I fucked my drunk sister story

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She was nineteen and thought the world revolved around her. People do seem to gravitate to her. She stands around five nine, long reddish brown hair, thirty six c cup, sweet hips, long legs and a ass that draws all kinds of attention. It was summer time and my sister convinced our parents to let her have a pool party.

She could have alcohol as long as everyone was over eighteen. I thought wow…. I was pissed…. Mom kind of took up for me. Besides it will be close to his bed time by the time the party gets rolling. Any way it was settled, I was confine to the back end of the house. For some reason this bother Vanessa and every chance she got she would put me down in front of Velta.

Call me a worm and a pervert. My mother would say, Vanessa was just jealous because she wanted me to lust after her like that. They all got dressed as I found something to watch on T. I heard them talking about who was hot and who they want to get with.

The party kicked off around ten thirty or so. Velta and Janine came to my room just to say hi. The both looked so freaking hot. I had to hide my raging hard on with a pillow. They both had on these micro mini-skirts and do me heels. Some guy was going to get so lucky tonight. They both kissed me on the cheek and I got to see there tits as they bent down. They both told me they wish I could be out there. As they were leaving Velta bent over to fix her shoe, so I thought. I got a very clear shot of her very taut ass and I learned why they never had panty lines when they wore stuff like that.

I knew there was nothing wrong with her shoe. I guess the party was over, So, I went to go see what I missed. The yard was a mess, beer bottles every where. Food I fucked my drunk sister story out, trash in the house and yard. The pool had condoms, swim suits tops and bottoms. I missed a heck of a party.

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Vanessa had one hell of a mess to clean up. As I walked around the house I looked for my sister. I soon found her pasted out face down on a futon. Her skirt was hiked up just a little and I could see the cheeks of her nice ass. My penis became hard as I got closer to where she was.

I called her name, no response. I wonder if she went panty less like Velta. I checked the rest of the house to see if anyone was still here. Cost clear as I returned to where my drunken sister was.

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It was pay back time and I wanted interest. When I looked closer she was leaned against the wall with three fingers shoved in her pussy. She was finger fucking her self while she watched me fuck my sister. I went to the bathroom then I went to your room.

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But, when I came back you were fucking your sister. It was such a turn on, now come fuck my pussy, Velta demanded! It was his first time seeing her totally nude, her hair a little stringy from swimming, her lips full. Her nipple were long, her breast ripe and firm, her tummy flat. Velta hips are a little I fucked my drunk sister story than his sisters with long legs and a phat pussy. Her moans of pleasure were delightful to his ears. Pure instinct made him reach up and tweak her nipples.

Velta became louder and Ron stopped to make sure Vanessa was still asleep. Why would you let my younger brother suck your pussy, she asked? Vanessa told us. Then you got soooo…. I looked around and no one was watching so I thought. Well, Vanessa, I say we ought to teach him a lesson….

Velta admitted. Velta took her time easing down on his thick rod. She held the base of his penis, rubbing his cock head in her juice. She gasped every time it grazed her clit. Some how he knew everything she wanted, the swirls on her phat clit.

The darting in and out her hole every few seconds, lightly raking of her clit with his teeth. He was pleasing her pussy like no other had before. Then she began to ride his dick, she bounced up and down. The pleasure was ravaging her as she bounced up and down on his cock. Her pussy was making wet sounds as she slammed down on his dick and rotated her hips. This is some good dick…. I wish I knew your brother could fuck like this before. I would have been gave him some. for Free! Drunken Sister Fuck "A brother gets his sister back for insulting him" 3 Votes 3.

Score 4. Around eight our parents left for a bed and breakfast they planed for. They were all hot, but, it was something about Velta that turned me on.

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She gave my sister a run for her money. She would always tease me, telling me if I was a little older she would be my girl. I closed my door and went back to watching my show. But, my mind kept flashing to Velta out there with no panties. I had to stroke my hard cock until I shot my spunk across the room. Once I got use to the noise, I drifted off to sleep. I hooked the hem of her skirt and eased it over her buttocks. Vanessa was bare ass just like Velta was. My heart was running a million miles an hour. I have never even seen Vanessa naked. She felt really good as I felt every inch of her firm soft ass.

As I grew bolder, I let my finger tips slip down the crack of her ass. So, I parted her legs and I saw her phat pussy. I was frozen for a moment as I drank in its beauty. I then ran my hand up the inside of her leg, her inner thigh until I felt the warmth of her tender pussy. I thought I was going to cumm right then as my cock jumped like crazy. The hair was trimmed low and her pussy lips soft. I ran the tips of my fingers up and down the folds of her cunt. I never knew a pussy felt this good. When I ran my fingers back her pussy lips parted and I caressed her clit.

Before long she was wet and I loved that sensation. The more my fingers stroked her clit the wetter she got. Soon her pussy was making wet sounds. I took my pants off and positioned my self between her thighs. I lowered my self down onto my drunken sister. I wet the tip of my cock in her wetness, which almost made me shoot my load.

Pay back for all the mean I fucked my drunk sister story she said about me. It took all I was worth not to let go of my man juice. It was the most erotic and passionate sensations I every felt. I began to fuck her pussy like a jack hammer, the cool air than her hot pussy, the cool air than her hot pussy. My cock never felt anything as good as this. I thought I was never going to stop cummming. I pumped her pussy a while longer and then rolled off of her.

He walked over to her, Vanessa stirred, but, was still out. His hands squeezed and his tongue swirled her long nipples. Ron maneuvered Velta towards an open area on the couch. Velta laid back and parted her sexy thighs, Ron dropped to his knees. He looked at her pussy, her pussy lips all puffy and moist. Her slit pink and shinny with the swollen clit peaking out its hood.

Velta was defiantly turned on.

I fucked my drunk sister story

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