Interactive diaper story

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She went to close the door when the edge tapped against a brown, paper wrapped package sitting on the porch. The cancelled stamps on the front were completely unfamiliar, Rachel figured they had to be from some obscure foreign country, but it was addressed directly to her in delicate, flowing script. Where did this come from?

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It was surprisingly light. Looks like it's from some place like Abu-Dhabi.

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If it was a present, her mom probably wanted her to wait to open it but she couldn't find anything on the label to indicate that and it -was- addressed to her. I have to open it, I don't think I can wait until mom gets up! Besides, I can just rewrap it later! Carefully she took off the paper and opened up the lid.

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She couldn't believe her eyes! On top was a note, it read this is a magic diaper, putting it on and make a wish and it will come true Looking around to see if her mom came in she ran to her room with the box. She put the diaper on her bed and striped her outfit off, opening the diaper she slipped it on and taped it. The diaper got worm for a sec then normal. Hmm, what to wish for Looking around she seen nothing had changed, walking out of the room and about to go down the hall when she seen a door there that was not there before.

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In the new room she found a little girls bed that had a cartoon persion on it, some dolls, and other toys, the room was painted pink. Turning around she found she was looking at a little girl in a pink dress, What more will i wish for she thought. You are not logged in. Log in. Story id:. Author id:.

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