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But now that the lockdown seems to be starting to ease up a bit, my company has asked us to come back to the office. Instead of going straight to the railway station I actually went to the mall to treat my self to some female costume.

I made a beeline to the dress shop and got myself a pretty patiala salwar suit which was a really lovely hue of pink and a white chunni with flowers printed on it, to accompany it. What sold me the most was that it had a open back with string on the back which i absolutely loved to death. The next stop was Indian crossdress stories go the jewelry store to buy some dangling earrings and a simple necklace to go with it.

I always loved the feeling of the earrings slightly touching my neck and the tickling sensation. I also bought some cute and comfortable sandals to wear in the train. The last stop in this shopping spree was to get some makeup to complete the whole look. But as soon as he left my cabin I got started on transforming myself into a beautiful woman.

And how i never saw myself the same ever again. After months I was feeling even the lightest weight of the soft chunni on my shoulders and even adored the little inconvenience that came with keeping the chunni on my shoulders. I had used a some clips and pins in my hair to keep them in place. As I was lost in my thoughts a guy came inside my cabin and settled on the opposite birth from me.

Although I was a little hesitant to speak first the guy himself started chit chatting with me and I happily obliged. We talked about how our lockdowns went and I learned that he actually was alone in the world and was out of town for some business work and was now returning home. I quietly kept the card in purse thinking I was never going to use that. The train ride was an over night journey so we had some pre-packed dinner and after Indian crossdress stories with each other well into the night. I caught my image in the mirror of the train, and started wondering how it must have looked to any passerby.

Hopefully they only saw a guy and a girl happily chit-chattering away. As the platform came into the view and we stood in the door way to get off the train we were promising each other to stay in touch and asking me to visit his bar anytime. He offered me a taxi to drop me off to my home but I politely declined. As I got off the taxi and started walking towards my building I dunno what happened inside me and I gathered all of my confidence to turn back and offered him to come up to my house for some coffee.

He whole heartedly accepted the offer and we went up to my home hand in hand. Karan is 7 months pregnant now and is really looking forward to having his baby in the coming months. Both Karan and his wife Neha wanted to have a baby, but Neha was a really a career driven woman who knew that having a baby right now was going to really hinder her growth in the business world, and still wanted to be successful.

Both Neha and Anamika had become friends after they met in a restaurant accidently, which they both went to lunch for. They talked for the rest of the break and exchanged s at the end feeling that it was a good start to the friendship. During normal conversation about life, the topic about having a family came up and Neha explained her dilemma. Anu as Neha had started to call her told her about a project that the secret lab of their company had been working on which was going to help transwomen finally be able to bear children. And if he is as serious about having a baby as you are then I think he will take this opportunity.

Neha knew how to convince Karan to go through with this, she made him realise that her work was much more important and higher paying than his and it would be non-beneficial if she quit the job and got pregnant. I want to get higher up in my career, I am doing this for the both of us and our future.

After all had failed she even induced the thought of how magical of an experience it Indian crossdress stories be to bear their. And you would be the first man to ever experience it! At last on one of the fun nights with Karan cuddling with Neha on their marital bed when Neha started.

I am a man for god sakes! Anu had a huge smile on her face as she read the report to them and told them they are ready to do the treatment. This made Karan realise how big of a decision he had taken and it was gonna change their lives forever, even before the baby arrived.

He Indian crossdress stories at Neha and her excited face gave him some courage. Both Karan and Neha looked at each other with a shocked and embarrassed look. In all the excitement they had not even thought about the question of who the father would be. OR you could just get a sample from the sperm bank! Took me a little while to actually complete this one.

Synopsis: the last prince of varman kingdom stands infront of the gigantic warlord who is on the path to conquer the whole world. The castle stood on the hill which almost eclipsed the rising sun of the day. The sun shone bright in the clear sky while the birds chirped it was a perfect summer day in the kingdom.

The market of in the city was filled with people going about their business like normal, unsuspecting of anything.

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The bloody war went on for the 6 days which nearly wiped out everything of the kingdom. The castle had been captured and nearly every house plundered. How do you feel being the sole reason for the deaths of all those men which you could have avoided?

Let them live. Bhaskar knew that the punishment would be really brutal but he would do anything for his people. He accepted the punishment with a defeated nod. The guards dragged the king back to his cell and left him in the dungeon for what seemed like eternity to the king but actually was just a week. As the king lay on the cold floor with the shackles to his feet.

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There was yellow light coming though the little window from the iron door. Followed by the sound of the footsteps. Seeing this his heartbeat rose. Although his nasal senses were on overload, smelling all the beautiful fragrances. He jolted up to get out of the strange purple liquid. As he struggled to breathe as much air as possible. Wiping the thick liquid away from his eyes to see better. The first person he saw was the mage Shadia who had a very concerned look on her face, he also saw female guards standing around him with swords in their hands.

Suddenly his attention shifted from the surroundings to his own body. He knew that there was something quite wrong with his own body. Bowing his head down he saw that Indian crossdress stories muscular hands were replaced with feminine elegant hands with slender fingers. He noted that there was no body hair on his hands and had no doubt that there was no hair elsewhere either. Looking down some more suddenly his eyes where covered with long black hair still covered in the purple liquid. He realized that they were definitely womanly breasts, with the pink nipples at the top of breasts.

With one hand he held his new breast on the left amazed at how soft they felt. As he was experiencing all the changes his body had gone through, he heard the Shadia order the guards to take him out of the tub and clean him for presentation.

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He was taken to the showers and given a proper bath. Decorated in feminine deigns with warm and beautiful colors. If the situation was different Bhaskar would be a little pleased to see the room. But right now the room made him realize what grave fate lay ahead of him. The former king now transformed into this beautiful vision of femininity was a little shocked at what he saw in the floor length mirror, with his long black hair lightly shadowing his beautiful black eyes and plump kissable pink lips, and the little button nose.

The hair flowed down to her generous breasts that could make any grown woman jealous and fill any hot blooded man with lust. The beautiful breasts were complimented with the tiny shapely waist that was oh so soft to touch. As his gaze went further down he saw his hips flare out attached to the shapeliest and beautifully long Indian crossdress stories that he had ever laid his eyes on.

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Seeing his whole hourglass body made him blush a crimson red. Just as he was staring deep in the mirror, the handmaidens and Shadia came in the room with the dress and the accessories. He was informed that he was to be presented to the new king of Varman. He glanced at their hands carrying the accessories.

Firstly, he was asked to step into the soft pink lingerie, he would have never ever worn these clothes but he knew that failing to comply to the orders of the warlord will cause in the destruction of his people. The silk panty encased his voluptuous butt which felt heavenly.

The bra which he was ordered to wear, made his breasts to jut out and made then look even bigger than they were. After the lingerie came the royal dress that he was to wear to be presented. The lehenga choli were pink in color with golden borders which made it quite heavy. First came the heavy lehenga which was tied Indian crossdress stories his tiny waist and went till the floor.

Indian crossdress stories

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