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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter elephas Start date Jan 14, Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 9 of 25 Go to. A rare stuff for those who can Judicial spanking stories German. The sentence was very harsh, so her punishment in six parts!

A fine plot for a new story! Thanks, elephas! Yes, indeed, the sentence was very harsh. I'm not sure whether there is a historical record of how many lashes she received at each of the six separate floggings, but the Naumann novel seems to say around twenty by which time she had lost consciousness.

That would make lashes in total, suffered by a virginal educated middle class vicar's daughter in the most public way possible to a baying mob in front of her father's house, in front of Potsdam Town Hall and at the four gates of the town. That puts the punishment well into "Miss Berkeley's Voyage" territory -- similar of lashes, similarly public humiliation, same of separate locations sixbut unlike that story this one is entirely historical and documented.

It was argubaly more humiliating as she was entirely innocent and the punishment came out of the blue, without any sort of formal trial: dragged out of her Judicial spanking stories father's home by soldiers, forcibly stripped and examined for virginity in jail which she passed, but which didn't save herthen strung up on the whipping post outside her own home in front of all her neighbours and her father's parishioners, presumably stripped at least to the waist and whipped to the blood until she was lifeless.

Revived and dragged by cart to the Town Hall on the other side of the main square, where she was strung up and flogged again, and again -- again -- again -- and yet again in another four places around the perimeter of Potsdam to make sure every lowlife in town has had the chance to gawk at her nudity and hear her screams. Half-dead she is then flung onto the cart and delivered for lifelong incarceration to the workhouse in Spandau, a prison set up for fallen women and whores who are forced to spin wool for hours a Judicial spanking stories, with constant abuse, humiliation and punishments by cruel jailers.

It doesn't take much imagination to fill in the details here -- whatever the published s are too coy to say, it is impossible to think that there wouldn't have been endless mortifying humiliation, pain, physical, sexual and mental abuse during the public punishment and the subsequent incarceration.

Click to expand Last edited: Jun 25, Lasst mich los! Another story about old German justice. Recently I found a huge collection of erotic novels on asst. I will not give a detailed description, only a brief introduction to the events. Willis Lamb The Submissives by Dr. Willis Lamb mr double, sex stories, sexstories, erotic stories, adult stories. Last edited: Jun 27, I've been reading up on the Doris or Dorothea Ritter story ever since I came across her name in passing in the excellent spanking novel "The Prussian Girls" by P.

Dedeaux link. It's strange that there doesn't seem to be a fictionalised of her true story by one of the spanking authors here or elsewhere. The serious historical sources give quite a bit of detail on her background and her non- affair with the Crown Prince as well as the King's actions in imposing her punishment, but are very coy as to what the details of the punishment actually were. There are a few stories, some mainstream and some not, that feature parts of Doris Ritter's story: In German: "Vater und Sohn", from the now defunct site "Mitternachtsbibliothek. This has a lot of the historical background, but instead of re-telling the true story of Doris's punishment it concentrates on the torture of a fictional friend of Doris's.

Laut Untersuchungsbericht der Baderinnen, war Doris jedoch Jungfrau. Also das sie ihn reizte, weil sie ihm sich nicht preisgab. Man ergriff die Tochter. Zog sie hinab auf die Strasse. Dann peitschte ihr der Henker die arme Seele so lange aus dem nackten Leib, bis sie zu Boden ging. Man hob sie auf und schlief sie weiter. Kein Spott der sich nicht obendrein auf das arme Kind ergoss.

Im Spinnhaus angekommen, sollte sie verrotten. This is a mainstream historical novel based on the life of Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia, the sister of Frederick the Great who had just as much conflict with her father as the prince had and was suspected by the King to be part of the escape plot in that resulted in the flogging of Doris Ritter. The first chapter has a fictional passage in which the Princess's lady in waiting is threatened with flogging and both the Princess and her lady in waiting are forced to witness the flogging of Doris Ritter.

Ich versprach Ihnen ein Schauspiel. Hier ist es! Zwei Trommler bogen um die Ecke des Schlosses. Ihr einfaches, hellblaues Leinenkleid war verschmutzt und zerrissen. Sie wurde losgebunden, die Soldaten nahmen sie wieder in ihre Mitte und schleiften Judicial spanking stories mit sich. Der Henker folgte. Wilhelmine war kreidebleich geworden. Bring mich weg von hier!

