I need to pee stories

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I took guitar lessons and I hadn't paid for the last couple weeks. It was the last lesson and had the money. We were in a small practice room in school when I couldn't hold it.

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I pissed myself and the teacher noticed, he was visibly uncomfortable so he left. So I kept the money.

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But I had to walk out with wet jeans. On a 17 hour flight between Hong Kong and Washington DC, I was sitting in a middle seat, which was bad enough but I also had quite a few beers at the Hong Kong airport beforehand. So of course I had to pee as soon as we took off.

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We had a TON of turbulence on the flight and the attendants were being very strict about going up for the bathroom. In addition the person in the aisle seat had taken some kind of sleep aid and was passed the fuck out. I don't know how long it was before I finally woke him up so I could get out to pee, but I watched the entirety of Suicide Squad and Skull Island, and half of Inception, before it finally happened. No idea how I held it for that long but it was the worst flight of my life by far. I mean having to pee for hours was bad enough, but watching Suicide Squad on top of it all?

Years ago, I need to pee stories was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, there are limited rest stops. I had just consumed a large caffeinated soda It had probably been a year since I had any ificant amount of caffeine. I had to pee so much. I ended up squatting on the side of the turnpike and peeing down a hill. We went on a long hike in basic training and I was one of the road guards, so had to stop at all road crossings until our company passed then run back to the front of the line over and over again.

I never had to pee so bad in my life. When we finally took a brief rest for lunch I wandered off to find someplace private, leaned against a tree, dropped my pants and started to piss like a camel. I quickly pulled up my pants mid piss. I had to finish marching in front of everyone in partially pissed pants.

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I ended up with burning eyes, throat and skin and had to deal with a stream of snot running out of my nose while continuing to run from the rear of the line back up to the front for the last few miles with piss on my pants. On the freeway stuck in traffic in a snowstorm. I pulled onto the shoulder and took care of business My sister was in the bathroom and i needed to pee but she was taking too long so i pissed in the corner.

Then i woke up with some with some wet sheets. Close but no cigar. Was on a road trip coming home from Vegas and had to go pee. Parents took a while to find a rest stop and the whole time it was progressively getting worse. I made it but I kept trying to tell them to pull over to let me pee. Wetting myself on the bus, I had just finished swimming training, so I was already wet from my bathers.

In the highway, there was a lot of traffic and we were entering the city, but there was a lot of traffic.

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I had to pee in a tree. Return of the King, opening night. Got a large drink and drank it fairly quickly. Frodo throws the ring into Mount Doom, a few more scenes, and then Aragorn is king. I thought, this is the end of the movie, so I ran to the toilet. Sweet relief! Found the internet! What's your worst "I need to pee now! Posted by 7 months ago. Sort by: best.

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Drank a lot of water one night, felt the urge to pee and I did. More posts from the AskReddit community.

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I need to pee stories

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