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My wife and i enjoy going to a local nudist lake as much as our schedules allow. Its great to be able to lie around nude and enjoy the warm sun, and a big plus, are the views! Its very rare for anything to get sexual, as it is for just enjoying the nudism lifestyle and people to relax. Every time we go, we always take a cooler of beer, and some food and will hang out for the majority of the day.

We were both in our mid-twenties at the time and like to keep relatively in shape. My wife is also average build, with beautiful curves that fit her body perfect. She likes to keep her pussy trimmed with a little bit of pubic hair, but this day at the lake she had just shaved as we were going to be laying out in pubic.

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The day went by like usual, the laying around and getting into the water occasionally while mostly tanning and drinking throughout the day. We occasionally talked to couples or individuals that walked by, but nothing more than a few minutes at a time. As the day was nearing an end, we had a couple hours left and i spotted an area with more people and nicer views.

I made the suggestion to go check out what was happening over there and that it would also be a nice change of scenery before the day ended. My wife finally agreed, as we werent there to hang out with other couples or mingle, just to Hippie hollow stories to our selves. To be clear as well, we arent swingers or in the lifestyle, but have had a few experiences in our past with others, which i will tell in other stories. This particular day though we werent even thinking at all about talking to anyone. As we reached the area with more people we set out our towels and made ourselves a little area to be, close to the water, and with a few couples around us.

As we were wading in the water, which came up to about our waist, my wifes tits were exposed for everyone to see Hippie hollow stories everyone around was also nude. We had been drinking all day so by that point had started getting a bit tipsy, and eventually ended up talking to a couple that was right to us.

I noticed she was drinking a Guinness, a favorite of mine, and that started the conversation between everyone. The guy was a bit heavier, but still not overweight, and had a decent size dick, nothing too impressive. His wife was a gorgeous blonde, slim body with a cute tight ass, and small B cup tits, but very perky. As my wife and i were wading in the water, Bill not his real name was sitting on a rock with half of his body under the water about 4 feet from my wife. His wife Janet, at this point had decided to get on top a floatie they brought with a mesh bottom and was laying out, face up with her sexy tits up in the air and beautiful shaved pussy on show.

She was within arms reach of me and we were all in somewhat of a circle talking away. While in good conversation and everyone starting to get more drunk, my sexual desires and horniness took over and i started to try and see how i could maybe turn this into something sexual.

I noticed that with the time little by little my wife was slowly drifting closer and closer to Bill and wasnt really noticing. By now she was about 2 feet from him and while still talking, i very gently nudged her legs under the water slowly trying to drift her closer to Bill but without anything being noticed trying to see what either of their reactions would be once close enough to be able to touch. After what seemed like minutes, but most likely seconds, i finally noticed that her body was right above where his lap should now be.

We were still all mid stomach in the water except for Janet who was on the floatie, so the only thing i could actually see was my wifes tits out of the water, and his chest. My mind started to race and I instantly got hard under the water thinking about what was Hippie hollow stories on between the two!

The water was a little murky so i couldnt see anything. Was he hard?

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Was she grabbing his cock under the water? Was he feeling her pussy? Could his cock actually be in between my wifes legs as they sat there!? Was she grinding on him or just sitting? All these were questions that were rushing through my head instantly as they both seemed to now be comfortably enjoying each others company with my wife sitting on his lap as we continued our casual conversation…. At this point we still had about an hour to enjoy each others company, so I will continue the rest in another part.

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Hippie hollow stories

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