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This is fairly long because I feel it needs to be in order to tell the story properly. I had a couple of relationships in my 20s where condom use was the expected norm with my partners, and it definitely led to early breakups every time. For lack of a better description, I needed to get my dick wet to care about the relationship. Conversely, when girls let me hit it bare, I tended to hang around and keep the sex going long after the point where the rest of the relationship was running on fumes. The breeding subreddits Impregnation fantasy stories a frequent visit as I consciously internalized the apparent fetish and really learned to embrace it.

My wife and I got married last year after 3 years of dating. Kids were always going to be part of the equation for us anyways. I still remember our first date vividly. When we decided to leave together an hour later, she got up first and led the way towards the door and that first look at her backside sent a bolt of lightning from my brain down my spine and straight into my manhood. This ass had magical powers. Well, I was right, and we married in the late summer of We continued to have somewhat routine ho-hum married couple sex afterwards, until we decided maybe we should start planning a family.

She stopped taking the pill after many years of continuous use going back to her teen years, and got one of those wearable wrist fertility trackers with an app.

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Then, just as she was starting to get her cycle stabilized and predictable, COVID swept across the land and led to all sorts of confusion and uncertainty. We both switched to indefinite WFH and were now spending all day, every day, in our house together. With all the uncertainty and panicked prognostications of a new deadly plague destroying the US healthcare system, we decided maybe we should hit pause on the conception thing. I would only cum in her on safe days, far from ovulation, and we cut back on the overall frequency with which we did the deed, much to my sadness.

Fast forward through the summer. We talked and decided that now may not be the time, but hopefully once the pandemic started to subside a little, we could trying. I also started swimming laps in the lake near our house, as I found it was a phenomenal workout and was really getting me shredded and making my shoulders and arms bigger and stronger.

Then one day, it happened. I will never forget this particular Sunday for as long as I live. My wife booked massages for us through an app. The masked massage provider came to our house with the table, set it up in a spare bedroom, and gave us each 90 minute deep tissue massages. We both had a lot of tension and really needed the knots released. The massage therapist was a particularly muscular lady who was nearly as big as me, and I had her go as hard as she could.

It felt amazing. On the flip, my dick involuntarily rose and pushed the drape over as she rubbed me down, but she just replaced it. No funny business, which was fine with me, I was strictly interested in having my muscles worked in a non-sexual fashion. After we both finished and the massage therapist left, my wife told me she was planning on having a socially distanced wine date with one of her girlfriends who lives down the street, on her outdoor patio.

I decided to go for a swim since it was a bright, sunny late summer day. Impregnation fantasy stories went down to the little private beach for residents in my short swim trunks and took off, swimming all the way to the other shore and back in sprint intervals with limited rest breaks in between. By the time I returned to the beach, there was a young woman with a toddler splashing around. The little guy had swim floaties and goggles on and the mom was holding him up in the water, spinning him around, laughing and splashing.

I took a closer look and the mom was pretty fine. She had on this teal one piece that covered her abdomen but you could still tell she had a nice bod. I smiled at her and the kid as I waded back into the shoreline. Then it hit me, once again, like a bolt of lightning through my spine: I wanted one. I wanted a baby, I wanted to become a father, I wanted to bring my little family to the beach and swim and splash and play with my sexy wife and our adorable.

In that moment, I felt like the strongest, most vibrant and powerful man on the planet. I arrived home just as Impregnation fantasy stories wife strolled up the driveway. As I stood at the kitchen sink, pouring myself a glass of cold water, Impregnation fantasy stories walked up next to me with a wry grin on her face. I could tell she had a little wine buzz going, her cheeks were extra rosy, and there was an odd twinkle in her eye.

