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Mom asked me to help her move Aunt Jane to a new town because of a job promotion. She had a pickup that had 4 seats. We packed the bed and covered it to protect the stuff, but had to put some stuff up front. Her tv would only fit in the front riders side.

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The back was nearly full with boxes and only had room for one person. So I got in the back seat and Aunt Jane climbed in and settled on my lap. I knew right away this would be difficult. I could feel the shape of her pussy on my lap as she moved around to get in a comfortable position. My cock was getting hard already and I knew she had to feel it! I was sure of it when she wiggled her butt on my cock and smile at me, whispering in my ear.

She gave another wiggle just to emphasize the point.

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As we rode along, the vibration from the road was maddening as Aunt Jane kept squirming on me. Then, to my shock, she raised up enough to pull my shorts and hers down and Lap erotic stories, holding my hard cock straight up, settled down, taking my cock into her cunt! Aunt Jane began to move her hips, causing wonderful sensations in my embedded cock!

I had to use all my will power not to moan out loud as she began to raise up and then push down. She was biting her lip to keep from moaning again. We were grinding against each other and she pressed her lips on mine. The boxes prevented mom from seeing what we were doing. Aunt Jane whispered in my ear. I was feeling the familiar tingle in my cock that aled an approaching orgasm. We sped up even more to try and cum before stopping. I rotated my hips, causing my cock to rub her clit harder, she put her head in my neck and shuddered as her orgasm hit her!

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We got ourselves together just in time to get out of the car. I was dreading this since I started getting hard with Aunt Jane, wondering if I could hold my cock down. This content appeared first on new sex story. I jumped into the seat and mom stepped up and onto my lap. I immediately knew I would have the same reaction with mom! Also, she seemed to have a more prominent pudenda. I could feel it pressing right on my cock. I expected mom to move but she stayed in the same position and when we started moving Lap erotic stories whispered in my ear.

She slid her shoe parts down and I did mine, my cock bouncing up. Mom lowered herself onto me, just like her sister had. Mom and I started a slow fuck. I was overwhelmed with passion as I fucked mom after having fucked Aunt Jane. She found an exult and drove a few miles to a dirt road and pulled quickly to a secluded spot. We grabbed a blanket from the truck and spread it on a grassy area.

We laid down and I got back on top of mom and put my cock into her. Mom started licking her cunt while I fucked mom. I watched mom lick my aunt as I fucked her. Jane and I started kissing each other. This story Moving day appeared first on newsexstory. View all posts by anonymous2. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Free Sex Chat. Published by. post: Christian teens. Next Next post: Surabhi — Shorts —

Lap erotic stories

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