Lesbian high school stories

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The way she moaned out, with the way that freaking Bastard held her so close to herself got me really angry and extremely furious. She caused all these shit anyways!!! We broke up three years ago in Riverdale, coz of her clingy attitude. I stole one glance at her before jerking my chin down. Are you avoiding me huh???

Is it because of that slutty bitch??? Answer my question right this minute!!! I flied here to Washington DC just for you, to make things work between us.

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Are you in love with that Slut??! Then why were you angry coz Xazix kissed her?? Why were you getting paranoid about it??

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The heck??? A sex toy?? When you were turning my legs and thigh, east, Lesbian high school stories, south, west. I looked left and right to ensure no one starring at me secretly. Black ville high school was created for a very complicated reason. It was built because of two ladies. Shirley and Arya. Their love story all started when they were young. They were best friends, they did everything together.

As time passed, they both came of age and they started having feelings for each other. Their parents found out about it and threw them out of the house, claiming they were possessed. They became homeless and helpless, they slept on bridges every night, with no one to cater for them, and no shelter to serve as a roof on their head. People shunned them and called them.

They met some group of people. They sell drugs, cocaine. They got influenced badly by them and they vowed to make those people that treated them unfairly pay miserably. And so, with the cash they earned from Sistemics.

They built a Highschool. It was just called Black ville high to trick young girls in attending it. But in reality. And then four identical sex freaks got admitted too. They refer to them as the X. O guys. They also programmed Sex-Robots to manipulate and destroy anyone that tries to escape. My heart thumped than its ribcage, and I was so afraid to read the secondit sounded so creepy and terrifying.

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I gulped hard fearfully, slipping the Diary under the Bed. Jeanette walked in, kissing me forcibly on the lips before biting my earlobes which sent wave of disgust through my mind. I scrubbed the sponge on my smooth skin, rinsing my soapy body with water. I turned on the cold shower, letting the water cascade on my body. The thoughts of Xavier being annoyed with me brought sadness to my mind.

I got back into the room, and soon dressed up in a light blue ripped denim pants and a red blouse. I let my hair down, carrying my backpack. Everyone had already walked off to class, leaving me all alone including Xavier.

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I shook my head and breathed out a long sigh, walking towards class. Something caught my gaze. A red was on her neck. What happened to you?? I sighed as we both walked towards the Basketball field. Lorraine was still all over him and that really got me angry.

She caused all the squabbles between I and Xavier yesterday, and she still had the guts to cling all over him right in my presence??? I scoffed sarcastically, throwing my gaze away from them. Suddenly a hot guy in a yellow Jersey bounced in and everyone screamed excitedly. He had this intimidating physique. A tattoo was inscribed on his very broad chest, and that brought out his muscles and backbones. His curly hair blew romantically as the breeze blew. His gaze caught mine and he winked naughtily at me, while I quickly threw my face elsewhere. Nathan Davidson, and you are??

He smiled again playing with the ball expertly on his right hand singlehandedly. He walked closer towards me and whispered to my ears. Post a Comment Attention Feather's readers: for those finding the new system difficult to navigate, please i have issue with googles and this new is set 5 times in default, what i mean you have to click the five times before it stop displaying, just click on the five times and it won't show again.

Feather's Stories APP. Comments Atom. Search Stories By Name Search. I was so annoyed with the fact, of his effect towards her. Lesbian high school stories tried to explain, but I waved her off, walking out on her immediately. How could she kiss him?? Why did she do it??? Darn it!!! Xavier Martins. Are you in love with her!!? Determined, I retrieved the Diary, jamming the digits before flipping the s open. History Hidden Secrets of Blackville High. A Battle. Be prepared. Oh Gawd! No comments:.

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Lesbian high school stories

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