Blass, beschmutzt und mit wirren Haaren fing sie an zu lachen. Sie lachte ein so schreckliches Lachen, dass alle verstummten. Eine so schimpfliche Verurteilung zu erfahren, und das in Ihrer Position. Aber es ist an der Prinzessin, sie Ihnen zu ersparen. Wie eine Puppe nahmen sie sie in ihre Mitte. Tiredny Spectator. Well two of the very best originated in German.

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One was Nell in Bridewell which you posted the English translated version. The next is "The Castle of the Whip". Again you posted a Paul Little "re-do". The original German version is much older Tiredny said:. Nsur1, on a search I found: Detalles del libro.

Lenchen Im Zuchthause. Zweite, Umgearbeitete Auflage. Last edited: Jun 29, Thanks, Tiredny. At least there seem to be reprints of the book offered online, although there doesn't seem to be a scanned version. Thus, presumably it was a genuine publication rather an invented source for the English book.

The second link you gave may point to a connection between the Doris Ritter story and Nell in Bridewell. After her public flogging, Doris was committed "auf ewig" for life to the Spinnhaus in Spandau. Your link says: " Diese Quelle stammt von den fragmentarischen Aufzeichnungen eines Justizgehilfen namens W. Reinhard, aus denen im Sie wurden hierzu auf eine Bank geschnallt, die sogenannte Schranne. Judicial spanking stories aber wurden der "scharfen" Form des "Willkomms" unterzogen. I wonder what the likelihood was of her still being a virgin on leaving the Spinnhaus.

Incidentally, the above quote says that "Lenchen im Zuchthause" was written in the 18th century i. Doris Ritter's timerather than in the s as more commonly cited.

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Nsur1 and Tiredny, thanks for this discussion! Nachtrag zu Lenchen im Zuchthaus" The second book, as it appears, is a bibliographical rarity and has not been translated into English. It would be great to read this book if it appeared on the net. Lenchens Abschied. Nachtrag Zu Lenchen Im Zuchthaus. Paul Little and French Erotica The most prolific of erotic discipline authors, best known as Paul Little, is well known as the author of a prodigious quantity of erotic fiction in various genres and under many pseudonyms.

Some o…. The difference in publication dates of almost 50 years brings into question whether these books were really written by the same individual. Often times "porn" publishers created "house names" to protect the identity of the actual writers.

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Indeed the writers had a strong Judicial spanking stories in those times to remain anonymous. Next issue with the new find is it appears to deal with Nell's "farewell". In the first book, near the very end, we are told that "farewells" were soon to be eliminated. I suppose Judicial spanking stories might have gotten an "early release" just in time to have a formal "farewell". As you said, all the more reason to find a translated version.

In summary, elephas, great finds! Regards, Tiredny. While looking for a German online version of Lenchen im Zuchthause, I've just come across a couple of historical prints depicting medieval judicial punishments of women more in the humiliation field than corporal punishmentfrom a book on Heidelberg in the Middle Ages: "Hurenkarch" whore's cart - a perch mounted on a cart to which prostitutes or other women convicted of immorality were tied and then dragged through the town, sometimes towed by other convicted women as in the print : "Doppelfiedel" double fiddle - a neck fiddle for two by which women who were found to argue excessively with each other were forced to stay in close proximity to and facing their opponent for prolonged periods:.

Unlike today, when we publish under our real names. I couldn't have done it without the help of my parents, Mr and Mrs Dar. Thanks, your son, Win Jon Smithie Tribune. Visit to Ludwigsburg Museum cont. We listened with great attention, and, so to speak, with bated breath, to Mrs. Keller's interesting information. It was famous and infamous at the same time, known and terrible. Others were built to the same dimensions. The reclining surface is 1. The movable ankle stocks separates the legs 32 cm apart and is 15 cm high. The neck yoke keeps the head 40 cm above the level of the bench.

At first, in principle, only women who violated the institute's policies were flogged on this device. However, when those in charge realized the educational effect that this mode of punishment had on women, they gave orders to introduce all newcomers to our little bed without a court ruling.

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At first, the customs of the provinces differed, but eventually a kind of standard emerged.

Judicial spanking stories

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