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This story from Bill00 has been read 1 2 0 9 0 times. I was convinced all females loved feet Kimmy was a year younger yet was insatiable I said Kimmy lets go to my room your feet Incest feet stories killing me back in no one heard about foot fetish or group sex My sister walked in on us and quietly undressed and ate kimmy out I started fucking my sister and it didn't register till MA came in and got naked Kimmy confessed she fucked her dad I said wait maybe we can get my mom and aunt Kimmy never mentioned she came from an abusive home so she related my families sex and broke up.

I got to school with MA and we Incest feet stories all the time We would have group sex too What did we graduate with? MA became a doctor I got my PHD in theology I ended up a minister I did things the way Jesus did before they mangled the bible I came into an ass load of money my senior year I put a ton of my class mates through college it wasn't till I went to Tokyo for my dissertation when I figured out what to do with my life I met this 13 year old prostitute I heard the age of consent was low I almost but I got her a home and payed her way she is my second in command now and man the sex is wild.

I started a foundation that received no outside money because my methods of transformation were crazy to get help you had to stop having sex with men and having a foot fetish was a must I show almost a million young teens the foot is a sex organ. I was in Prauge Czech Republic and I met Kasia she was 16 and very poor she asked me if I wanted a BJ for money I said how bout dinner instead I was talking to her and she was fabulous.

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I always ask what are your hopes and dreams she said to be a doctor so she could afford pantyhose well and to cure people I said you dont have to be a doc to get hose I have money she said I already had a dinner too much I said if you show me your feet I will get tons she said really this is what I want to do Kasia was like a fat person at a buffet I was getting her outfits and she asked if she could go barefoot she saw rich girls do that In Europe the age is 15 I said Kasia you wanted to blow me this afternoon how about a foot job if you agree no prostitution and come live with me in the US there you will go to school and have rules I got the foot job.

I found they are best when the girl has the same fetish. When we got home I put a ban on touching till she was 18 she would come out in hose and a t shirt On her 18th I asked her what she wanted to do she said run around Walmart in her bare feet I said bring a dress we will have dinner At dinner she put her feet on me I said oh shit I took her feet and she rubbed my cock I said wait, I adopted her I said Kasia you sure I looked around and took my dick out she worked it fabulously We got in the car and she asked if I would suck her toes she started masturbating and pulled her breasts out I never saw them and I lost it in the car I fucked the shit out of my daughter I felt a little guilty so I called my girlfriend she said that sounded kinky so you wouldnt be opposed to a 3 way?

My cousin came over with her 18 year old daughter I just bought Molly a car so she was pretty charged she pretended to blow me and I looked at MA and she said she is really Incest feet stories kidding I said Molly how about I blow you? I am eating my niece and she Incest feet stories to be fucked I put it in and I saw blood are you a virgin?

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