have a serious wedgie fetish. It's my hope to continue to write on this theme and share some fun fictional sensual stories that will really get your juices flowing.

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First though, I wanted to give a little background on the wedgie fetish. Read on, hope you learn, then get ready for the REAL sexy stuff. Feel free to PM Since this interactive is female-only, there are a few characters changes I'm making to allow for that.

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Also, this interactive will be very unrealistic, obviously. The Captain: Amy is acting as the precinct's captain due to the fact that the last captain Captain Nikki Martin requested a precinct change after she was publicly humiliated by detective Diaz. Author's Note: This is a fairly short and simplistic story, obviously there could be sequels, but I probably won't write them.

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This story contains no explicit sex, but does contain wedgies, masturbation and a lot of humiliation. Hello Everyone! So this is my first attempt at writing erotica. So with my girlfriend's blessing, I have started and completed the first part of my first story series. I would appreciate any fe There was nothing like a crisp autumn day to clear out the cobwebs. Quite literally in fact, since the rays of sunshine cutting through the window highlighted any and all lint or spider webs in corners missed in last week's once-over. One could almost let them pass, but the beautiful foliage created such contrast to any dusty disorder it was impossible to le After the events of Xatsey Powder, River desperately seeks a way to regain control both over his marriage and his reputation as King of Mewni.

As any solution matters, he visits an old friend, who High school wedgie stories him an offer for an item, that both made his life heaven and hell at the same time. Commissioned story originally made for ddknight. Eleanora Nancy Fackler, or Nora as she is better known, is your typical high school wallflower. She has long brown hair, blue eyes, and dresses modestly.

She almost never socializes, largely ignored by the general populous, and only ever seems to interact with a few close friends. That and her bullies of course, not that she enjoys it. Often teased for being When it starts getting cold outside you either suffer, put on more clothes, or go inside. Now, depending on the house, going inside might not provide the relief you hoped for. Let me tell you something; freezing houses equal butt cheeks covered with goosebumps. I don't care if you're just climbing out of bed because of course you sleep nude or if you're si Welcome to HSU!

You've been accepted, and now you're here!

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You may have heard the rumors, but you decided to us anyway. We promise, you will not be disappointed. This is a place where students are allowed to have fun, and express themselves, within certain limits of course. You're a freshman at the prestigious Hyacinth state University, a college known SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up.

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There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Wedgie Humiliation Stories 32. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. Sarah's Bully by humiliationstation on Feb 1,

High school wedgie stories

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