Hypnotized mom stories

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Tags: hypnosis. By mhlcl. Tags: sympathylondonweepinghotelhypnosisconciergejung. By LordThomas Post Your Writing. Hypnosis stories, books, poems, and more. Brushing Mom's Beautiful Hair on her head. Re: 26 The Booksie Classic House. A Mom is being pampered by her year-old Teenage Daughter.

My Mom was hypnotized at a State Fair. Re: 39 The Booksie Classic House. A Mom is about to be hypnotized by a hypnotist, while at a State Fair with her year-old Teenage Daughter. Mom Falls in love with a Charming Man. Re: 27 The Booksie Classic House. A Mom Falls in love with a Charming Man that just moved into the house just across the street from her house, until her year-old teenage son finds out that his mom's Hypnotized mom stories boyfriend is a Vampire, It's up to him to save his mom, before it's too late.

My Mom was Hypnotized to Steal. Re: 24 The Booksie Classic House. Mom Hypnotized. Re: The Booksie Classic House. The House Elf Story. On a vacation to Nantucket with a group of his friends a young wizard turns his friend into his house elf. His friend then has to do everyone's bidding and will only be set free if he's given an article of clothing Alex gets unknowingly hypnotized around the campfire and his friends have some fun with him. Hypnotizing Mom. A year-old Teenage Boy Hypnotizes his own mom and seduces her while she's in a hypnotic trance.

A year-old Teenage Girl has to rescue her own mom from a hypnotist at a county fair.

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Fun Day at a County Fair. A Kind Of Mind Control. Cover image: pixabay. A woman who killed a fellow woman, but she has no memory of it. She unveils a mystery surrounding herself and is all the more bewildered at her memories. Follow her in this thrilling short story with twists that will leave you haunted.

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College of Magic. Ted majors in mind control at the Vermont College of Magic. Son hypnotizes his Step-Mom. The Great Trenlin abides his time while waiting to make it big in the business of fortune telling and mentors his underling Porric in his hypnosis session. Beest and the Beauty. Eric Beest has a not so perfect life, but all that changes when a beautiful girl teen arrives in his room one day. Nude Camp. Will has a special gift. He can hypnotize anyone instantaneously if they aren't actively resisting him.

When his friends find out, they decide to see just how far they can take it. Can they make Camp LakeShore for boys a nudist camp? Host Brother. Tyler meets his host brother — a masters student in psychology who uses hypnosis to have some fun with Tyler.

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Hypnosis, Bullies, and Red Hair. This is the story of a young boy named David Brown. He is different from the rest of the students at his school. He has red hair and freckles, and this makes him a target for bullying. Soon it gets worse, as the bullies soon have control over him, literally! Gears and wires help to keep our brain aligned, so don't let them break. Trust the watchmaker. Meet Benjamin, my little brother.

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He does my chores. He completes my work. He cleans my messes. He lends me money. He even styles my hair! He's the best little bro a sister could have! Ben and the hypnotic sleepover. Ben is at a sleepover with his two friends, Carl and Daniel. Things take a exciting turn after Ben is chosen to be hypnotized at the sleepover. The Weeping Concierge. A weeping concierge is sitting on a bench, which is situated in front of a hotel in Regent Street, London.

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His name is Barry Lowsley. He tells me his story, and I immediately sympathize with him. He then, makes a big deal out of coffee, through which I gain the…. Conspiracy in Deceit. Conspiracy in Deceit. Welcome New Writers. in. Forgot password? Or if you don't have an yet. Experiencing other problems? We can help.

Hypnotized mom stories

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