Lesbian sexfight stories

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Parties in university sometimes got very wild, especially during special events like Sexfight Night. Held by the major fraternities and sororities, these events pitted fighters from the student body in bouts of sexual supremacy, with the winner taking the loser as a slave.

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The fights were broadcast online and had a huge following, and the winners often got very large purses depending on their popularity. The fights could be female vs. Oftentimes grudges were settled with these fights. These fights drew the largest crowds. As a graduate student I did not usually participate in these fights. I had a made a but of a name Lesbian sexfight stories myself during undergrad as a regular, however now I was mostly a manager and promoter.

I always kept my eyes out for talent around the school to try and bring into the fights, after all there was a cut for me as well if they became successful. I met Saba in one of the graduate labs I worked in. She was a senior in high school at the time, an 18 year old Persian cutie with long curly dark brown hair, a homely but cute face, and a soft curvy body. She had little sexual experience but was very eager and submissive. In short I felt like I had a perfect jobber to introduce to the sexfights. Her first fight pitted her against a first year named Sarah.

Sarah was a newbie as well, with only one fight, which she won.

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She was a tall and leggy brunette with an exquisite figure, a full bosom and round tight ass. She stood several inches taller than Saba with longer legs and reach. Saba stood shorter and thicker than Sarah. Her chest was smaller, but her ass and legs were thick and toned, showing her lower body strength. Even though she looked soft, she was still quite strong. She felt confident she could hold her own. Saba and Sarah ran at each Lesbian sexfight stories immediately when the fight started. Both girls fought in a whirlwind of slaps, punches, kicks and scratches.

Saba received several hard slaps on the face, stunning her a little and leaving her open, allowing Sarah to grab Saba by her long curly hair and sling her to the ground. Sarah jumped on top of Saba to hold her down, and then hit her hard around her breasts.

Saba squealed in pain as Sarah grabbed her pinkish brown nipples and pulled and twisted. Saba was able to buck Sarah off and get to her hands and knees. The blow made Saba double over in pain. Two more slaps made Saba see double, and then Sarah threw Saba to the ground again by her hair.

Saba landed hard, her hair dishevelled, coughing as she tried to catch her breath. Sarah took a small breather, but was back in action only moments later. She tried to grab Saba by her hair again, only this time Saba struck back first. She kicked backwards and caught Sarah in her lower gut, sending her reeling back. Sarah doubled over and fell to her knees. Sarah squealed as Saba violated her ass.

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Sarah and Saba both got to their feet. Sarah rubbed her butt and crotch to ease the soreness. Saba rubbed her titties, both to ease the soreness there and to be sexual enticing. Both girls readied to fight once more. But she was hanging on, dishing out hits as hard as her slightly more experienced opponent. Saba and Sarah had each other by the hair, neither girl bothering with defence as they slapped each others faces and bodies.

Neither girl wanted to give in, though it was obvious both were hurting. Saba took the opening to slap Sarah hard in her face, and then throw her down to the mats by her hair. Saba forced Sarah to roll onto her front, and sat Lesbian sexfight stories on her lower back. Saba was clearly in control now.

She pulled the stunned pale beauty into a camel clutch, torturing her back while keeping her control. The pain in her back helped Sarah regain her senses. Sarah was able to extricate herself with a little squirming, though Saba still sat on her back. The two girls now fought on the mats, tumbling and rolling around, pulling each others hair and hitting each other at odd angles. Sarah was on top, then Saba, then Sarah again. They fought in a tangle of hair and limbs.

In such situations, usually the girl who was able to keep calm won out. I could tell Saba was getting desperate as she tried furiously to keep on attacking.

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Both girls were covered in sweat from their exertions and the close body contact. Saba realised her mistake too late, she tried to squeeze her legs shut, but Sarah already had what she wanted. Now no matter how hard Saba struggled, Sarah had a solid if slippery grip.

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She nearly bucked Sarah off a few times, however the adrenaline rush left as quickly as it came, leaving Saba with nothing left in the tank. Lesbian sexfight stories she could do was moan pathetically as Sarah fingered her pussy.

Her struggling ceased as her body gave in to the pleasure. Saba gasped as her body bucked involuntarily. She was dangerously close to orgasm. Saba was finally overwhelmed, her body bucking as her muffled squeals filled the room, cumming hard after all that resistance. The orgasm left her out of breath and completely stunned, all the fight leaving her. Even after her orgasm Saba got no respite, Sarah kept on fingering her swollen and sopping wet pussy. Saba had enough, tapping out before she came again.

However Sarah was on a roll, and though the match was officially over nobody wanted to stop her. Sarah finally pulled her fingers out, leaving Saba a defeated wreck, shivering from her huge orgasm. She was too close to cumming. Sarah suddenly arched her back and let out a cry of pure ecstasy. She got up slowly, standing over Saba, looking down at her defeated opponent with a satisfied smirk, before giving Saba a sharp slap in the face and walking away.

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Saba meanwhile lay on her back, face glistening from sex juices, cheeks red from humiliation. A humiliating loss, but I knew she would be back for more. Spread the love.

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Lesbian sexfight stories

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Lesbian Sexfight Stories