Clearly she had just seen this as well. I leaned in and kissed her deeply, wrapped her in my arms firmly and squeezed her big ass through her yoga pants. She laughed, reached back to hold my hand, and led me up the stairs to our bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom, I thought to myself that this was my last chance. Maybe I could just cuddle her, or pull out at the end, or go jerk off quickly in the bathroom beforehand, pretending I needed to pee, and let our lives continue as they were, unchanged. This was the point of no return! But I knew deep down neither of us wanted that. Before I had the chance to escape, she had her Lulus and thong off and tossed on the carpet next to the bed, and my rapidly-hardening dick in her hand.

This was about one thing: insemination. I let my body completely cover her, the weight of my upper body muscles and torso pinning her to the bed as I eased my tip in and out, very gently. She needs a lot of warm-up to be able to accommodate me, so there is always a lot of careful, gentle rocking in missionary in order to work every inch inside her gradually. I remember pressing my lips to the side of her neck, just below her ear, and kissing her passionately. As I kissed her, I felt her hips tilt back under us and her heels hit my lower back, allowing me to press the full extent of my shaft into her warm, wet folds as my swollen balls tickled her asshole.

We started to build a rhythm, smooth but firm, as I thrusted. I licked my thumb and reached down, gently rubbing her clit in a steady circular motion while continuing to slide in and out. But there is a particular point in her vaginal architecture where it narrows just before the cervix. Whenever I get deep enough to feel my cock head fill that narrow void, while simultaneously feeling my shaft wrapped up tight in her labia at her entrance, it usually sends me Impregnation fantasy stories the edge.

Just as I neared that point, I felt her start to shudder and tighten around me. My thumb was coaxing her into her own orgasm, and she clamped tight around me, hands grasping my forearms just below my elbows, and dug her heels hard into my lower back, just above my glutes. When her orgasmic moan hit my ears, everything went white, like a flash grenade. I released hard and deep inside her, it had to have been 10 ropes of cum.

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I have always been a fairly heavy cummer, but this time was extraordinary. I literally felt my balls aching as I pumped throb after throb all over her cervix, coating and drowning it with my genetic seed. In that moment, I felt like I ruled the entire world.

We just lay there, my softening dick still inside her, for a few minutes trying to compose ourselves. She got up and did the awkward, fast waddle into the bathroom to try to clean up. We went on about our typical cozy Sunday, watching a movie and cooking a healthy Impregnation fantasy stories together, still basking in the afterglow as we fell asleep that night.

The rhythm of our daily lives quickly made us forget about the passionate romp, until about 20 days later. We decided that she would call her doctor the next day and try to get a swab test, just in case. I woke up alone that morning and came down the Impregnation fantasy stories to find her waiting for me in the kitchen, holding a positive pregnancy test and smiling. In a flash, the events from three Sundays prior came flooding back to me. It was just the onset of morning sickness. We are 20 weeks along now, and I have never seen a more beautiful woman in my life.

Every day I thank the universe for that Sunday, and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. I also feel an insane, deep rooted urge to knock her up again after our son is born. Source: reddit. Very nice, congratulations! And explains how i succumbed to a friend of a friend who offered herself bare to me a few years ago. Do you think it would be better if it took more time to get her pregnant? The longer it takes, the more times you get to shoot your load into her unprotected pussy while she is ovulating, right?

Great story. Pregnancy sex is pretty good, too. Some women get really horny when they get pregnant. My spouse was blowing me when her water broke with our second. She was worried about cum breath when we got to the hospital.

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Ha ha. Great story! My wife and I are trying now, taking longer then we thought but so far we both have been enjoying ourselves. Guy loves wife, wants family, gets horny for wife, has hot sex and gets her pregnant and is excited for baby? Good for you! And it will stay suppressed for like 4 months. Then the kid starts to do cute shit and you sleep more and yeah you wanna knock her up again. Impregnating someone is a rad feeling. Congrats on the baby! That is an amazing story! Brings back the memory of when I knocked up my wife as well.

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I hope you are enjoying the pregnancy sex as well. I am sure it will be amazing! post.

Impregnation fantasy stories

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