Incest family camping sexstory

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Incest story: Expect the Unexpected.

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Author: viceofchoice. Cousins Carter and Jennifer are close, but sharing a tent on a family camping trip brings them closer. I lay there motionless, stunned. I tried to think of how I ended up in this situation. Jennifer had always been my favourite cousin, but now things were getting as close to the edge as they could.

For the last few years as she had navigated through puberty, I had found myself strangely and wildly attracted to her more and more with every extended family get-together. Now, it seemed that every fantasy was coming true. Two months ago, I had arrived home to a flood of cheers and greetings. Ours was very close, and that included all my extended family as well. Yeah, it was something like that.

It typically consisted of a camping trip to a local campground that we would book out and spend a long weekend at. It really was a good time usually. As crazy as my family was, I truly enjoyed spending time with them. It was really surprising the way I felt whenever I read s from my family about the fun they were having at the lake or hiking.

Most surprising of all, though, was the pang of loss I felt when I would read letters from Jennifer. I was several years older than her, but, somehow, she was the cousin I was closest to — even closer than I was with my two sisters. As far as I could tell, it was the Incest family camping sexstory for her; I was the cousin that she related to best, even more than her own brothers. For whatever reason, our cousin-friendship ran deep, and I missed her terribly while I was away studying.

All I wanted was to be there for her through her insane teenage years, but opportunity and necessity drove the wedge of distance between us. Every picture she sent me of her often with her friends out carousing, I longed to be there with her.

I left for Europe when I was She was 16 at the time. Returning now, at 25, she was a strikingly beautiful year-old young woman. She nodded. You mentioned that on the way home from the airport. I laughed, continuing to scroll endlessly down the list.

It would be good for all the family to see you. It would build my .

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I was happy to accept. Beyond that, I had weekends and holidays off. My fear had been committing to the Incest family camping sexstory campout without knowing what my schedule would look like. This, though, was ideal, and I let my family know that, indeed, I would be ing them for our outdoors excursion. The day it had arrived, I had been required to put in some extra time that Friday afternoon. Some records and files needed to be assembled as they were going to be used by one of the lawyers in the office in a court case that coming Tuesday after the long weekend. Oh, the irony. By the time I had arrived home, my family had already left without me.

The fortunate thing I kept reminding myself about was that I could drive out there myself. In fact, I preferred it that way. That should work. And enough bedding for you. Moments later, I had packed everything — at least I had hoped — and was well on my way. Half an hour later, I was out there at the campground. The several adjacent sites were filled with vehicles, tents and campers. It would be difficult to find a place to set up. What was convenient was that each one bordered the lake, and already a of family members were taking advantage of the hot, sunny weather and cool, refreshing water.

Others were about the camping area eating food, playing games or just leisurely chatting with one another. I parked my car at the far end of our claimed camping area. I, of course, checked in with my parents first before facing the barrage of welcomes and salutations from all my other aunts and uncles. Even most of the cousins in the vicinity came over to say hi. My eyes, however, were darting to and fro, searching for any of Jennifer. Not seeing her anywhere nearby, I figured she must be down in the water.

Once she caught sight of me, she half-ran, half-swam out of the lake as quickly as she could, ran up the beach and into the camp area to say hello. She had matured so gracefully. Jennifer had still been in that gangly and awkward mid-teenager stage when I had left. The eighteen-year-old was anything but that now. She was an average height and build, but the last of her baby fat had melted away over the past couple years to reveal a slender and stunningly beautiful young woman.

As she came running at me wearing just a skimpy, purple bikini, my untamed eyes wandered over her lustfully. Jennifer had good hips, and her breasts, though a little on the smaller side, were perky and firm, giving just a slight bounce as she ran. I Incest family camping sexstory myself.

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Jennifer was my cousin. Of course! But it was highly inappropriate to allow my gaze to wander over her body so unrestrained. Unfortunately, every instant I thought I had control, her dirty blonde hair had to shine in the sun. Each time, my eyes regained their own control and took a quick second to look her over from head to toe. It felt so good to hug her.

It had been far too long. I wrapped my large arms around her and held her closely. For an instant, I forgot myself again, and found myself more interested in the feeling of the smooth skin on her back than her as my cousin. Jennifer shrugged impassively.

You look great! When she returned, we roasted some wieners over the fire and at a lunch of hot dogs and chips as we talked and caught up. My exchange had brought me to a new university every semester. Incest family camping sexstory so often, though, I had enough time during the day to see a tourist attraction or two.

We both had a profound passion in history, so my first-hand experience with these sites was of particular interest to her. Jennifer had had no shortage of experiences, either. Still, some of the stories were interesting, and it was to those that I paid more attention. The full magnificence of her soft, slender body was once again in view and my eyes rebelled forcefully against my control.

Her butt was particularly appealing, the way it rounded out into a beautiful heart shape. My eyes rode up and down her gentle curves several times before I could regain the strength again to dictate their motions. It was just in time, too. Jennifer turned around to face me.

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I was only too happy to oblige. Finding a spot to change was a challenge in and of itself. Several minutes ago, I could feel him wriggling to life as I had liberally checked out my cousin. My sexual companion had calmed down a little since then, but the prospect of again seeing Jennifer in her cutesy little bikini had him resisting arrest. I tried to ignore the obvious problem and went on with my task Incest family camping sexstory putting on my black shorts and applying sunscreen to my exposed and regrettably pasty-white skin.

It was colder than I expected. I took a deep breath and dove straight in, determined to get it over with. The terrific chill took more than just my breath away. I could feel my heated groin being instantly cooled, and my stubborn penis withdrawing back to where he belonged. Coming up for a breath, I swam out to meet Jennifer and the others. We played some games, had some chicken fights and generally just talked amongst ourselves. Our ages ranged substantially; I was one of the oldest cousins, while Jennifer was one of the youngest.

As the afternoon drew on, most of the cousins went back in to eat the lunch they had so willingly missed earlier.

Incest family camping sexstory

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Family Camping Trip