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The pistols of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft cut down the guard Lara croft erotic stories he could take two steps toward her. The bullets impact flung him backwards against the dry wall of the dark temple and crumpled to the floor. Lara pressed on. The exertions of the quest thus far - the traps, the guards, and the fiendish locks - made Lara pant as she ran.

Though deep underground the oppressive heat of the Syrian Desert above made itself felt in the dry air. The guard seemingly appeared out of nowhere. He whipped out his sword and with a look of determination and hatred in his eyes sprung towards the Tomb Raider. The guards of the Temple were men from the local villages who had been captured and enslaved by followers of Nehista.

Their minds were wholly bound to the Dark Goddess they now served. They were put into Ancient Assyrian outfits and given swords, now existing only to guard her temple. Reasoning with them was pointless. Lara pitied them as she blew them away.

The blast drove the guard back against the door with a gasp. Somehow he managed to stay standing. A second blast sent him down. Lara stepped over him, heading for the door. It wasn't the Dark Chamber - that lay beyond the door on the far side of the room.

In front of the door were two dogs - large, dark, monsters each with a drooling mouth and eyes of pure evil red. Slowly and with menace the beasts advanced on Lara, carefully getting ready for a pounce Lara opened the final door and entered. She was in a dingy room. There was no way of telling just how big it was.

Stale air filled Lara's nose. Carefully she lit a flare and held it up to the wall. The voice came from a corner of the room. As Lara peered closer candles ignited, filling the room with their flickering flame. Nehista, Dark Goddess, sat serenely on a throne atop a raised dais twenty feet from where Lara was standing. Between them was a table splattered with dark patches - the blood of sacrificial victims. Slowly Lara eased her guns out of their holsters and moved closer. She studied the woman smiling in the chair closely.

Short black hair topped a face that was paler then the average Arab - Lara croft erotic stories price of necromancy perhaps? The sight of naked flesh So far I'm very impressed. Part of the wall to Nehista's right rotated to reveal a mirror. It shimmered to reveal pictures of Lara as she had moved through the Temple. A sequence where Lara leapt up, gunned down two giant scorpions, spun in the air and landed on her feet was shown. Don't you want to know what the pussy of a goddess tastes like?

Ever since Nehista's first words Lara had been somewhat phased by the track the conversation had taken. Usually when she confronted her ultimate opponent they spat defiance, transformed into a monster and tried killing her.

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Never before had one given her the lesbian come-on. The bullets hit Nehista in the chest biggest target and spun her round. She fell off her raised dais and slammed into the floor. Spluttering she raised herself on her arms and pushed herself onto her back. Breathing heavily her eyes fixed upon Lara as the Tomb Raider advanced.

It was a shame she would be unable to solve that question. Nehista clearly wouldn't be supplying answers. The voice was heard by Lara and instantly forgotten. Without a thought in her head Lara bent down, took the ring off Nehista's finger and put it on her left forefinger This puzzled Lara so much that as she made her way out she didn't notice that one of the dogs wasn't where it had fallen As Lara went round a corner path her progress was arrested by the sight of one of the guards shambling towards her.

She whipped out one of her revolvers, took careful aim and fired a bullet into the guard's chest.

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Down he went. Lara moved on, but then something made her turn to look back at the. The word was softly spoken and seemed to be carried on the air. Lara gave it no thought and concentrated on her shooting. Nehista is dead From a corridor to her left she caught sight of movement. Another zombie! Instinctively Lara stuck out her arm and fired. Though the bullet hit him the zombie barely paused in his lurch towards her.

She could hear the zombies following her, but falling behind. Lara gasped in shock as the nearest zombie leapt at her. She only had time to half raise her arm and fire into his hip as he shoved her backward. The zombie recoiled from the hit as his zombified mates pushed past. Lara was slammed into the wall behind her, sharp pain streaking up her spine. Struggling to regain her breath Lara weakly raised her guns and fired. The nearest zombies danced the danse macabre as Lara's bullets riddled their bodies. Zombie flesh and blood splattered everywhere as the sound of gunfire filled the room.

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But still they wouldn't stay down! As she steadied herself on her feet Lara gritted her teeth. Grimly she realized that she was at least holding the zombies back. For every step towards her they took bullet impacts pushed them back. If she could just hold them off with bullets and slowly sneak her way by But a zombie flung himself forward and grabbed her ankle. Lara tried to stagger forward and shake him off, all the Lara croft erotic stories aware that the other zombies were closing Becoming desperate she turned and booted the zombie full in the face.

He let go, but that then caused Lara to lose her balance and fall backwards A swung foot caught one of them, a right hook saw another off but her left arm was seized, her ankle firmly grabbed. Another punch from Lara's right fist landed a glancing blow on a zombie's face but then that wrist was also held and pinned to the floor. Though she thrashed about as much. One of the zombies knelt down between Lara's legs shuffling between her thighs. The duo holding Lara's ankles pulled them wider apart to give him more room.

He grabbed the top of her vest and with a brutal tug ripped it open, exposing Lara's massive breasts barely contained by her white cotton bra. Gurgling incoherently the zombie bent his head down and took the center of the bra into his mouth. At the touch of the zombies' cold nose on her. The zombie flung his head back and tore Lara's bra open with his teeth. As she gasped Lara's breasts burst free! The zombie nuzzled his nose in Lara's cleavage and then moved to her left nipple, mouth gaping.

Lara closed her eyes tightly and waited for the zombie to rip her open. In horror Lara tried to worm away from her assailant but to no avail. She thrashed about some more but couldn't escape, indeed her efforts seemed to increase the zombies' enjoyment of Tomb Rider titty. As he sucked more vigorously he grabbed her breast and then gnawed her nipple.

Tears started to well up in her eyes. Blinking she looked around for help. All she could see were zombies. All had grins on their putrid gray faces, leering grins of bestial desire.

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The zombie enjoying Lara's tit stopped and reared up. Chuckling he reached for her belt buckle. Swiftly he unclasped it. Shaking with fear Lara was helpless as the zombie grabbed her shorts and ripped them open. He paused to run his black tongue over his dry lips before tearing off Lara's panties. In confirmation of Nehista's words the zombie pulled off his Assyrian skirt, revealing his cock - a large gray monster with dark veins.

Fully erect and throbbing like a living creature. Its owner took it in his hands and slowly positioned it at Lara's pussy.

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The zombie rubbed the purple head against the lips of Lara's cunt before slowly inserting the swollen meat-stick into her dry vagina. Lara groaned, closing her eyes, feeling the zombie's cock stab into her belly. She could only moan in despair as the zombie on top of her grabbed her breasts and painfully squeezed them as his stiff cock began humping Lara's cunt.

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Lara tried shutting her eyes as tightly as she could but still couldn't block out his hot, rancid breath panting on her face, his cold, clammy hands on her breasts. Lara felt sick as she felt the zombie climax. She moaned as she felt the cum spray into her womb. The zombie gave a couple final thrusts to make sure she got his full load and then withdrew.

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The zombie got to his feet. Lara looked up to see another take his place. This one was also erect.

Lara croft erotic stories

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