I cheated on my husband and got pregnant stories

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Text Source. She was transferred to obstetrics due to ongoing pain which turned out to be contractions. Her sister comes in while I'm just writing in her notes, asks about her partner who apparently was on deployment with the army until a month ago.

He is already on the way, he knew she was pregnant but not 30 weeks. He arrives, she pretty much just coughs and out comes her baby, 8 weeks premature, but not in bad condition considering the circumstances. He quickly puts 2 and 2 together and realizes it's clearly not his. She genuinely doesn't even know what's happening as she is still hammered. He just leaves and I p never went back now that he can see what a mess of a partner he has.

The next day I review her in post-natal ward and she asks me what happened. She has literally no idea she was pregnant, admits to having slept with someone but can't remember who, and doesn't remember her partner showing up and dumping her. I felt sorry for her and her .

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She might see this as a massive wake up call and turn her life around, but she had everything stacked against her and is a single, unemployed mother with a baby she was totally unprepared for. She ed the army, got pregnant, and got engaged to her then-boyfriend.

They were close family friends and stationed near us, so my family offered to have the wedding at our house, which they decided to do right after the baby was born and the military would move them into family housing. The day comes, he's in the delivery room with her, and a black baby pops out. Both these people are Irish and very, very white. To his credit, he looked at her, looked at the baby, dropped her hand, and silently and calmly noped right out of the delivery room, hospital, and her life.

She went on with the wedding, but this time it's to her best friend from high school, who is not a dude. So now she's a married Irish Catholic army lesbian with an illegitimate black baby. I can't imagine what it takes to risk just having a kid of a different race while pretending for nine months everything is fine and planning a wedding. It was obviously a Mexican looking baby it had a nice tan and he and his wife were white.

I remember when he left we were all just sitting there wondering how he actually believed the kid was his. Two years later he starts to realize the kid looks nothing like him, he gets a blood test done and it's not his. That poor guy lost his mind over it. He got divorced, quit his job, and randomly came in one day and uncontrollably started crying to a girl we worked with. His experience taught me volumes about trust; in that, it's good to trust people, but when your wife brings home a Mexican baby, don't wait two years to ask questions. One of the experiments we could do if we wanted was to figure out our blood type using the same machine they use in hospitals.

Everyone who wasn't afraid of needles was super hyped about it. In preparation for the asment we had to ask our parents their blood types and see what our possibilities were. So the day comes and the boy who sits next to me is running the test. I tell him the machine must be wrong, but it's not.

Apparently, he went home that night and asked his parents why they didn't tell him he was adopted. The father chimes in, 'Son you weren't adopted, I was there when you were born, why would you say that? Everyone at the dinner table did the math.

My teacher had to get involved with all sorts of paternity lawsuits and drama that went down. Needless to say that was the last year my school did that experiment. He contacted me out of the blue to say that I was right. He needed to step up and be responsible and that he had quit everything cold turkey because he was going to be a dad.

Apparently, he was going to help his girl get sober and they were going to have this kid and get married. He really got his life together over the course of the pregnancy. He was clean, got a job, and got a nice place to live. She was not so dedicated. She continued to use substances throughout the pregnancy. She ended up going into labor early at 26 weeks. She gave birth to a premature, addicted baby boy. He went directly into the NICU.

She then disappeared. She never visited the baby, never called to check on it, didn't go home, just fell off the face of the planet. He, however, spent every spare second at the NICU with that baby. However, as the weeks passed, it became pretty obvious that the baby wasn't his as skin tone evened out and hair came in. I cheated on my husband and got pregnant stories chick was blonde with blue eyes. My friend is super pale blonde with blue eyes. The baby was clearly half Hispanic. He wanted to adopt the baby but they wouldn't let him.

The state took the baby and it went into foster care. It totally messed him up for a long time. He relapsed for a while and got into a bad car accident. He spent some time in the hospital and then got everything back together. He's married now to a really nice girl and rapidly had 4 kids that are his with another currently on the way.

