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I found out also that I was unchecked for 18 months prior to my diagnosis. At the time of my diagnosis, I had a son who was 14 and a daughter who was 10 years old. I have been a single mother since my daughter was 2 and my son was 6. I was living with a man for a few years prior to when I got the disease. There was a major issue that came up and he was arrested in November of He didn? I was in a pretty bad way, and I spent a lot of time at the local tavern trying to figure out where to go from here.

I was working for Allstate Insurance Company in the claims department and was making a decent wage. After the trial, I was advised to take some personal time off to gather myself and refocus and heal. During that time, I met a man at the tavern that later became a major person in my life, my partner Bobby.

We became close over our woes and problems in our lives and began an intimate relationship. What was not disclosed when this happened was his status: he had HIV and didn? I did ask him his Hiv poz stories and told him that I had two very good reasons in asking, he lied and I believed him and didn?

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I have taken responsibility in my role in how I contracted this disease, I don? I trusted when I shouldn? At the time, I still believed that people that I associated with couldn? I live in a small town in Ohio. It couldn?

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I have learned how wrong, unbelievably wrong, that is, and a very frightening attitude to have. Bobby told me in the beginning of our relationship that he had health issues that crop up from time to time but nothing to worry about. So, at the time, I didn? I had my own worries in keeping up with the finances and sole responsibility of my household.

The prior man left me months behind on my bills and I was struggling to make ends meet. I got evicted from my Hiv poz stories over a dispute with my landlord over fixing my overflowing gutters, which he refused to fix or refused to pay for. I withheld rent payment in protest and he went to court. I didn? Six months into my new place, Bobby? I started missing a lot of work and had no more personal time to take after I used up what I had after the trial. I ended up in trouble with the HR department and was summarily let go in February I figured I would get him over the health crisis and go back to work at another company.

He ended up in the hospital on life support with kidney failure as a result of a water borne bacteria he contracted after working on his sister?

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He was in a coma for three months. I lost my home again and was staying with a friend with my. We got into an argument and she kicked me out but allowed my kids to remain. I was sleeping in my Hiv poz stories for six months, taking care of him all day in the hospital and then taking care of my kids at night and sleeping in my car in the hospital parking lots. I was only getting child support so it took me a long time to save up enough money for first, last and security for a new place.

I finally pulled it together and we got into our new place in the winter of After the first hospital stay, Bobby was able to come home to his parents in the summer of He was home and on dialysis three times a week up at the hospital for a couple months when he got pneumonia and ended up back in the hospital in late September.

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While we were in the emergency room waiting for them to take him up to a room, the nurse left his chart on the foot of the bed. I happened to glance down at it, and at the top of the right hand corner it said,? It was like the bottom dropped out from under me. I finally realized what was going on and added up all the facts. I had never been so angry and so scared in my life.

When he got transferred up to his room, he knew that I knew. When the staff left the room and it was just him and me, I tried several times to open my mouth to yell and scream and rail, but nothing would come out. While I struggled to get the words out, I looked over at him and all I saw was a river of tears pouring down his face and the most dejected look I have ever seen. All I could say was I love you and I am not going anywhere, but I have to leave now. I went to his parents? I couldn? I still can? That night laying there on his mother? What if I am positive, what will happen to my kids, I am all they have, they have very minimal contact with their fathers.

What will happen if I can? Who will support us or help us? What Hiv poz stories I do about Bobby? Do I stay or walk away? Do I charge him for a crime or forgive him. The next morning, I went to the hospital to talk to him. I walked in and sat down and I said to him, you and I are going to have a talk, I am going to get everything and all information I ask for, you are going to be honest with me, and then you and I will go on and we won? He agreed with me and the questioning began. I got all I needed in that talk. I got the how, why and when. I got the nitty gritty. I got honesty and Hiv poz stories lived up to my end of the bargain until September of when he passed away in my arms in my living room.

I gave him everything I had to give and more. Because of that, he made it another two years he wouldn? I don? I loved him and I did it for only that reason. But all things come at a price. The price I paid was my own health and standing. I wasn? If I would have been able to do so, believe me, I would have begged for it.

I finally had to put my foot down and tell him that if I was the one who was taking care of him, he was moving in with me with his disability check to help me with the rent. The child support I got was barely enough to keep us on the minimum end of ok. At the time, I didn? I had no one to advise me on any type of these matters.

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I had no idea how to ask for help from agencies or public assistance in being his caregiver. I tried to apply for unemployment and I received it for about three months and then Allstate said the claim was no good as to the way I left my job. I had no idea what to do. I got tested there, the nurse came back in the office and sat down and looked at me and I knew right away before she even said a word.

I am still a patient and a client at both places. I was put on the meds because my initial cd4 count was a I was severely sick and made it extremely difficult to stay on them. I was then put on another regimen with the same. I have gone through most of the med lists and have become resistant to most of them out there.

I have finally found one that is tolerable, but I still have difficulties with them, just Hiv poz stories as bad as before. I will be one of the first ones to applaud everyone involved behind the scenes who have made the medications better and easier than before. I still have problems with them and some of the general practices out there now, but that is later on in the story.

While I was taking care of him up at his parents? I had enough credits to qualify to apply for SSD at the time from my prior work history. I had my phone interview and things were moving along. By the time I was given my first hearing, I had moved into my place and Bobby had come to stay with us. I have studied law since I was in high school, for personal as well as it being the profession I was going to pursue in college.

I went to paralegal college and got my certification in many areas, but not my final one. I had to drop out when my daughter was born and I wasn? At my hearing, I was honest in my responses to using cannabis as a relief agent for the side effects of my medications. I was denied for that reason alone, not that I didn?

If your counts are belowthen you are classified as having AIDS and are therefore defined as being a disabled person. Of course, since I didn? I settled in for the wait time for my hearing, confident that I was going to get my benefits. While I was waiting for my hearing, Bobby passed away. The day before he passed, his mother Hiv poz stories him that she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Hiv poz stories

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