History of queening

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Does queening mean anything to you? Also called "facesitting", this sexual practice dates back to the time of ancient Egypt. Often experienced in BDSM games, she drives women crazy with pleasure … and power. Have you always dreamed of being a queen? You can now be in bed. The sexual practice of "queening" allows you to find yourself in a dominant position and invites women to think also of their own pleasure. It also offers an ideal position to indulge in the pleasures of oral sex.

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You are the only one who controls the movements, the intensity and the depth of the cunnilingus … So grab your crown, we'll explain. According to the Urban Dictionary, this sex position was originally a way for upper-class women, including queens, to achieve sexual satisfaction without getting pregnant.

The person seated can be anyone, regardless of their gender identity, anatomy or sexuality. We speak of "queening" if she identifies as a woman, or of "kinging" if she identifies as a man. History of queening the queen sits on her submissive's face for hours. Still according to the Urban Dictionnary, queening used to be "the work of slaves and male servants to submit to the wishes of their mistresses".

In Japan there were even brothels in which women and girls paid for male slaves specially trained in the art of queening. Concretely, sitting on someone without suffocating or hurting them requires a certain dexterity and good muscles. It's more about squatting while controlling your balance. To overcome this discomfort, erotic furniture experts have deed the queening flesh, a throne with a hole allowing the queen to receive these oral pleasures. But this chair like no other has a cost: History of queening have to spend around euros. See also: Why the "speed bump" is the best position to reach the G-spot.

Video by Clara Poudevigne. If queening comes from the BDSM world, today it seems to be practiced by more and more people, and no longer only by role-playing enthusiasts. As Kate Moyle, psychologist, sex therapist and sex expert at LELO explains at Cosmopolitan UK"Facesitting is most often used by couples as an additional position for oral sex and oral sex, and for some it can create what appears to be a shift in power dynamics. And add: "For most women and people with vulvaclitoral stimulation is the most intense and likely form of pleasure to achieve orgasm — and it is a position that provides direct stimulation.

For some, it can be very exciting to take control and lead the dance. This powerful name practice is a good way for women to find themselves in a dominant position, and to reverse the roles of pre-established by society.

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Few collective representations put forward women who take their pleasure in hand. In heterosexual relations, the woman, on the contrary, is penetrated, passive, dominated. Queening focuses on female pleasure, and it feels good! However, this position remains intimidating for many women. She asks, in fact, a lot to let go, since you fully expose your penis to your partner.

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Which can be a hell of a test when we know that, in our culture, the vulva still gives rise to many taboos. Thus, it is difficult for some to surrender completely to their pleasure without thinking about their intimate smells, the size of their lips or their hairiness.

By going at your own pace and managing to overcome these parasitic thoughts, facesitting allows you to make peace with your sex and your body. And if sitting down doesn't really appeal to you, start with position 69 or its trendy variation: 68! Home German Privacy Policy Contact. Search for:.

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History of queening

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