He was telling me stories about when he used to deliver babies at peoples' homes way back in the day. I asked if he delivered his own son. He said yes and told me the most amazing, heartbreaking, and heartwarming story. A volunteer firefighter comes in and says they have a lady in labor and they won't make it to the hospital which is over an hour away. He tells them to bring her in. He delivers the baby and mom passes out. They clean her up, they clean up the baby, and all seems normal. Mom wakes up and the doctor comes in to give her the baby.

She starts screaming 'get it away from me!

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She keeps flailing around and screaming that she doesn't want to look at 'it. She's calmer but still looks frantic or terrified. He talks to her and she just stares at him like he's got nine he. He finally asks, 'Well, what do you want me to do with your son? She says, 'You know, maybe just make him go to sleep so he won't wake up. He said it took everything for him to not beat this woman to death right then and there.

He went off on how much he loved working with all the new mothers in all these little towns full of 'salt of the earth' people with great family values. On and on about how happy it made him bringing life into the world and this woman wanted him to murder her baby.

He asked why and she ends up saying that her husband is in the military and it's not his baby. She couldn't let him find out. He kind of understood her rationale for not letting her husband know, but murder??? So he suggested family, an orphanage, and other options back then.

She said no to all of them because she 'couldn't risk this coming back to haunt her. The next day, he tried to talk to her again and she was just more adamant about 'making it sleep. He refused since he thought she'd try to kill him herself. She went nuts. In the end, he sent her home and told her that he'd given the baby to his brother who was a pastor and was unable to have children.

He promised he'd never tell anyone even the kid who she was. Then he said he 'taught her a lesson. If he ever found out she went elsewhere, he'd tell everyone the story.

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He said he did this because he was afraid she'd get knocked up and kill the next one. And he knew he'd find out if she went elsewhere because he was the only baby doctor for five towns around and knew other docs at the hospitals. She never had any other kids as far as the doc knew, he said he did check up on her once or twice with his colleagues.

Supposedly, she died from an overdose a few years later. The doctor and his wife raised that baby as their own son his wife wasn't able to have kids - the pastor brother was nonsense just to make her think he'd already given the baby away. He eventually told his son a very watered down version of the story when the kid was older. The kid ended up becoming a plastic surgeon and has like 9 kids of his own. He's doing very well, he's very happy, and he probably never would have had a shot had that small town fireman tried to press on to the hospital and wound up delivering the kid in the middle of nowhere.

He was convinced she would have delivered and then smothered the baby by the time they got to the hospital. One day, one of them comes in just shaking his head with that thousand yard stare. Long story short, he had twins with his wife, one of the girls got sick with a genetic illness, and they tested her sister. Turns out that her sister doesn't have the genetic marker for this disease. His wife was, for lack of a more PG way of saying it, faithful to him in the morning and unfaithful to him at night.

One of the twins was his, and the other was not. The pediatrician was in the parents' room discussing with them the follow-up type stuff for the baby - appointments with a geneticist, an orthopedic surgeon, etc. There is absolutely no chance that the baby belonged to that man. The husband left the hospital soon after and didn't show up again until it was time to pick up the mom and baby to bring them home.

The mom spent the rest of the hospital stay lying alone, in the dark, mostly hiding under the covers. One time she had a patient whose parents were present during her stay at the hospital.

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The staff there have a white board hung up with some general information about the patients like blood type, time spent in the wing, and how far along they are. So this patient happened to be the only one in the wing at the time. Her father was walking back from the cafeteria at one point and noticed the board. He stopped one of the nurses and asked if the blood type for the patient on the board was correct he knew his daughter was the only patient there. The nurse confirmed it was correct. Turns out he knew his and his wife's blood type.

He brings his wife out and just points at the board and this look of shock washes over her. So the father of a patient in labor finds out his wife cuckolded him 25 years later by knowing his blood type punnett squares. The first day I met her, we wound up sleeping together yes, I used protection every time.

I cheated on my husband and got pregnant stories

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